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Chapter 482: Coming in Waves

Chapter 482: Coming in Waves

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The men of the five clans trembled the moment they saw his smile. Long Tianyun sweated on the forehead as he hurriedly said, "No. That’s impossible… How could that happen? Absolutely not. Nothing like that at all!"

The men of the five clans all had the same thought. [When we return to our clans, we should gather all the members and unseal all the restraint against Ling-Bao Hall.]

[No. That’s not enough. We should treat every Ling-Bao Hall’s branch like they are our ancestors. That should be enough.]

[No matter what Ling-Bao Hall will do, they are right. Even if they truly do something wrong, they are still right. We just cannot offend them!]

[We cannot displease the monarch of Ling-Bao Hall.]

[If Feng Monarch get enraged, he only needs to point out the name of one clan, and all the assassins in the world will go start the killing…]

[We could be wiped out within seconds!]

That wasn’t an exaggeration. That was the truth.

That was real!

Ye Xiao blandly nodded and said, "Oh. Is that it? I can be released then. I was thinking… after all this ends in the capital, I will go to every branch in the world and see what difficulty they have. And I will solve them one by one myself. If there is nothing serious, I will take it as a tour. I have been busy worrying for such a long time. I wonder if I can have a good time when I go see my branches…"

The men behind him were all sweating.

[My bloody god. That is… If he comes to our place and finds out that… we have been suppressing their business… Will we be able to live on anymore?]

[He wants to have a tour… I am afraid it is a tour of killing. Maybe he will just slaughter all the way along or poison the hell out of all of us?]

[Please visit any place you want. Just don’t… don’t come to our place! When I get back… No, before I get back, now, I will send a message to my clan to unseal the restraint. I am going to cooperate with Ling-Bao Hall in all possible aspects…]

[No, I don’t think it is enough to only admit them right even when they are wrong. We should just give them money. That would be much obvious. That will definitely satisfy this god of slaughter!]

[Now we know the situation clearly. We should be extremely cautious when we deal with Ling-Bao Hall. Any mistake will lead us to hell.]

While these people were lost in their own imagination, the supreme dan beads in the ashes started to jump. They gradually flew up in the air with strange clouds.

They saw it, and they knew something was going to happen. They looked around and found nothing else went wrong!

After a while, a clear voice came from the sky, "These supreme dan beads, since Feng Monarch doesn’t want them, why don’t I just take them?"

Ye Xiao was shocked.

He had felt that somebody was watching him. It was such a weak feeling, and no matter what he did, he just couldn’t find out who was watching. The only thing he could be sure was that this man was much more powerful than Bu Jingtian, the so-called No. 1 Cultivator!

That man was too strong. He was way above Bu Jingtian in cultivation. Even in Ye Xiao’s previous life, he hadn’t seen anyone whom he felt was stronger than this man. Surely, the secret beauty who took away Su Yeyue in this life was an exception. This man who had been hiding was stronger than he could ever imagine. However, he was not as strong as that secret beauty though!

Now, this horribly strong figure was going to show himself.

Ye Xiao turned slowly around. He saw the yard become clear and clean, with the ashes and blood completely disappearing.

A young man dressed in cyan casually stood in the yard with a smile on his face.

In his hand, there were the dozens of supreme dan beads. They were shining with colorful glow. The dan clouds on them were still splendid.

At the moment, this cyan clothes young man was looking at Ye Xiao, smiling.

- Shoot! Shoot! -

After the sounds, two more figures showed up.

Two ladies, both were beautiful and elegant.

Ye Xiao stared at them and murmured, "Wan of the Clouds… Xiu of the Heavens!"

The men of the five clans heard the names. They staggered and nearly fell to the floor! They only felt buzzing in their heads and weak on their legs.

Wan of the Clouds, Xiu of the Heavens.

Wan of the Clouds on the left, Xiu of the Heavens on the right. They waved their hand and summoned the wind; they stretched their arms and controlled the heaven and earth!

[Master Bai, House of the Chaotic Storms!]

[Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens showed up. This young man between them, is he Master Bai, the man who had been famous but hiding for centuries?]

Everybody sighed.

[This Feng Monarch really… is good at messing with powerful ones!

Such a trouble maker!]

[First, it was the assassins from all over the world coming to kill him. And then the two great sects came to take his life. After all the efforts… the two waves are solved. Now… The most horrible force in the Land of Han-Yang, the House of the Chaotic Storms actually came to him too. The three stunning great figures showed up at the same time! What the hell!]

One wave after another. One wave higher than another. Every wave seemed to be the most chaotic one. When the next wave came, it turned out to be more chaotic!

[You casually and easily took care of the assassins. You defeated the two great sects with tiny efforts. However, you are facing the House of the Chaotic Storms. What could you do?]

"May I ask, who this is…" Ye Xiao frowned and walked towards them. He was neither arrogant nor humble. He just asked.

"My name is Ling." Ling Wuxie raised his eyebrow and smiled in a wicked way.

He casually shrugged, exactly like a dandiacal man.