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Chapter 483: Upset Ling Wuxie

Chapter 483: Upset Ling Wuxie

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Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were speechless. They really wanted to say that they didn’t know this man, and they even thought they should at least make it clear that they didn’t know him that well. However, they didn’t have time for that really. They slightly bowed and said, "Wan of the Clouds/Xiu of the Heavens, with regards. It has been a while. Monarch, you are still elegant. Greetings."

Ye Xiao was shocked. He loudly spoke, "Ladies, no need to be too polite. Please, come in. Brother Ling, please."

He figured out something immediately.

These three were not here to make troubles. They even needed his help this time.

Wan-Er’s and Xiu-Er’s greeting showed Ye Xiao the truth. Ye Xiao put down all the apprehension and acted casual and polite.

The men of the five clans were completely astonished. They really didn’t know what to say now. Some of them even sat down no the floor with a weird face.

They couldn’t believe what they saw.

They couldn’t believe what they heard!

Wan of the Clouds, Xiu of the Heavens, the two ladies who were controlling the fate of the kingdoms in the world, actually so politely greeted Feng Monarch?

They even sounded so… humble!


[What was that!]

It truly overturned people’s mind!

Ye Xiao said, "Wan Zhenghao, when you’re done throwing up, just take our friends from the five clans to your room. Me and these three guests have something important to talk about."

Apparently he was saying "We need to have some serious conversation. Get off now you small figures."

It sounded soft, yet it was totally an order for them to leave.

None of those men felt humiliated. They accepted it as a right thing to do!

[It is an honor to be called small figures in front of Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens!]

[When people in your levels are having a conversation, we would never get involved even if we are asked to. We don’t have tough hearts to bear that pressure… Maybe just a word you say can scare the hell out of us…]

At the moment, they truly realized that they were too far from the league of Feng Monarch.

[Even Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens would greet him humbly… No wonder the House of the Chaotic Storms would support Ling-Bao Hall at the auction. This is why.]

[I guess Feng Monarch could totally drive away the two great sects back then, even without the help from the House of the Chaotic Storms. That is the truth. Everyone knows it now!]

When they walked out the yard, they still felt their hearts beating fast. They still felt like a dream.

[What I saw… Is it real?]

Ye Xiao led the three people to his room. He noticed something.

This mysterious Lord Ling, no matter where he walked over, it would become clear and clean immediately. On the floor or on the wall, wherever he passed, it became so clean. It was even cleaner than a new house. Nothing was cleaner than that.

When Ye Xiao took out some tea leaves, he could feel the leaves shaking in his hand. The tiny dirt on the leaves disappeared.

Ling didn’t move a bit. At least, he didn’t look like moving at all!

[This man is actually this marvelous!]

[He is so powerful in cultivation. That is obvious. But he is also such a stickler for cleanliness. Does he really need to be like this?] Ye Xiao praised and also complained.

However, he knew how difficult it was to do that silently.

He couldn’t do that now. Even when he was Xiao Monarch in his previous life, he couldn’t do it.

"I guess you must have something to talk, as you three came together?" Ye Xiao spoke while he was making the tea.

The maids in Ling-Bao Hall were sent away because Ye Xiao didn’t want more people to get hurt in this chaos. Only assassins were left in Ling-Bao Hall, but he couldn’t ask an assassin to serve the guests. It wouldn't bring any discomfort to the three guests, but the assassin would easily get suppressed, and it would become difficult for them to make any progress in cultivation in the future.

That was why Ye Xiao had to do it himself.

No more than five people in the universe for whom Ye Xiao had ever made tea himself, including these three!

"I am good. I just came to watch a wonderful play here. It would be better if I can make a new friend here." Ling Wuxie giggled. He lied down on the chair and said, "The two ladies are here for some real business."

Ye Xiao clearly saw it this time. When Lord Ling sat on the chair, the dirt on the chair was all gone. Ye Xiao had a pair of sharp eyes, yet he couldn’t see where the dirt went.

He twitched his lips when he saw it so closely.

[He really is unbelievably strong. There truly is no limit in the universe. Knowledge is infinite.]

Ling Wuxie was a bit upset. He had thought that Feng Zhiling couldn’t solve the dangerous situation earlier.

He had planned that when Feng Monarch was in danger, he could show up and save him. He could have saved Feng Monarch from the chaos, so that he could show off his marvelous martial arts. After that, he would be more important for Feng Monarch…

However, unexpectedly, since he came, he had been just watching a play from the beginning to the end.

Wave after wave came during the play, yet Feng Zhiling solved everything one by one by himself. Ling Wuxie didn’t have a chance to show off at all.

Feng Monarch had taken care of everything.

Lord Ling, who wanted to be a savior this time, felt upset, because reality didn’t leave him a chance to show off.

He was so upset that there was no chance to make Feng Monarch owe him a favor.