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Chapter 484: Who?

Chapter 484: Who?

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"Lady Wan-Er? Lady Xiu-Er? What is it that you want from me?" Ye Xiao turned to them and looked at them.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both had complicated thoughts. They didn’t know what to say.

They truly didn’t know… how to ask!

They were actually enemy to Feng Monarch. Feng Zhiling and Master Bai were life-or-death opponents. Their thoughts were completely at opposite sides. The House of the Chaotic Storms had been occupying the upper position, and Feng Monarch didn’t even have the power to fight back.

He just kept struggling to survive in this chaos.

Sometimes, when the two ladies saw Feng Monarch struggling, they felt good.

However, it was a different story now.

They were still in a higher position, but they now had to ask him for a big favor! No one else in the universe could offer what they needed, but only this man!

They former plan was totally cracked. They had to give it up.

What they were planning to do before was totally a farce compared to the current situation. Useless farce.

In the farce, they messed up with a man they shouldn’t have.

Now, this man was the only one that could give them what they wanted.

The old sayings, things turned over within thirty years was right. However, it hadn’t been thirty years to make it change this time, had it?

After a while, Wan-Er smiled and said, "Feng Monarch, don’t mention it. We are here today for…"

She paused. Things were clear. She was here to ask for help, however, she just couldn’t be brazenfaced to ask.

For a great long time, the House of the Chaotic Storms had never begged for help.

[What should I say? How?

I… I don’t have that experience!]

Ling Wuxie’s eyes flashed. Apparently, he noticed something. He loudly laughed and fervidly spoke, "Come on. You guys know each other for some time. I am a stranger. I like Feng Monarch a lot. I want to make friends with you. Let me introduce myself. My name, is Ling Wuxie."

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I am flattered. But… Brother Ling, no offense, but I don’t seem… to have any impression about your name. Surely, I am not a well informed person. I should have known your name."

Ling Wuxie twitched on the mouth, and then loudly laughed. "Not at all. If you did hear about me, that would be weird… You are from down here. I won’t blame that. I am from up there. Hahahaha…"

[What? Down here? Up there…]

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were speechless again.

They looked at Lord Ling, who was talking big and showing off. For the first time, they felt that maybe it was a good thing to have a shameless guy like him around. At least, he could break a deadlock situation through his shamelessness.

Deadlock didn’t mean a thing to Lord Ling, who was brazenfaced!

"Down here? Up there…" Ye Xiao’s face twitched. [That has different meanings.] He thought for a while and smiled, "Oh, Brother Ling, you are from Human Realm Upon Heavens. Respect."

Ling Wuxie suddenly opened his mouth wide. He slapped on the chair, thumbed up and said, "Brother Feng is such a wise man with pretty heart. We both know there is barely anyone in this world who knows about Human Realm Upon Heavens…"

Ling Wuxie was truly surprised.

Human Realm Upon Heavens was not just one or two level higher than Land of Han-Yang. It was so many levels higher… Basically, natives in Land of Han-Yang shouldn’t know about it.

[How does Feng Monarch know about it? Does he have any special background?!]

Ling Wuxie was surprised. Ye Xiao and the two ladies were speechless. [What is wrong with Ling Wuxie? Can he even talk properly? Wise man with pretty heart? Is it good say that?]

Wan and Xiu thought more about it. [Ling Wuxie isn’t ‘Wuxie’ [1] at all. He is real wicked. What he said made Feng Zhiling like a ragtag, although he is indeed from down realm!]

"Hmm. It is a coincidence. I have a friend who was taken away by a master cultivator to Human Realm Upon Heavens." Ye Xiao was feeling upset, but when he thought of Su Yeyue’s lovely face, he felt better. However, he sighed.

[Little girl, how are you?]

"Urh? A master cultivator? Took away?" Ling Wuxie was surprised.

"Yes. My friend became that master cultivator’s disciple. She must be cultivating in Human Realm Upon Heavens right now." Ye Xiao nodded.

"I wonder… Who took her away? Do you know his name, Brother Feng?" Ling Wuxie was surprised.

Ling Wuxie had to ask. He was so curious about who could shuttle between the two realms like he did.

He came to Land of Han-Yang in a secret way. It really took him lots of efforts.

To bring a person back… he was totally unable to do that! Only… Only those few guys! However, he couldn’t believe that those people would come to this low realm.

[Those people, if they come to this realm, the entire land will be broken when they just wave their hands. This realm cannot take their power!]

"Name? That master said…" Ye Xiao frowned and thought. He said with uncertainty, "She said her name was… something like… Meng Huaiqing? "

"Meng Huaiqing… What… Meng Huaiqing?" Ling Wuxie opened his mouth wide. He stared at Ye Xiao. Suddenly, he was stunned.

He was stunned by the name!

[That is… That is astonishing!]

[My god… That was… the Heaven Queen!]

[Scared the shxt out of me!]

[Feng Monarch’s friend become a disciple of the Heaven Queen of Human Realm Upon Heavens?]

Ling Wuxie only felt dizzy and swollen in his head. He couldn’t believe such thing had actually happened. However, if it wasn’t true, how would Feng Monarch know about the name Meng Huaiqing?

Meng Huaiqing of Human Realm Upon Heavens!

[Wait! Meng Huaiqing is that man’s mother!!]

[What the hell! Breaking news! I am sweating!]

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er also opened their red little mouths… That was… really too much!

[Isn’t she Master’s mother…]


[1] Wuxie 无邪 means ‘have no wicked thoughts’.