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Chapter 485: Stunned!

Chapter 485: Stunned!

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"What? Is Master Meng famous in Human Realm Upon Heavens?" Ye Xiao surprisedly asked, "I see your faces. I guess Master Meng should be… well known?"

Ye Xiao thought that the more famous Meng Huaiqing was, the better for him! Of course he did!

The more fame she had, the higher position she must have in that realm. That meant that little girl should have a more powerful support.



Ling Wuxie kept his eyes and mouth opened. Eventually, he took in a deep breath. Before he could produce a proper word, he coughed heavily.

"Couggggghhhh… Cough, cough… Couggghhhhhhh… Cough…" He coughed so hard like the world was going to turn into darkness. Even with his great cultivation capability, his coughs caused his snot and tears to come out.

The reason was simple… It was just…

[She is the Queen! Don’t you think she should be famous?]

[She is more than famous! She is super beyond famous!]

[She is the wife of the man who is one of the Dominators!]


[She is more than that! She is Bai Chen’s mother! Meng Wuzhen’s aunt!]

[East Heaven King’s daughter-in-law! West Heaven King’s sister!]

[Is she famous enough for you now?]

[No one in the universe dares to mess with Meng Huaiqing! Maybe there is somebody who dares to mess with East Heaven King, but no one dares to mess with the two kings!]

[No one could make them fight together! Except her!]

[Don’t doubt it! If Meng Huaiqing is bullied, or something bad happens to her, the two kings would never hesitate. They won’t mind working together with each other in that case. They would only think about how to torture the man who dares to mess with the lady…]

[This lady is the true untouchable figure in the entire universe!]

[Feng Monarch actually spoke her name so casually…]

[Do you dare to be more casual than this? Do you?]

Suddenly, the only thing Ling Wuxie felt was urgent urination because of the shock… [What the hell. I never knew there is such a dangerous situation behind all this. Should I go? That would be betraying my friend though…]

[If someday the Queen knows that I did something here, she wouldn’t need to do anything but just tell my dad… My dad would definitely hang me… That is the best consequence!]

[This is too dangerous!]

[I am scared!]

"Feng Monarch… You don’t know… That Master Meng… Cough…" Ling Wuxie kept rolling his eyes as he slapped his chest and said, "In Human Realm Upon Heavens… She is a powerful figure… Nobody dares to mess with her… Cough…"

Ye Xiao felt relieved to hear what Ling Wuxie said. He relaxed, then he said, "I feel good to hear that. I kept worrying that my friend would get bullied up there…"

Ling Wuxie coughed. Snot and tears were out again. He nearly put out his tongue.

[I really don’t know how to respond.]

[Isn’t it too freaking powerful!]

[Who dares to bully the disciple of the Queen?]

[Everybody knows that the Queen has been searching for so many years just to find a proper disciple she likes… Now, she finally has one, that girl must be the most valuable person in her eyes!]

[How would the Queen let anybody bully her girl?]

[Even me and Meng Wuzhen and seven or eight other cultivators together… we couldn’t even think about messing with her…]

[If we did… I guess we would be skinned off thoroughly.]

[That is a best situation!]

[If that girl bullies others, the Queen would very likely be happy to see it. After all, she is always good at bullying!]

Ye Xiao half closed his eyes and spoke, "Hmmm… Such a realm upon heavens… Realm beyond heavens…" He kept his eyes half closed, seemingly lost in thoughts. He looked so solemn.

[A world upon heavens… Even though it is several realms away, I will eventually break up into it!]


[I will see what real dominators under the firmament look like… If I can have a fight with them… then I will have no regrets in my life!]

[If I can win that fight, that would be even better!]

He thought of it, but didn’t speak it out.

If Ling Wuxie knew what he was thinking, especially the last part, he would very possibly spit on him until he was drowned to death with his hilarious dream!

He might think, [What the hell is wrong with you? Even in dreams, you shouldn’t have that thought!]

Nobody talked.

After being shocked by the name, Lord Ling had forgotten what he was here for. He opened his eyes with confusion, then he rolled up his eyes. He kept thinking but got nothing. He asked Xiu-Er, "What did I want to say?"

"…" Xiu-Er looked at him.

[You just asked me… what you wanted to say?]

[Am I a worm in your belly?]

[Stop watching me! You are not that close to me at all! Nor Wan-Er!]

[It must be am embarrassing thing to tell people that I know this guy. No wonder Master has never mentioned this stupid friend!]

"Brother Ling… You said your name is Ling Wuxie," Ye Xiao reminded him with patience.

"That’s right. Brother Feng. Oh Brother Feng." Ling Wuxie grabbed his hand and spoke seriously, "Brother Feng, you must remember my name. My name is Ling Wuxie. Ling of Ling Wuxie; Wu of Ling Wuxie; Xie of Ling Wuxie."

Ye Xiao’s lips were shaking. [He grabbed my hand? So tight? What the hell is this!]

[Who would introduce himself like this?]

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er lowered their heads.

They both felt so embarrassed!