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Chapter 486: We Are Leaving!

Chapter 486: We Are Leaving!

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They really felt embarrassed by this guy. [How do I live with this… I really don’t understand how such a great clan in Human Realm Upon Heavens would give birth to such a… stupid, shameless, wicked, embarrassing man?]

[Why is such a person the only close friend our master have? Where is justice?]

Ling Wuxie didn’t feel he had shown enough. He kept grabbing Ye Xiao’s hand and wrote on his palm while speaking, "Look, this is Ling… This is my name. Ling Wuxie. You won’t make it wrong…"

Ye Xiao felt itchy in his hand. He felt extremely weird about it.

[What the hell. Are you done now? I am a very straight man… You, a man, grabbed my hand, and wrote in my hand?]

[What the…] Ye Xiao felt terrified. He couldn’t imagine more about it.

Moreover, he had tried over ten times with great effort to stop Ling Wuxie from grabbing his hand and writing in his hand. He tried every martial art he could, but just couldn’t get rid of it!

Ling Wuxie didn’t seem to feel anything!

When Ye Xiao looked into the eyes of Ling Wuxie, even though he was a calm and steady man, he was terrified. [This guy… Is he… Is he the type who likes guys? Right. When he first met me, what did he say? He said that he likes Feng Monarch, and he wants to be friends with Feng Monarch! Oh my god!]

Thinking about that, Ye Xiao had goosebumps everywhere. He didn’t want to cover it anymore. He just used his other hand to draw his other hand back. Bold as Xiao Monarch, he was terrified this time…

[He has great power and he is horrible in what he likes!]

[Oh my god…]

[Never ever… Never ever let me meet a guy like that, so powerful that I cannot defend myself from him…]

After a while, Lord Ling finally calmed down from the panic. He took up the cup and drank the tea.

He rubbed the mouth and realized that he didn’t clean the cup with his martial art. However, he didn’t care anymore. Things could be much worse than this anyway!

He had to be scared. Every time he saw the Queen, he would be given a "lesson". The Queen would say, ‘Why is my son’s close friend such a prick! Somebody come and take him out to learn some manners already!’

When he thought of the words she said, he felt terrified.

Manner lessons were difficult to bear… Dozens of teachers would stay around him and keep talking to him! If he failed to learn… He would have to keep learning for dozens of years, hundreds of years…

Ling Wuxie would cry if he could.

When he looked at Ye Xiao again and found that he was strange, he realized something. He laughed and then politely spoke, "I thought of something in the past. Brother Feng, forgive me. I forgot myself…"

Ye Xiao gave a hollow laugh and waved his hand. "Never mind. Never mind."

Ling Wuxie smiled and then rubbed his head. He felt embarrassed like there was a nail under his butt. Suddenly, he became solemn as he asked, "Brother Feng, I have a question."

Ye Xiao said, "Hmm?"

"What do you say… That No. 1 Cultivator…" When Ling Wuxie said ‘No. 1’, he couldn’t help twitching the lips. "That No. 1 Cultivator, Bu Jingtian, he should be strong enough to break up to the upper realm long time ago, but he didn’t leave this world. Can you tell me more about it?"

He fervently looked at Ye Xiao.

In fact, it was a test.

Ye Xiao was casual. "That is simple. He was afraid of death. That is all!"

"If he wasn’t, he should have left this realm a long time ago. Because he loves his life too much that he couldn’t take any risk, he didn’t seize opportunities. He just couldn’t take the step ahead! That is all." Ye Xiao said, "Even though he was getting stronger and stronger, he was getting more and more cowardly. As time went on, he lost all the hopes. He didn’t even try it. How could he break through the boundary."

"Excellent!" Ling Wuxie praised. He laid back and lied on the chair, then he said, "I have finished what I want to say. Now, go on with your conversation. Don’t mind me. Just ignore me."

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens were both speechless.

Ye Xiao too.

They looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say about this weird man. He could totally drive a healthy man crazy.

He just forcibly brought in a topic he wanted to talk and talked a lot himself. When he finished, he just left.

He left the others there feeling blank and stupid.

The two ladies and Ye Xiao looked at each other. They all knew what each other thought about that. They only smiled helplessly.

When they smiled to each other, the embarrassing situation was broken.

That was such a great contribution Ling Wuxie brought to the ladies. Even though he didn’t do it on purpose, he did it anyway!

"Feng Monarch, I have something that I need to tell you formally." Xiu of the Heavens smiled and said, "From now on, the House of the Chaotic Storms will retreat from Land of Han-Yang forever. There will be no more House of the Chaotic Storms anymore!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. He looked up and stared at Xiu of the Heavens, then spoke with astonishment, "Oh?"

Wan-Er looked at him softly and said, "That’s right. No more House of the Chaotic Storms. Collapsing kingdoms are behind the day now."

Ye Xiao took a long breath and said, "That is such great thing for the entire Land of Han-Yang, the kingdoms in it and all the livings."

"However, there is something we need you to do for our retreat." Xiu of the Heavens smiled and said.

"Me? You need my help? Why so?" Ye Xiao frowned.

He would never think that the House of the Chaotic Storms would need his help to end their craziness.

However, it was certainly not that easy to just retreat. He was afraid what they needed him to do wasn’t easy at all!

"What can I do to help? If Master Bai and the two ladies are unable to do it, even if I truly want to, I am afraid there is little I can help," Ye Xiao asked; he didn’t understand the situation at all.