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Chapter 487: Need Your Help!

Chapter 487: Need Your Help!

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"Heh, heh… Here’s the thing… Basically… Well…" Wan of the Clouds decided to just say it directly. "We are tired about cycling chaotic times. We decided to go back to Human Realm Upon Heavens. We won’t stay here anymore."

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed as he said, "Hmm? Oh?"

He seemed to understand it after what Wan of the Clouds said.

"The reason why we can live here like normal persons, is that we are doomed by divine punishment. Our bodies… are restrained." Xiu of Heavens slowly spoke, "If we can’t break the restraint, we can’t leave here. Without our real cultivation capability, we won’t be able to leave."

"No matter which realm we want to go, when we are breaking through the bounds, we need great power to protect us. That’s the only way to open the gate to the Chaos Tunnel…" Wan of the Clouds said.

"With our current capability, we cannot break it on our own."

"We want to leave once and for all, but only when the restraints are removed can we leave safely. That is where we need your help."

"There is only one person in the firmament who have the chance to successfully make that thing we need."

"You, Feng Monarch."

The two ladies talked and talked before finally explaining it all.

Ye Xiao was enlightened; he asked, "Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan?"

The ladies nodded at the same time. "That’s right. Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. It is the only thing that can deal with the divine reverse impact in the history."

Ye Xiao thought and said, "In fact, you don’t need to come and tell me this. I have a deal with your master after all. I will make a Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead for him. I will keep that in mind, and I will finish it before they’re due."

Xiu of the Heavens spoke in a heavy voice, "Our Master surely trusts you. However, things have changed. When Master and you made the deal, we didn’t plan to leave Land of Han-Yang yet. We only needed one dan bead for our master. However, it is far less than what we need now."

Ye Xiao was shocked. "You want more?"

"Yes." Wan of Clouds frowned. She counted and said, "We need one bead for Master to recover his capability to move. Two dan beads will be better and safer though. However, the problem is, to recover his cultivation capability, even twenty dan beads are not enough! Besides, we two also need some. This time, the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan we need are more than… fifty!"

"Fifty?" Ye Xiao exclaimed. He stood up, totally astonished. "You must be kidding me, ladies?"

He then saw their serious faces. He realized that they were not joking! They really needed… fifty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads!


Ye Xiao didn’t even think about it but just declined it. He spoke furiously, "Is Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan like cabbage to you? Do you think I can get it by only waving my hands? What a bloody whimsicality! You don’t know the complexity about it. Fine. I understand. But I have told your master about the risk I need to take. I told him how difficult to make it succeed. Let alone fifty, I won’t be able to make even five for you. There is nothing to negotiate about on this."

"We can pay whatever you ask. You can ask for anything as exchange. Let’s just talk about it," Wan of the Clouds spoke with a low voice.

"Do you think I am bargaining? Even if you can give me the entire world, I will never give you fifty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads!" Ye Xiao shook his head. "Fifty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads? Why don’t you just chop off my head? That would be easier for me! If there is nothing else you want here, please leave now. Go back to your master and have a good talk with him. Tell him to think about it. Tell him to think wisely about it."

"Feng Monarch, please think about it. As long as you give us enough dan beads, you can ask whatever you want from us," Xiu of the Heavens spoke with sincerity.

"It is never about what I want. It is simply impossible!"

Ye Xiao was angry. "Forget it. I don’t care if you master has told you about the complexity in it. I will tell you about it now. Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is a nature-twisting dan! Every dan bead will bring a horrible divine punishment! Only the punishment for one dan bead can make a big threat to me. I have thought about it. The punishment for one dan bead, I can handle it. I may get seriously hurt, but that’s fine. Now you are asking fifty! Let’s just leave the succeeding rate aside… Even if I will succeed all the attempts, I should be smashed into ashes for times by then… What dan bead can I make by then?"

[Fifty dan beads? For times?]

Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens both noticed something from the talk. They both lightened up their eyes.

[He sounds like complaining that he is not strong enough to make it. However, not strong enough to make it is much better than having no capability to do it. The latter one means he can never make it. The former one means he can, but only not strong enough to. If we can enhance his power, he may be able to do it!]

[This Feng Monarch… is able to make more than one dan bead.]

Xiu-Er spoke in a low voice, "Please think about it, Feng Monarch. We are here with great sincerity. We know your feelings to this world. You really want to save the kingdom, the world and the people… We admire you truly. Such a heroic man."

"We won’t be against you if we don’t have to. An opportunity has shown. We can both ease peacefully…"

"If you don’t help us, we will have to stay here. We will keep making that chaotic storms… You won’t be happy about that, will you? But if you will help us and send us away, you will save the world…"

Xiu of the Heavens said, "So please, Feng Monarch. Just think about it. Just think about the connections in it."

She sounded peaceful, calm and gentle. She was also humble.

However, it also sounded like a threat!