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Chapter 489: Threat!

Chapter 489: Threat!

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Those were the real thoughts in his heart. He wasn’t acting at all.

If one had no dignity and no baseline in his life, his life would be like dead water! One would never find joy in it!

Ye Xiao hated to be threatened the most.

If somebody threatened him to force him to do something he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t do it. Even if someone threatened him to do something he actually wanted to do, he wouldn’t do it either!

[If I want to do it, I will do it! Nobody stops me!

If you dare to force me with threats, I will never do it!

I would rather die!

Do you really think you can threaten me harder than threaten me with my life?]

That was an important aspect of Ye Xiao’s personality.

Wan of the Clouds, Xiu of the Heavens, their names were taboos in Land of Han-Yang even Qing-Yun Realm. Ling Wuxie was even ten times more horrible than them. He could destroy the entire land by waving his hands, however, they were urged to leave.

Ling Wuxie was speechless. He didn’t know how to save the situation now. Wan-Er and Xiu-Er was totally blank. [Why is he being so mean?]

[We haven’t talked about terms. And it is done?]

[It is doomed.]

Xiu of the Heavens was stunned. She kept asking herself. [I haven’t said anything aggressive, have I? I just wanted to give a good start in the negotiation. How come it ends up so bad? What is going on? What should I do? I don’t want to delay the recovery of Master…]

Wan-Er was calm and smart. She thought for a while and spoke in a low voice, "Maybe Feng Monarch doesn’t know yet. A few days earlier, when things were in the worst situation, Xiu-Er returned from the south side. She met a powerful enemy on the way she returned! That was a woman!"

Ye Xiao’s face turned cyan. He didn’t talk, like he hadn’t heard Wan-Er at all.

"It is said that the woman is your lover, Feng Monarch." Wan of Clouds sighed. "I am happy for you. In your life, you can have a woman who would give up everything for you. She knew if she stopped us, no matter what was going to happen, she would suffer misfortunes. Even her sect, her family, and her clan would fall with her. But she still did it. She was determined, because of you."

"It proves his love for you, Feng Monarch. She can do anything for you." Wan of Clouds spoke in a low voice, "That woman is not an ordinary person. If I didn’t go help Xiu-Er early, they would both get seriously damaged. We eventually defeated her… Now, she is a guest in House of the Chaotic Storms. She is too powerful. We can’t set her free yet."

Ye Xiao’s eyes finally flashed.

Wan-Er kept staring at his face as she said, "This poor and sentimental lady is… Bing Xinyue. Feng Monarch, do you know her or not? I wonder if you love each other, or it is just a one-sided affair all along?"

Ye Xiao’s face twitched.

"It seems you know this lady. If you promise to help us, we will let Lady Bing-Er back to you! How’s that? I think we have shown enough sincerity here!"

"Bing Xinyue…" Ye Xiao lightly spoke.

A sense of confusion flashed over his eyes.

He suddenly felt relieved.

That was right. He had thought about it earlier. If House of the Chaotic Storm struck with full effort, he very likely would not be able to escape.

That was why he tried everything he could to fulfill the promises he had made before everything happened, including curing Bing Xinyue, and also curing Song Jue…

When he was doing those things, he wanted the peace it brought to him. He didn’t want to regret. He never asked for anything as return.

However… Even though Bing Xinyue knew that he was in a very dangerous situation, that he was surrounded by enemies, she just left right after being cured by Ye Xiao. She said nothing and did nothing. She just left…

Ye Xiao didn’t feel good about it. He never asked for anything, but he would never feel comfortable to see the one he saved brutally ignore him.

At this moment, he finally found out Bing Xinyue wasn’t a cruel person. In fact, she would give up everything to help him!

She didn’t even want to let him know.

He was sure if Bing Xinyue stopped Wan of the Clouds and didn’t get caught by the two ladies, she would never tell anybody about it. She would keep it a secret to herself forever!

Ye Xiao understood it. [You helped me without asking for return. Then I will help you without telling you about it.]

What a proud and pure-hearted girl!

Now she was captured by House of the Chaotic Storms because of him.

Could he just stand by?

While he felt relieved, he felt pain in the heart too.

His face turned dark. He coldly smiled. "Heh, isn’t this another threat? Wan of the Clouds knows how to play schemes so well. You truly opened my eyes today!"

Wan of the Clouds said, "No. Feng Monarch, you are mistaking me. We are just simply telling you this. In fact, you say yes to us or not, we will set Bing-Er free anyway. We are both women. We love somebody. I understand how it feels to be willing to give up everything for the beloved one. We are all women. We have the same feeling. How can we hurt her. We would never use her pure heart to threaten you. It will be staining the purity of it."

"How beautiful your words are! In fact, you are exactly doing it! If I do nothing, won’t I be the one who stains the purity of it?" Ye Xiao sharply asked.

Wan-Er didn’t say anything. She just sighed, looking regretful.

"Bing Xinyue knows me, because she got a strange disease some time ago, and she nearly lost her life. She only had a few months to live. It is always god’s will to let people meet each other. I just do whatever I can to cure her eighty percent!"

Ye Xiao forcibly suppressed down the emotions in his heart. He blandly spoke, "That is why we are just friends. In other words, we are no more than just patient and doctor. Lady Bing feels grateful for what I did for her, so she wants to help me."