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Chapter 491: Sincerity!

Chapter 491: Sincerity!

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Following that, Feng Zhi Ling acted rather excessively—after saying what he had to say, he actually closed his eyes and stopped talking.

He acted like he was going to fall asleep soon.

Wan, Xiu and Ling Wuxie, either of them could smash him to death by waving a hand. However, he just closed his eyes, acted casually while lying in the chair. He simply didn’t put anybody in his eyes at all. How arrogant!

[How dare him!]

Why would Feng Zhiling not dare?

[Do you dare to kill me? Do you dare to touch me?] He didn’t say it, but what he did showed everything. He didn’t even want to cover it!

Feng Zhiling didn’t talk. Ling Wuxie and the two ladies were completely speechless and helpless. In fact, they all had thought about smashing him into death many times. [I will smash you till you bow on your knees! Let’s see which is tougher between you and my fists…]

However, they didn’t dare to. They just couldn’t!

What if Feng Zhiling really was a man with no fear for death. He would just die. If he died, they would have no other plans. It was not a good thing for them at all.

What Feng Monarch showed was ‘I am exactly a man with no fear for death!’

Everybody would give up in front of such powerful opponents!

Except him!

He hadn’t thought about giving in at all. No matter what they would do, he would barely give in!

Besides, they didn’t have time to test him… If Meng Wuzhen got to the almighty power level early enough, even if Bai Chen could get back up there with his great status, he would not be able to do anything!

Nobody knew how much time he had.

Surely, one thing could be guaranteed. If Bai Chen waited till the divine punishment ended itself, it would take about one thousand years!

One thousand years was more than enough for Meng Wuzhen to get to the almighty power level. No. Ling Wuxie reckoned it wouldn’t need one thousand years. It would only take no more than three hundred years for Meng Wuzhen to be invincible!

Even Ling Wuxie, one of the strongest among the young generation, was not capable enough to fight against him. That showed everything!

"Brother Feng, look at you. Why suddenly turn so hostile. We were having such a good conversation, like we had known each other for a long time! We were so happy. Why suddenly make it awkward after just a few words?" Ling Wuxie furrowed his eyebrows and spoke in distress.

Ling Wuxie was good at playing innocent. He was famous in the Human Realm Upon Heaven for this. No matter how serious the situation was, he could solve it by a few words!

However, when Ling Wuxie did it, Ye Xiao acted like he didn’t hear anything at all.

He was still closing his eyes, saying nothing in response.

He didn’t talk and not even move a bit.

"I know you are capable in making Heaven Seizing Dan. I know you don’t like to be threatened. I know you don’t want to take the risk for it. I think the two ladies have been above all others for so long, so they believe they control everything. I apologize for them. Brother Feng, you are a dan-maker. It is reasonable that you care about the risk. However, we will figure a way to solve it for you."

Ling Wuxie slowly spoke.

He didn’t care whether Feng Monarch was listening or not. He just kept talking.

"Brother Feng, you are an honorable man. We can also promise that if you suffer the divine punishment, we will offer anything we have to defend you from the punishment. We won’t let you get harmed. That firstly shows our sincerity."

"As for the second, we will offer all the materials you want to make the supreme dan. If there will be anything left, you can keep them all. We will also give you ninety-nine great treasures! Those are ninety-nine treasures that don’t exist in Land of Han-Yang or Qing-Yun Realm. We will give you one of each. Those are all that I can get."

"Other than that, I promise we will keep all your friends and families from harm. We will protect them as well as we can. We will let Lady Bing Xinyue free immediately. Wan-Er was being too excessive earlier. She knew Lady Bing-Er was doing it to return the favor to you, yet Wan-Er still kept her as a guest. She thought it was such a good luck to have someone she like, so she kept her. But she really should consider how Bing-Er felt. I will go ask Master Bai to punish Wan-Er."

"Besides, the one thing that we have talked about, the House of the Chaotic Storms will leave everything in this world behind. They won’t arouse any disturbance at all. These are all that we can promise you. If you are still not satisfied, please let me know. Like you said, we are here for your help. Whatever you want us to do, just tell me!"

"All depends on your decision. What do you think can make you help us. Just tell me. Whatever you say, we will do it. You make the decision! It all depends on you. You make the call!"

"What we need are only enough dan beads!"

"Brother Feng, look… I have shown much sincerity. If you still won’t even take to us, we really don’t know what to do." Ling Wuxie sighed.

[It is so exhausting to negotiate with this guy. I should have let Bai Chen come to talk himself.]

[It is completely making troubles for myself to talk to a man like this. No matter what I do, he just don’t buy it.]

[I just promised him everything we have. I have to do this. There is no other way that is possible to make him talk…]

If Bai Chen came, would he be smarter on this…]

However, Ling Wuxie didn’t know one thing…

It was lucky that Bai Chen didn’t come himself… It better be Ling Wuxie.

If Bai Chen came to do this, the best result would be all of them dying together.

Ye Xiao would have died, but Bai Chen and the two ladies wouldn’t end up better. They would also sacrifice a lot. It would be more than one thousand years for them to wait!

What Ling Wuxie did looked dumb, but it was the best way to negotiate with Ye Xiao.

Just to be honest!

[Just tell me what you want!]

Lucky for him, Ye Xiao loved to take the initiative!

However, not everybody could take the initiative in all circumstances!