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Chapter 492: Three Sighs

Chapter 492: Three Sighs

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It was said that there was no man under Human Realm Upon Heavens he couldn't persuade. That was so true!

He did it again!

Ye Xiao finally opened his eyes. He stared at Ling Wuxie for a long time before he sighed and said, "Today, because of you, Brother Ling, I give in. If you were someone else, I would definitely keep my mouth shut."

"Since you have shown a good sincerity to me, let’s just talk for a few more minutes. However, I have to make sure that you understand that no matter what happens, I am the one who make the final call."

"Definitely." Ling Wuxie nodded.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er finally became happy.

They finally had hope again.

They already had cold sweats. They never thought that Xiu-Er's casual words would lead to such a trouble. She nearly ruined everything!

If it really was in a hopeless situation, they would have been the one who ruined their master's life!

That was an unforgivable sin. Even if they were punished to death ten thousand times, it wouldn't be enough to stop them from being regretful!

Ling Wuxie had been giving out all they could like crazy. He had given Feng Monarch all the initiative. They had thought about stopping him many times, yet they didn't. They realized that although what Ling Wuxie did seemed dumb and stupid, he successfully made Feng Monarch talk. No matter how smart they thought they were, they did nothing useful so far!

That was right. They were here to ask for help. It was not a wise move to forcibly try to keep the initiative. It might still work if they were dealing with others, but they were talking to Feng Zhiling, such a proud man. The only result they could reach was failure!

Ling Wuxie might look too humble and stupid, but what he proposed wouldn't really cost them a lot!

Not at all!

They would go collect as many materials as they could no matter how. To solve the dan divine punishment for Feng Zhiling was something they had planned to do. They were more afraid than Feng Zhiling himself for his death. To free Bing Xinyue and protect his friends and families were the least difficult things they could offer. The House of the Chaotic Storms retreating from the martial world? They were already leaving this realm. Even if there were people weeping for their departure and begging for their stay, they wouldn't stay!

What Ling Wuxie promised were all easy things, except two things. One thing was the promise of the ninety-nine treasures, and the other was to let Feng Zhiling ask for whatever he wanted. The former one was priceless, but compared to Master Bai's health, it meant nothing to them. The latter one seemed hard to give, but in their eyes, Feng Zhiling was just a local man in Land of Han-Yang. They thought that he wouldn't know anything that was hard for them to get. In their minds, Feng Zhiling was a man who would never break the limitation of Qing-Yun Realm! [How hard would it be to get what he could think of?]

To think this way, they realized Lord Ling had done a wise move to give out the initiative!

The two ladies finally thought it through. They started to think that Ling Wuxie was a very wise man. He must have been playing a fool all the time. That was reasonable. How would he be any ordinary, such a close friend to their master!

"First of all, safety. Lord Ling said it..." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I need to be sure how many things you can give me or do for me to defend the divine punishment. How much could these things defend? Fifty percent? Eighty? Or completely!"

"This is the most important thing. If you can't help me defend even fifty percent of it, let's just end the conversation before it wastes more of our time."

Ye Xiao spoke seriously.

Dan divine punishment would never happen, in fact.

As long as there were enough materials, he would get the dan beads directly out from inside the Space. What divine punishment would befall on him?

However, he wouldn't turn down such a good chance to get more treasures. He wanted to ask for better, ask for more.

Things that could defend divine punishment must be rather valuable. To deal with the divine punishment for fifty supreme dan beads, that would be dozens of treasures they needed to offer... Only fools would turn it down!

With such an amount of treasures, he would be like having dozens of lives!

For Ye Xiao, it was such a great thing that they asked him to make Heaven Seizing Dan. Ye Xiao was quite happy about it. He wouldn't really turn hostile to them. When he heard that the House of the Chaotic Storms was leaving, he was so happy. He wished they could leave right away the next day; in fact, it was better if they already left today!

No matter how happy he felt, he couldn't show it to them!

This... This might be the only chance he could get in all his lives!

If he didn't get as much as he could this time, he wouldn't forgive himself.

Ling Wuxie hesitated when he heard Feng Monarch.

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens realized that they had the chance to make the deal, so they felt really happy.

However, they sighed in their hearts. They had given all initiative to Feng Zhiling for such a chance. They simply let Feng Zhiling ask for whatever he wanted.

The House of the Chaotic Storms, which had always been fearful and arrogant in the world for centuries, had actually become a meat in the plate, to be cut and eaten as others wished!

They couldn't even resist or fight back!

"Sigh..." Feng Monarch had occupied the absolute higher position in this negotiation, yet he sighed after thinking for a long while.

The sigh had a deep sense of unwillingness. He sounded like all miserable things in the world had happened on him at the same time, and he could do nothing but accept the suffering.

After he sighed, he frowned and looked ahead without saying a word for a long time. After a while, he finally moved his lips. People all wanted to see what he was about to say, yet he only sighed again.

It was even more like moaning and complaining than the last one!

Ten times, hundred times, thousand times, ten thousand times more!

People would want to sigh too when they heard him.

Only those who was about to die with worry could sigh like this.

"Brother Feng, why so worried? Let's just talk frankly. Anything we can do. Just tell me!" Ling Wuxie had to ask him. He had to be the guy who led the main character to say his lines.

Neither Wan-Er nor Xiu-Er could properly do it.

Moreover, if there were still nobody talking, Feng Monarch might open his mouth again and give a long sigh for the third time...

[Please don't sigh anymore.]

[My heart... is going to break down from your sigh.]

[Not that I feel you... I am just helpless...]