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Chapter 493: It Is Difficult...

Chapter 493: It Is Difficult...

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Feng Monarch's third sigh was still full of moans. It was a sigh that seemed to have lasted for a long time.

Ling Wuxie was freaking out.

[I fxcking hate people sighing...]

He felt that he was going to break down. He had been a foolish and arrogant young man since he was a little boy. His family thought that he was useless, so they scold him from time to time... When they did, Ling Wuxie's mother would sigh just like this in front of him.

She would look at him helplessly, sighing with moans and complaint. It sounded exactly the same as Feng Monarch now in Ling Wuxie's mind.

However, he was just having an illusion of putting the two kinds of sigh together!

He had felt the painful heart of his mother when his mother sighed in front of him.

He would try to make changes, put it all together, just so to make his mother happy... However, after some time, he would become that young stupid man again. And then he would hear the sigh again...

Time after time, it built a natural reflection in his heart. As long as he heard sighs with sorrow, he would tremble. He would feel guilty. No matter what great things he had done, he would feel like he was a terrible man living in the world! He would feel bad about himself! He would want to bow and repent from his sin!

However, he had never thought that in this low class realm that was a million miles away from his mother, he would hear the sigh that drove him crazy.

[What the hell is this going on?]

Ling Wuxie nearly teared out.

[My god... Just leave me be.

I am already a million miles away from home...

It is not easy for me...]

"Brother Feng, can you just stop sighing? Let's just talk, shall we?" Ling Wuxie was trembling. He stared at Ye Xiao and made a decision. If Feng Monarch kept sighing, he would flee away. [I will leave all this sh*t to Bai Chen himself. It will cost me too much to get a psychological disease in this low realm... I will become a joke back there...]

"Sigh. I don't want to sigh." Ye Xiao spoke with sorrow, "Brother Ling, you are not a dan-maker, so you don't understand."

Ling Wuxie nodded. [As long as you don't sigh again.] He said, "I am not a dan-maker, but I have many dan-makers in my family. I will understand at least some of your concerns."

Ye Xiao made a long sigh again before he spoke, "That's good. That's good."

Ling Wuxie heard the sigh. He felt desperation now. His eyes were black and he felt weak on the body.

"Master Bai had been ruling House of the Chaotic Storms for centuries. The world continuously trembled, and innumerable lives have been lost. Mountains and rivers are broken. Whoever it concerns, what he did is a disaster for the world. As long as it is possible, I will definitely send him away. Why wouldn't I?"

Ye Xiao said, "It is to save the world and the lives in this world to send him away. It is such great merit and virtue to do so. Xiu-Er said it easier. Surely I want it. Besides, I promised Master Bai days ago. We are after all in opposite positions. If he stays, we will have a death fight at the end. I have never underestimated myself, but I am sure I will lose the fight against Master Bai. No matter what, I wish Master Bai can leave this world."

"However, to make that Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is too difficult. When the dan beads are made, there will definitely be a lightning strike divine punishment. With my capability, to make one bead is already my best luck. To make more is simply asking for death. Even though the virtues and merits are right in front of me, I don’t have that fortune to have them. I was upset, so I said some bad words. Please forgive me."

Ye Xiao looked at Xiu of the Heavens and nodded.

The situation was under his control. He could get the most valuable things by making a small decision, so he didn’t want to ruin it. That was why he tried to be nicer…

He wouldn’t want to lose this opportunity.

Xiu-Er was angry. She rolled up her eyes and didn’t respond. Apparently, she was annoyed. She wouldn’t talk. That showed something.

"Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is different from other dans. It concerns fate, soul, luck, blood, life, heavens, Yin and Yang, even the Almighty Nature!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Brother Ling, you have many capable dan-makers in your house. You should know this more or less. You know I am telling the truth, right?"

"Urh… Hmm." Ling Wuxie said, "Right. That’s right."

Endless alpacas were running over in his heart, shouting. [I do have many dan-makers in my family. I am not a dan-maker myself! Besides, no matter how many dan-makers my family have, but none of them makes Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan! Pah. They can’t even make normal supreme dan! How do I know if you are right or not?]

However, he had said that there were many dan-makers in his family so he knew something about it. That gave Feng Monarch the topic. Now, Feng Monarch got to him along this topic. How could he say no? If he said ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’, it would be making his own words meaningless.

That was slapping his own face.

Ling Wuxie couldn’t do such thing.

That was why he had to say yes.

"Since you know it, Brother Ling, things are easier. It saves lots of time to talk to people who are well-informed." Ye Xiao looked happy.

"Heh, heh…" Ling Wuxie smiled. He felt his muscle on the face turn stiff.

[What the fxck do I know? I don’t fxcking know anything!]

"The purpose of making Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is to break the Jing and Mai of the divine punishment. There are a few problems with it. First, to be against the almighty nature; second, to be against all the souls that died these years; third, to go against the fate of the entire world; fourth…"

Ye Xiao looked serious. He explained word by word, trying to make it clear. At last, he said, "One Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead won’t get me killed in divine punishment, but it will hurt me badly. If I make more than one, I will be risking my life. I have to be very careful, and you… Heh, heh. Before I make enough dan beads for you, you won’t just leave me to my doom, right?!"

Ling Wuxie was shocked. "Please be relaxed. As I said, we will take care of that. We can save your life for sure. We will protect you with all the treasures we have to defend that divine punishment. You will be safe!"

Ye Xiao smiled with profound eyes. "Heh, heh."