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Chapter 494: Extortion!

Chapter 494: Extortion!

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"Heh, heh?" Ling Wuxie was freaking out about Ye Xiao’s smile. "What do you mean heh, heh?"

"Heh, heh." Ye Xiao casually answered, "Heh, heh means heh, heh."

"So you don't believe me? You still suspect me?" Ling Wuxie said with anger.

"Please tell me, Brother Ling. How do I believe it? How can I not suspect?" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Dan divine punishment means being stricken by lightning and the soul being destroyed. Who can actually resist the lightning strikes and survive? That is just impossible. Even me with my great dan-making capability, I will be seriously injured under the strikes. Brother Ling, do you know a better dan-maker than me?"

Ling Wuxie was shocked. He said, "I don't know a better dan-maker. Even if I do, he wouldn't be here now. However... The point here is how to defend the lightning... That is normal to defend lightning, isn't it? I nearly see people fighting against the lightning strike everyday... How come... You..."

"What?" Ye Xiao opened his eyes widely, acting like he was astonished. "What did you just say? Everyday? Someone resisting the lightning strikes?"

Ling Wuxie nodded.

Now, he wanted to make that kind of sigh instead.

[What a nerd. Such a nerd. I finally know how dumb a nerd can be!]

[I forgot that I am in such a low realm right now. For the nerds in this realm, they haven't even heard of resisting the divine punishment. I was wrong!"

Ling Wuxie regretted. He felt piteous and sad.

Ye Xiao asked with astonishment. But he thought it was so funny in his heart. [I actually have to be such a stupid guy to make the plan go well!]

"Brother Feng, let me make it clear to you. With the treasures from our realm, to defend against the divine punishment in your realm, it will be a full perfect defense!" Ling Wuxie said, "Besides, you are not well cultivated. The divine punishment won’t be mutated on you… I am quite certain on this! I have one hundred percent confidence! Absolutely!"

"Heh, heh. You are so convincing, but I don’t believe it!" Ye Xiao casually shook his head.

"I don’t believe human power can defend the divine punishment! Even a myth wouldn’t make up such stupid story. Brother Ling, do you think I am that naive to be fooled? Do you think you can get me in by just making up some stories? You are underestimating me!"

Ling Wuxie lied on the chair. He looked up to the roof and didn’t know what to say. [I totally do not know how to explain it. I would rather die than continue on explaining to him.]

Suddenly, he had such feeling and he shed the tear. He shouted, "Master… Now I know how difficult it was for you to teach me…"

"Feng Monarch, you don’t understand. You can’t see the marvelousness in it. You are not well informed. That is reasonable. We are in different position and different realms. We have different experience. To defend the lightning strikes by the power of man alone is real. To use one thing to stop the lightning is real. That is not a strange thing."

Xiu of the Heavens spoke with a deep voice.

Xiu and Feng Monarch had met many times. She suspected that Feng Monarch was playing!

In fact, she was ninety percent certain that Feng Monarch was playing. She just couldn’t say it now.

It would ruin the conversation again if she did.

She broke it once, so now even though she knew Feng Monarch was playing, she had to let him do it!

"I don’t believe it! I won’t!" Feng Monarch was being stubborn. He shook his head. "I don’t!"

Xiu-Er was helpless and angry.

"Brother Feng, just say it. What can make you believe it?" Ling Wuxie spoke weakly.

"It doesn’t prove it true to just speak. How can I believe it if I don’t see it with my own eyes?"

Ye Xiao said, "And it has to be me getting through such miracle. Only after that will I believe that I won’t need to fear the divine punishment as long as I have the treasures you give me."

Ling Wuxie was speechless.

So were Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens.

Finally, Feng Monarch revealed his true face. He just wanted this.

This was what he planned for.

He was planning to get a treasure that could defend from the lightning strikes!

A treasure that could do it wasn’t really that difficult to get. Ling Wuxie could get it himself. He could even give Ye Xiao several of it.

However, Ling Wuxie was saying that he would use the treasures to defend the lightning strikes for Feng Monarch.

Feng Zhiling wanted to do it himself! That means the treasure had to be more powerful than what Ling Wuxie needed.

A high level cultivator could use low class treasure against the lightning strikes. That was normal. However, for low level cultivators, the treasure couldn’t be in high levels.

Feng Monarch was so lame in cultivation. He was next to rubbish. He could never drive the treasure to defend the lightning strikes.

Surely, there was something that even weak like him could use to defend the divine punishment. It had to be a treasure that could automatically activate a defensive shield!

Besides, it had to fit Feng Monarch’s Mai. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to use it like it was his arm!

Such treasure would be one of the top treasures even in the Human Realm Upon Heavens!

That was indeed difficult, but not so difficult for Ling Wuxie. He had such treasure with him at the moment. However, there was a problem for him. What was it?

The difficult thing was that the treasure had already recognized its owner. It had to be merged with the owner’s spiritually. Only when the owner and the treasure merged together would the treasure work.

In other words, Feng Monarch was asking for a treasure that would be merged to his soul and would never leave him.

It would become his own!

He just wanted to snatch it.

If it was merged, once dan beads were made, this treasure would totally become Feng Monarch’s. Nobody could take it.

That meant Ling Wuxie would have to give it to him, whether he liked it or not.