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Chapter 495: Golden Soul Tower!

Chapter 495: Golden Soul Tower!

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The worse thing for Ling Wuxie was that it wouldn’t be treated as a gift to Feng Monarch even though they had to give it to him. Because when that day came, Feng Monarch would definitely say, ‘I never asked for it. You cannot take it back. I don’t owe you anything, do I? Alright. I don’t owe you anything, but you owe me a huge one! What are you going to do to return the favor?’

Such thing would definitely happen!

Ling Wuxie didn’t know Feng Monarch for a long time, but he knew the personality of him, shameless and cunning. He knew Feng Monarch would definitely act like that.

Since he and the two ladies were already aware of his personality, they nearly spat out blood when they thought of it.

Ling Wuxie gritted his teeth and said, "Feng Monarch, do you know how many of that treasure you are talking about exist in the Human Realm Upon Heavens?"

Ling Wuxie felt pain in the heart; he was the only person who had such a thing among the three of them… If somebody had to give it away, it had to be him. That meant he was the one who would lose something here.

"Why should I know? I believe there is none. I don’t believe there is something that magical. However, if I can’t have something that can protect me from that bloody lightning, I won’t risk my life to make those dan beads for you. You understand me, Brother Ling."

Ye Xiao spoke casually.

Ling Wuxie was shocked.

[That is straight!]

[I understand. Of course I understand. I wish I don’t!]

Wan of the Clouds softly spoke, "Lord Ling, in fact, Feng Monarch is not asking much from us… Besides, a treasure that can defend the lightning is merely a piece of cake for Lord Ling…"

What she meant was, [Come on. Ling Wuxie, such a great figure, surely you have lots of treasure with you. Just give him one thing and everything is solved!]

Wan of that Cloud’s thought was good, but she was overestimating Ling Wuxie!

Ling Wuxie wanted to weep.

[I surely want to just pick up some thing to deal with him. I don’t casually have one! My passion for cleanliness and purity… I threw away the cheap things.

Things I have now with me are all top classed! Top of the tops!

Do you understand top of the tops?

Do you understand? Things I have now are brilliant treasures even in Human Realm Upon Heavens!

Each one of these treasures can make a big wave in the Human Realm Upon Heavens by showing up!

Now you want me to give one to… a stupid man… from the low realm… who doesn’t even believe the lightning can be defended…

And I have to give it for nothing… No gratefulness no thanks at all…]

Ling Wuxie had a strong feeling. [This time, I am really going to be broken… Badly!]

"Fine. Bai Chen is my brother! I owe him this!" Ling Wuxie beared the pain in his heart. He said, "This treasure, I will give it to you. Brother Feng, I assure you. After I get it work, if it fails to protect you from the divine punishment… We will leave! You won’t need to promise us anything! We won’t show up in your sight again!"

"Good! Brilliant! Well said!" Ye Xiao thumbed up. "Brother Ling, you are truly a man from upper world. You are good. To make a deal with someone like you feels so good! To deal with women is always too picky… They are always making troubles…"

"Who are you referring to?" Wan and Xiu shouted at the same time angrily.

[He praises Ling Wuxie, fine. He takes a big advantage from him after all. Why did he insult us? We are not going to let him say that! I won’t bear it!]

"Ahem. Last warning. When men are making a deal, you should stay aside. If you interrupt again, I will have to end this deal immediately!" Ye Xiao looked aside to them and then he asked Ling Wuxie, "I wonder what is this treasure? What is it called? How to use it?"

Ling Wuxie sighed and said, "It is called Golden Soul Tower!"

"Golden Soul Tower? Good name. Must be something great!" Ye Xiao’e eyes lit up.

"I just got it not long ago… It is still new to me…" Ling Wuxie’s face looked bad.

He was preparing to show off in front of Master Bai with this defensive treasure...

He hadn’t done it yet, but now it was going to belong to someone else…

He thought that there would never be anything dangerous for him that he would need to use any treasures. He just took this one with him. He just brought it to show off…

Something he brought down to show off with… was definitely the best one he had!

"So, shall we take it out? I don’t like talks!" Ye Xiao said.

Ling Wuxie was bleeding inside his heart. He sighed. He was upset and helpless at the moment. He sighed even heavier than Feng Monarch now!

He sighed with sincerity!

Whoever heard his sigh would want to weep!

However, Ye Xiao, Wan and Xiu didn’t! At least they wouldn’t weep for Ling Wuxie for this!

"Fine. I must owe Bai Chen from last life…" Ling Wuxie gritted with teeth. He closed his eyes and took out something.

In his hand, there was a small tower with the size of a finger.

Ye Xiao hesitated. "Such a small thing… Can it really defend the divine punishment?"

"This Golden Soul Tower is made with ninety-nine kinds of Star Hearts… It can turn bigger and smaller as you wish."

"However…" Ling Wuxie didn’t want to give it away. He was so upset about it.

"I have to clarify something. My Golden Soul Tower is marvelous, but you have to wait till you get to the next level in cultivation before you activate most of its functions. You can only use it to automatically activate its defensive shield under my help. It won’t last long though."

"Under your help? Automatically activate the defensive shield? Won’t last long?" Ye Xiao looked at it with confusion. He said, "Under your help. Fine. What can I do with it if it cannot last long? I will have to risk my life in fifty dan divine punishments to make you so many dan beads. It will of course take me a long time… How can I depend on it then? Are you fooling me?"

Ling Wuxie was upset. "Hmm. So…"

He looked so sad. He was apparently bleeding in his heart.