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Chapter 496: Growable Treasure!

Chapter 496: Growable Treasure!

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Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I know nothing about this thing. If Brother Ling doesn’t want to give it to me, let’s just ignore what I said earlier. To be honest, no matter how you try to glorify this thing, it is still hard to believe that a treasure can defend the lightning punishment."

"It sounds exactly like flapdoodle." Ye Xiao laughed.

"I truly don’t want to make more Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. It is simply risking my own life. I don’t think it is worthy!"

The two ladies rolled up their eyes as fire of anger rushed up to their heads. They were not ignorant people. They had sharp eyes. That Golden Soul Tower Ling Wuxie took out was truly some wizardly object. It was powerful, but most surprisingly, it was in rather low level. It was a kind of rare spiritual treasure, which was growable.

Let alone the two ladies, even Master Bai had not seen such rare treasure, yet Feng Zhiling was actually pushing it away. He was taking a huge advantage, yet he acted like he was forced to accept it!

Such treasure, it was a blessing to even look at it for the mortal livings.

Ling Wuxie was upset. "Gosh. I don’t know what to say to you now. It is truly something significant… Surely, I can understand. You grow up in this low class realm. You have no idea how significant my treasure is. It is reasonable that you want to be careful…"

Wan and Xiu, the two ladies, and Ye Xiao were all speechless. [What is wrong with him? What is he talking about? It is simply talking nonsense. Is that a compliment or critique? Is that an explanation or insult?]

Ling Wuxie continued, "… Things have been this way now. Let me just be straight to you! This Golden Soul Tower has great spiritual attribute. It can be activated by itself, and also activated by other great energy. It requires a special source though. However, for the defensive shield, you only need to merge your soul to it, and it will automatically activate the protection mode. The gold crystal inside the Golden Soul Tower is so powerful. It is rather simple for it to defend the lightnings."

"However, there is not much gold crystal inside. If you let me activate it, it will save lots of gold crystal. After proving it to you, it can still defend hundreds of times of the lightning strikes. If you activate it yourself, it will only be enough to defend the lightning strike no more than thirty times. You are weak. That is something I cannot help…"

Ye Xiao was not so happy. [Fxck. That is the only shortage I have. Do you have to mention it again and again and again?]

"If you use up the gold crystal, you will never be able to refill it in this realm. In another world, before you break through to the higher level, you will not be able to use the other functions of Golden Soul Tower. I have to make it clear to you. It is a significant treasure, but it has requirements…"

"That is not the point!" Ye Xiao was solemn. He said, "All I want is to keep myself alive. As long as I can be safe after I made the dan beads, everything is fine. As long as the supreme dan beads are done, I won’t need to use this treasure after. Third times are not so enough, but it is much better. If this treasure really works like what you said, I agree to this deal!"

Ye Xiao didn’t say anything like ‘I don’t believe it’. He realized Ling Wuxie was on the edge now. Ling Wuxie really didn’t want to give up on this thing.

If Ye Xiao said more other words, Ling Wuxie might take it back.

That was why Ye Xiao decided to make a turnaround!

Ling Wuxie and the two ladies were shocked. [He didn’t believe it, right? How come he sounds like completely believing it now?]

In Ye iao’s thoughts, [Gold crystal? It needs gold crystal as power source? Hahahahahaha…]

There is no gold crystal in Land of Han-Yang. Ling Wuxie didn’t need to say, Ye Xiao knew it.

However… The Gold Space of Ye Xiao could produce gold crystal!

As long as Boundless Space had enough valuable metals, it could produce gold crystal!

More metals it had, more gold crystal it made!

What was stored inside the Space now was more than enough for him at the moment. No matter how he used it, it wouldn’t dry out in a short time!

Ye Xiao hurriedly agreed to it. He acted like he was righteous, full of justice and virtue, and humble to accept the deal.

He wouldn’t give Ling Wuxie the chance to take it back. If Ling Wuxie really took it back, Ye Xiao would want to cry so much. Ling Wuxie was a shameless one. He loved that Golden Soul Tower so much. Ye Xiao hoped that everything went on smoothly.

Ling Wuxie was shocked. He looked at Ye Xiao. Ling Wuxie had been thinking, [There will be about fifty dan divine punishment on him. My treasure here can only work thirty times in Feng Zhiling’s hands. It is far less than enough. Feng Monarch should definitely be unsatisfied with it.]

[Then I can take it back in a reasonable way. Then it is not my fault not willing to give it to you, it is you that you don’t want it… You don’t know how brilliant my Golden Soul Tower is anyway…]

[There are many fools in the low realms. Feng Monarch must be one of them. I can eventually keep my treasure.]

[Then I will suggest that we help him defend the punishment with our capabilities, not by giving out our collections. He may be unsatisfied with it too, but as long as we give him more tiny little things, he will be okay. How could he tell the true powerful objects?]

Ling Wuxie had great plans on this. However… He didn’t expect Ye Xiao would actually agree and accept the deal!

Ye Xiao directly took over the Golden Soul Tower from Ling Wuxie’s hand. He put it in the hand and looked at it. "Gee, how exquisite. Even if it becomes useless to me, I can keep it as a furnishing. It is light weight. I can probably give it to my son as a toy when I have a son…"

"Furnishing? Toy?" Ling Wuxie and the two ladies were shocked.

"Ya. Don’t you think it is so pretty? It is a top choice for furnishing or toy. How lovely!"