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Chapter 497: A Few Conditions!

Chapter 497: A Few Conditions!

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Ye Xiao looked at it. He didn’t even want to put it down. He asked, "Oh right, how to make it bonded to my soul? It is better to see than to hear. I can’t really believe it as you only talk so. Let’s get it done. Aren’t you in a hurry? I don’t see you trying to save time at all!"

Ling Wuxie’s face was trembling. He gritted his teeth and said, "Bite your tongue! Use your life spiritual qi to drive the blood to drop off from your tongue. The blood should cover the entire Golden Soul Tower. Don’t miss it. Use your spiritual mind to lock on it. Open your mind and keep thinking about letting it in."

In fact, he was thinking, [I can’t wait to see this prick suffering that pain. Maybe he fears blood. That would be great. If anything like this happens, I can take Golden Soul Tower back at once. Such a great thing in such a moron’s hand. What a waste!]

"Thank you for telling me the details. It concerns my life. I don’t want to have any problem with it." Ye Xiao acted like he was enlightened. "I see. It sounds so complicated, yet in fact it is easy to get done."

And then he opened his mouth and shut it. - Crack! - He bit on his tongue.

Blood came out like spring water.

As he operated East-rising Purple Qi, a light purple blood came out from his tongue and dropped on Golden Soul Tower silently. Then another drop after it. One after another, they dropped on the Golden Soul Tower…

"Purple blood…" Ling Wuxie stared at it.

And then he shifted his gaze at Ye Xiao.

He stared at Feng Monarch. Feng Monarch was following what he had said to create the bond between his soul and Golden Soul Tower.

Ye Xiao, who was busy working on the soul bond, and Xiu and Wan two ladies, they didn’t notice that Ling Wuxie stopped being unwilling. Instead, there was a mysterious expression on his face.

His face seemed to turn blurry all of a sudden.

He didn’t want anybody to see his face at the moment.

However, he might have done something redundant. Feng Monarch was concentrated in working on that soul bond. Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were waiting silently. They focused only on Feng Zhiling and how he worked on the soul bond. They didn’t notice Ling Wuxie at all!

Nobody noticed that Ling Wuxie became a totally different person now!

After a while, Ye Xiao had successfully bonded the soul to the Golden Soul Tower. He stopped immediately and didn’t go further.

He clearly felt that there was a reaction in the Gold Space.

Ye Xiao didn’t want it to be noticed, so he stopped the martial art. Boundless Space was quite arbitrary in taking in special things. Ling Wuxie talked as if the Golden Soul Tower was invincible, but Ye Xiao really was not sure if this little thing could overcome Gold Space’s absorbing capability.

"Feng Monarch is truly a talented man. You just get on it for the first time, but you look quite skillful already. Impressive." Ling Wuxie’s face was no longer blurred.

However, he talked seriously to Ye Xiao now.

He looked formal.

Ye Xiao laughed. He spoke in a deep voice, "First… Oh. I believe it is not a problem anymore. I can feel that this treasure is getting more and more powerful. With its power, it should be okay to defend the dan divine punishment. So, let’s just move on to the second condition."

The two ladies sighed.

Ling Wuxie sighed.

[How cunning he is. He has taken it from us. He has gotten his soul bonded to it. We can never take it back. Now he tells us that it is the first condition. It is only the first.]

[In other words, after this one, there will be a second one. Also a third one, fourth one…]

Ling Wuxie coughed, then he said, "Feng Monarch, may I ask how many conditions you want? We have an agreement already. Why don’t we just be frank to each other!"

He surely was helpless. However, he had to make sure how many conditions he had to endure. What if Feng Zhiling had ninety-nine conditions? Would he accept it?

Ling Wuxie now totally knew about Feng Monarch. Feng Zhiling was simply a charcoal dumpling.

It was dark inside his heart!

"Relax! There are not that many. Really." Ye Xiao spoke casually, "To be honest, not only you want to leave Land of Han-Yang, I want you to leave too. I won’t ask for anything really difficult for you."

Ling Wuxie was surprised. He could feel Feng Zhiling was being honest. He nodded, "Good. I am impressed."

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly and said, "I have some honest words to say here. I don’t know why the House of the Chaotic Storms showed up here. I can feel that Master Bai and the two ladies are after something big. Now that you are leaving, in such a hurry, you must have reached your goal."

"For everybody else in this world, your existence in this low class realm is not fair for us." Ye Xiao said, "I have been thinking about fighting against you. I did try. However, maybe I can occupy a higher position for some time, but I could never defeat you. You are simply invincible!"

"It is a tragedy for the entire world. A tragedy with a certain ending."

"So the sooner you leave, the sooner the world become in balance, in peace, in normality." Ye Xiao stayed quiet for a while and then continued, "In fact, I want to defeat you."

The ladies and Ling Wuxie were silent.

Not only the three of them were silent, even Ye Xiao became silent after the those words.

After a while, he broke up the silence. He repeated, "I have been thinking about defeating you!"

In his voice, there was helplessness. Moreover, there was strong will of fighting rushing up like fire! There was regret as ‘I haven’t reach my goal, yet you are leaving already’.

The regret came from deep down the bottom of his heart. It astonished Ling Wuxie and the two ladies.

Especially Wan-Er and Xiu-Er. They remembered what happened after Feng Monarch took over the Ling-Bao Hall. Whatever Feng Monarch did seemed unrelated to the House of the Chaotic Storms. In fact, every move was weakening the House of the Chaotic Storms in some way.