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Chapter 498: Opponent Is Opponent!

Chapter 498: Opponent Is Opponent!

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Sometimes, he used other’s power, sometimes, he plotted somebody, sometimes, he used schemes, sometimes, he did it high-profile.

The House of the Chaotic Storms had a strange relation with Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall.

Due to some incidence, sometimes, they had to work together. Most of the time, they were against each other.

Feng Monarch had been struggling. He had worked so hard to hold on in this fight.

As Wan and Xiu remembered, in the long history of their collapsing business, every time when someone like Feng Monarch showed up, they would give up eventually. How could a man fight against gods and ghosts?

Feng Monarch didn’t give up.

He had been in the weak side, but he never gave up. He worked so hard to make himself stronger. Even though he had to face the threat from the House of the Chaotic Storms all the time, he insisted. He did it! He made it!

Truth proved.

The House of the Chaotic Storms could change the world. They could make disturbance by waving their hands. In fact, they had the real powerful energy restrained inside them. However, Feng Monarch had nothing like that. He still could make disturbance and change the world. How extraordinary!

"Feng Monarch, I have to say…" Wan of the Clouds smiled and said, "In the history, among those who fought against the House of the Chaotic Storms, you are the only one impressed my Master. He is a bit helpless facing you."

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "But I haven’t won. It is my regret."

"But you haven’t lost too. Have you?" Xiu-Er sighed.

Wan and Xiu had been thinking in their own aspect. They only saw themselves but not others, because they knew they were powerful. However, at this moment, when they truly try to understand Feng Monarch by thinking in his position, they realized how much Feng Monarch had been suffering. They realized how strong Feng Zhiling’s will was!

That was legendary to fight against a powerful enemy like that!

Ling Wuxie looked weird. He said, "Opponent, no matter how far an opponent is, in the sky, on the earth, opponent is still opponent."

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. He spoke solemn, "That is right. Thanks, Brother Ling."

In the bamboo forest, Master Bai stayed alone. He quietly sat on the wheelchair, just like usual. He looked at those bamboo and through about what he had been through since he got to Land of Han-Yang.

He thought of those opponents he had met, and those kingdoms he had collapsed…

In the blow of the breeze, he suddenly came up with the name Feng Zhiling.

"Wind blows, he descends…" Master Bai blandly smiled. On his pretty face, that casual expression was turning into a strange one. He murmured, "Maybe when you become a great tornado rolling in the world, I will be happy to have an enemy like you. An opponent."

"Opponent is always opponent."

"I look forward to that day. I know you want that day to come to."

Master Bai looked into the empty air as he murmured, "Since the Heavenly Mystery is found by Meng Wuzhen. I don’t know what I stayed here for nine thousand years for. Why? To make a shortcut for others?"

"If Meng Wuzhen is my true opponent, I shouldn’t have come to this Land of Han-Yang. In fact, I did. I have stayed here for nine thousand years. In the nine thousand years, I have no opponents. I have been invincible for nine thousand years. I have been alone for nine thousand years. Now, I finally found somebody that refreshes my eyes."

"But I have to leave now. I haven’t even fought with him, yet I have to leave."

"Why? Why would fate bring me to such path?"

Master Bai looked weird in his eyes.

Apparently. he realized something.

"Would it be… I stayed here for nine thousand years, just for this… Feng Monarch?" He was confused. His dark hair was hanging down and being blown up by the breeze.

"Then there is only one possibility."

Master Bai stared ahead. He even covered his breath when he thought of this.

After a while, he breathed and then said two words, "… Destined opponent!"

"But… is it possible?"

Wind blew the clouds flying upon the sky.

The bamboo forest was like an ocean down there.

As the bamboo rolled like waves, he stayed there with clean and white clothes. He looked casual, like he was the center of the entire world.

He was silent for a long time.

Eventually, he lowered his head. He spoke in a very low voice, "When I return, I will kneel down in the Destiny Hall…"

Speaking of the Destiny Hall, there seemed to be fever in his eyes.

"The second condition is about the people you captured." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I want you to set them free, let them leave and make sure they are safe and healthy… And never ever tell me anything about love. It will only desecrate it."

"We only took Bing Xinyue," Wan of the Clouds spoke in a light voice. "We won’t catch normal people."

She sounded casual but powerful. Apparently, she meant that they wouldn’t care about those normal people at all.

Xiu-Er was sensitive. She frowned and said, "Feng Monarch, you said let them leave? Not let them come back? Why? You don’t want to accept such a good girl?"

Apparently, Xiu of the Heavens was standing out for Bing XInyue. To be honest, although Wan and Xiu were in a different situation with Bing Xinyue, they were somehow similar in some points. They were in an opposite position to Bing Xinyue, but they still wanted to defend Bing Xinyue.

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled. He spoke solemnly with sincerity, "Lady Xiu-Er, again, we are only doctor and patient. We are not what you think we are. I am a man. It is fine that you talk about me like that. But Lady Bing is a good girl. How can you dishonor her like this?"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er looked at each other and found helplessness in the eyes.

[So… the lady who would sacrifice everything for this man… is only in a one way relationship?

So much passion, so much love, so much caring, all for nothing…]

"I want you to let her go immediately!" Ye Xiao sounded loud.

"We will!" Wan and Xiu promised.