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Chapter 499: Done!

Chapter 499: Done!

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They had no reason to refuse. Now that they were no longer hostile to each other, they had no point in keeping the girl their captive.

Besides, the two ladies never wanted to hurt Bing Xinyue. They even felt sympathy to her. Especially at this moment, they felt so sad for her, and also angry.

"The third condition…" Ye Xiao looked solemn. He said, "I need two special medical materials. One is the Nine Cloud Jade Ganoderma. I need at least three. The other is Green Heaven’s Grass. I need at least three too. With these two kinds of materials, it will be more likely to succeed."

He thought of Zhao Pingtian, so he decided to make use of this situation. [You are powerful, aren’t you? Now I am going to use your power to get something normal people cannot.]

Ling Wuxie frowned. "Brother Feng, you know a lot of medical materials. You actually know such valuable things. However, you may only know partly about it. You know that these two materials are in Human Realm Upon Heavens. That is true. However, it is more difficult than you can imagine to get such things. Even for people like us… That Nine Cloud Jade Ganoderma is possible, but that Green Heaven’s Grass. It belongs only to Biluo Saint Palace. It can never be found in other places."

"Biluo Saint Palace belongs to the South Heaven King… It is close to impossible to get it. The Green Heaven’s Grass grows too slowly. The South Heaven King needs this grass for his martial art… He has made it a forbidden material, so it is truly too difficult to get it."

Ye Xiao smiled. "If it isn’t difficult, do you think I would ask you to do it? Lord Ling?"

He meant, [If it was so easy to reach, why did you think I ask you? Haven’t you treated others as morons? I just asked for something better, look at you. You scared?]

Ling Wuxie’s face turned dark. He spoke to Wan-Er and Xiu-Er with sorrow, "Listen, girls. I am entangled by your master… I think I will very likely get broken this time. It may not be enough even so…"

The two ladies covered their smiles with their hands. They were gloating.

They were in the same side with Ling Wuxie indeed, but they felt so good to see this guy in trouble.

"Fine. I promise." Ling Wuxie gritted with his teeth. "For my brother, I will do it." Then he tremblingly spoke to Wan-Er, "Girl, when you return, tell everything to Bai Chen. Let him work with me. I have to tell you. This is not something I can handle by myself! Damn!"

"Uh!" Wan-Er was speechless.

Ling Wuxie was freaking out. "Only by he and me working together can we reach South Heaven King’s son. There is no other way but only to get some of that material from that young foolish prick. Only Bai Chen has the wisdom to trick that bastard son of the South Heaven King. He can even make that young prick count for him after being set up. I can never do the same thing…"

Wan and Xiu were speechless. Apparently, they were getting used to Ling Wuxie’s big mouth.

"Go on then. What else do you want. Just say them all." Ling Wuxie was being frank to Ye Xiao now.

Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "I need some special metals. Something from out beyond the sky. Something that is hard to find in this world. It may be precious to me, but not so much for Lord Ling. I guess I need to be bold on this…"

"Just take it." Ling Wuxie threw over an exquisite yellow ring to Ye Xiao and said, "There are the ninety-nine medical materials I promised and other special objects. Meteorite, star steels… There are many other things in it. These are my personal collection. Take it now."

"Lord Ling is generous. Well then, maybe some dan beads? I will be very happy to see dozens of the dan beads from upper realm." Ye Xiao said, "Like the Nine Roll Golden Dan, Heavenly Mystery Golden Dan, Purple Cloud Dan… I really like to open my eyes!"

"That is impossible!" Ling Wuxie and the two ladies exclaimed at the same time.

Ye Xiao was shocked. [You can give me those valuable treasures, but you just cannot give me some dan beads?]

"Hey, hey… For Feng Monarch, it maybe easy to get some dan beads, and it is also easy to give them away." Ling Wuxie bitterly smiled. "However, we have a dan governing rule. That is… Anyways, if you have the chance to get up there, you will understand how hard life is for us there."

Ye Xiao nodded.

"Something else then. Just give me something rare. Something that morons like me cannot see." Ye Xiao said, "I like those a lot."

Ling Wuxie and the two ladies were speechless.

[Who doesn’t? ]

[We like those too!]

[The problem is… you are asking a bunch of those!]

[A lot!]

[How big a face do you have really!]

Ling Wuxie was embarrassed like he was having a toothache.

"Fine. I will take care of that."

Ling Wuxie was straightforward. He just accepted it all.

"Hmm. Good. The last one is…" Ye Xiao suddenly laughed, "Your Master Bai cannot be hiding there all the time. Sometimes, he needs to show himself."

"I don’t think he should just wait till everybody else finished everything and he just shows up and take that dan bead, right?"

Ye Xiao’s eyes turned sharp.

"We will tell our Master when we return." Wan-Er and Xiu-Er looked at each other and then nodded to agree.

Ling Wuxie bitterly smiled again.

Apparently, Feng Monarch wasn’t quite happy about being forced to accept the task. He wanted to meet Master Bai, because he wanted to vent the anger in his chest.

Bai Chen needed his help at the moment…

In other words, he was doomed to be treated like doormat!

"Fine. He can hide there if he doesn’t want to show up." Ye Xiao suddenly changed his mind.

The glow in his eyes became unpredictable.

[I am aiming at you. I will defeat you in a bright way.

I won’t do it when you need my help to insult you!

That is the most contemptible thing one can do!]