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Chapter 500: Not Enough Control!

Chapter 500: Not Enough Control!

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Ling Wuxie was shocked, then he was solemn. "Okay!"

This moment, he understood why Feng Monarch changed his mind all of a sudden.

Because of that, he really wanted to applaud for him.

In fact, he felt a sense of foreboding.

[Maybe my feeling is right…] Ling Wuxie thought.

At the moment, they had finally finished talking about the conditions.

"Please, have some tea." Ye Xiao raised the cup with a smile. He looked so decent. This was the first time the three of them seemed to be polite to each other.

They were drinking tea, but it tasted like nothing.

[What a prick. He wouldn’t surrender to either soft or hard tactics. He is such a pain in my neck…]

Ling Wuxie swore, [From now on, in my life, I will never negotiate with this man anymore! He can always easily keep pushing you until you fall below your bottom line… And, he will get more and more and more over it…]

[That is excessive!]

At the moment, the fights outside the capital were reaching their conclusion.

The two other kingdoms could only use limited forces in the capital of the Kingdom of Chen. Besides, most of the martial force in the world was attracted to the Ling-Bao Hall.

If Ling-Bao Hall was defeated, those men wouldn’t hesitate to create huge disturbance in the Kingdom of Chen.

Such a disturbance could easily break down the entire Chen-Xing City!

Unexpectedly, those men were sent away by Ling-Bao Hall. Ling-Bao Hall didn’t even really fight for it.

Those assassins were mostly hiding somewhere waiting for Ling-Bao Hall to post a bounty.

The disturbance that should have destroyed the entire kingdom actually vanished all of a sudden!

That was to make the impossible possible!

In fact, Kingdom of Chen had prepared a lot for this disturbance.

Such danger had made the people in the royal house so anxious.

When they heard that the assassins were all coming for Feng Zhiling, Wan Zhenghao, and the entire Ling-Bao Hall, many of the people in the royal court felt relieved. They only cared about themselves.

The entire court knew the truth that teeth couldn’t live without lips. Ling-Bao Hall was fighting against the force of the entire world. Even if Kingdom of Chen tried to protect them, they might eventually fail. Ling-Bao Hall had given in all the money they promised anyway.

People in the royal court all just wanted to stand there and watch. Many of them were paying more attention on Ling-Bao Hall. They gave secret orders to their men that if Ling-Bao Hall fell, they would disguise themselves and get in Ling-Bao Hall to get as many treasures as they could. If Ling-Bao Hall was broken, it would be better to get something from it before it was too late!

Only the military side supported Ling-Bao Hall in full effort, however, all the important figures of the military group, Prince Hua-Yang, General Lan, and Ye Nantian, were all not in the capital. It was too far away for them to reach their hands, so there were only some small figures staying in the capital. Their opinions meant nothing to the court!

The king slapped hard on the table and said, "Maybe we cannot save them, but we can die beside them! Seventy billion is not going to buy a betrayal! Seventy billion will never buy safety for the traitor! I will never sell the honor of a kingdom for seventy billion!"

"I can’t be embarrassed!"

The king said so to the entire court!

The king’s words was like a hammer striking down. The officials started to pay more attention to Ling-Bao Hall. As more and more forces gathered in, things were getting out of control. Everyone was panicking.

They couldn’t wait to get their men back to themselves, so they sent those men back from Ling-Bao Hall.

However, none of them knew that… those who came to kill Feng Zhiling were completely useless, although they sounded like they were invincible!

It surprised everybody!

Countless assassins from all over the world all retreated within four hours. Such a big issue in the world actually ended within such a short time. Besides, many of the assassins turned around and worked for Ling-Bao Hall!

Ling-Bao Hall, the richest force in the world, for the first time showed its horrible power of money!

The world didn’t know all about the history though. If the royal court knew that Ling-Bao Hall’s monarch, Feng Zhiling, defeated all the assassins with money, and also destroyed sixty-four superior cultivators of the two great sects, even the legendary figure Bu Jingtian, people in the court would cry with great sorrow. Even if they knew that Ling-Bao Hall did get such a great victory, they would regret so much. Of course, they knew timely help meant so much more earlier than later.

When the Kingdom of Chen was surrounded by enemies, when it was in the most dangerous moment, Ling-Bao Hall provided lots of timely support. It helped the Kingdom of Chen recover. It made danger into opportunity, and victory became so close to them. However, the entire kingdom turned their back to Ling-Bao Hall when it needed help the most. Some of them even planned to take advantage of the falling Ling-Bao Hall. That was not simply betrayal. That was being unscrupulous!

That was how political motives would lead people to. However, morally, it was unacceptable!

Ling-Bao Hall was unbelievably powerful at this point. For the spies from the other kingdoms, it was better to give up the plan that went against Ling-Bao Hall, so they tried to instigate some assassins to go get the royal house. Ling-Bao Hall was impossible to defeat at the moment, but the Royal House was a good meat. If they could get it down, to kill some princes, kill the crown prince, or even kill the king, it would be a great success!

However, they failed because of the strong defense force that had been prepared for any attacks!

The defense force of the Kingdom of Chen wasn’t that powerful though. When the fight was going on, somebody got involved and took care of everything! That was a group of men in black clothes!

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian led the group!

The world’s No. 1 and No. 3 assassins!

The King of Assassin!

The Killer King!

And there was the other figure, the Instant Killer Liu Changjun!

For those who were fighting, these fellas were a great shock!

Most importantly, they were on the Kingdom of Chen’s side.

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were marching left and right. They rushed in front like two gods of death suddenly showing up in the world. Wherever they passed, blood and flesh splashed about.

They just rushed and killed. After a while, the enemies were all defeated and gone.

When the royal guards sounded the horn to fight back, everything was settled!

In fact, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian’s appearance decided the result. When Ling-Bao Hall stood on the Kingdom of Chen’s side, everything was settled!

After all, most of those men who were attacking the Kingdom of Chen were assassins in the world. They were not truly submitted to the other countries. As Ling-Bao Hall got involved, they surely were broken down!

Since the chaos began, the king had never hidden back to the secret room. He just stood there watching the fights in the city. He didn’t talk or move.

Beside him there were two superior cultivators who were there to protect him.

Behind him, it was an empty house.

"Who are these men? They come to help us. How can they be so powerful in martial arts?" The king looked at the group that was led by Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. He asked as he watched with sharp eyes.

"Those two are the No. 1 and No. 3 assassins in the assassin’s ranking list. Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. According to the news from Ling-Bao Hall, they both have joined Ling-Bao Hall!" Master Sun stood behind the king.

"So they are from Ling-Bao Hall…" The king looked at them and sighed. "Does it mean Ling-Bao Hall has gotten away from the crisis?"

Master Sun nodded. "Must be. The city is in a mess, so any news comes late. But since these two assassins are here, Ling-Bao Hall should be safe now."

"I… I owe Ling-Bao Hall an apology. I owe Feng Monarch an apology." The king sighed.

Master Sun said, "No need to feel bad. A king is sometimes the most helpless one. Kingdom of Chen is now in a dangerous moment. Things in the martial world is not our primary concern. Feng Monarch can surely understand you. Besides, you have already shown your attitude that you won’t betray them. Otherwise, Feng Monarch wouldn’t send Ning Biluo and other people to come help us."

"If he cannot understand my difficulty, maybe I will feel better." The king said with sorrow, "When a king makes a decision, sometimes… he suffers too much loss."

"I have been thinking, that I have put enough power to control this court… but it is not enough…" The king’s eyes glowed with extreme killing intent.

Such killing intent made the two great superior cultivators beside him tremble.