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Chapter 501: Too Risky!

Chapter 501: Too Risky!

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Although the king had announced that he supported Ling-Bao Hall, but nothing really happened. He knew everything in the capital. Officials overtly agreed but covertly opposed. Of course, the king knew it!

He had to make those officials pay…

The king turned silent for a while before saying, "If I can bring peace to the kingdom some day, I will walk down off this chair and enjoy some casual and happy life."

HIs eyes were full of longings.

"I feel so tired!’

The king looked at the royal house, which was full of blood and flesh. He sighed. "Who can measure the pain of all my people with one’s own power… A king has to do such thing. He may look high and powerful, but it is cold up there for him…"

Nobody answered to the king’s complaint.

What could they say? Don’t do it if you don’t want to? Many more wanted to take over the chair anyway.

No one dared to say such words.

"How’s the fight on Crown Prince’s Place?" the king asked, "and the houses of the other two princes? I heard… that they are all attacked?"

"It is people from the two great sects who attacked the three princes." Master Sun looked calm. He said, "Those from the eight noble clans that had been hiding in the princes’ places were all killed… It is said that many of the guards died. They did bring harm to us this time."

The king’s face moved, then he said, "Oh? So there were people of the eight noble clans hiding in all the three princes’ palaces?"

He sounded weird, like he was questioning, also asking. It sounded like he knew it already, also like he didn’t know it at all.

Master Sun answered, "Yes."

The king slightly nodded and didn’t talk anymore.

Master Sun didn’t notice that the king’s face had turned dark.

"After this, I will have a meeting with Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall," the king said.

When Ning Biluo returned, Ye Xiao had seen Ling Wuxie and the two ladies away.

Ye Xiao had been occupying the higher position in the conversation, but he was scared the hell out when he recalled the conversation.

He was frightened afterwards!

He clearly knew the identity of the three people standing in front of him.

They all had had power beyond Ye Xiao’s. With a small thought, they could instantly kill him.

No matter what, things had gone following his plan after all.

That was good luck!

Capability and good luck made success!

"House of the Chaotic Storms… I would love to see you leave sooner than later!" Ye Xiao said, "There will be a day when I meet you in the Human Realm Upon Heavens! We will fight when that day comes! It feels so bad to depend on luck on everything…"

When Ling Wuxie and the two ladies returned to the bamboo forest, they found Master Bai sitting there alone, with a weird expression on his face.

"What is it? Master." Wan-Er noticed something wrong first.

It was normal that Master Bai was sitting there looking at the bamboos. However, he looked so upset this time with oppression!

Such feeling had never been shown on Master Bai before.

At least within the thousands of years Wan and Xiu knew, there had been none!

Master Bai was lost in thoughts. He stared at Ling Wuxie.

Ling Wuxie was surprised.

He had never seen Bai Chen with such solemn eyes. He was nervous as he said, "What is it?"

Master Bai kept staring at Ling Wuxie and said, "Wan-Er, Xiu-Er, you two go out and set up guards. I need to ask Brother Ling to do something for me. Do not let anybody come bother us during this time."

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er was surprised, but they still said, "Yes."

And then the two ladies left heading to the south and the north.

After a while, all the superiors cultivators of House of the Chaotic Storms showed up. Under the arrangement of the two ladies, they all went to certain spots around the forest.

The array beyond the bamboo forest was changing slowly too.

"Come on. What is it? Do you need to make it like this?" Ling Wuxie suddenly felt so depressed. He didn’t know why.

After a second, he realized Bai Chen was going to do something really big.

"I want… you to work with me to activate the soul power to get into the firmament. I want to pray to the firmament and see… what it is… in the future," Master Bai spoke it out word by word.

Ling Wuxie heard it. He was astonished! He lost his language all of a sudden!

He was then covered with goosebumps.

With his eyes wide open, he shouted after a long silence, "Are you out of your mind?"

Master Bai looked at him with determined eyes.

"No way!" Ling Wuxie was having cold sweats. "This is too risky!"

Only by thinking about what Bai Chen wanted him to help with, he started to tremble. He begged, "Please, brother. I came down here for your help. Not to get us both killed. Don’t get me into that. It hurts both sides… You know it…"

Master Bai took in a deep breath and said, "It will be fine. Brother, if I cannot be clear on this thing, my life will be like waste. The risk you are worrying… This low class realm will restrain our power, but it brings some good point. There is a natural protective screen in this world. The divine punishment won’t react so fast like in the Human Realm Upon Heavens… Please don’t worry. We may get hurt, but it will be worth it!"

Ling Wuxie kept shaking his head. "Screw that. No fxcking way. You can do it yourself. I won’t get my ass into it."

Master Bai quietly looked at Ling Wuxie. For a long time, he didn’t even move his eyes.

Ling Wuxie couldn’t bear it. He covered his face with two hands and moaned, "Brother! Please! Don’t look at me like that! I will do it, alright? Whatever you want to do, count me in! I must owe you the entire universe. That is why I will be so willing under your control!"

And then he shouted, "Friends and families in Human Realm Upon Heavens… Take care of yourselves… Today, I am going to put my life in risk for brotherhood… Come on! Let’s do it!"

Master Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He cursed, "You bloody moron!"

Ling Wuxie sighed and sighed. He said with a sad face, "Tell me. What do you really want? Why do you have to go mad at this very moment? If you want me to die with you, you better give me a reason. Just tell me. Just make it clear to me! Let me know what I am dying for!"