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Chapter 502: What You Need

Chapter 502: What You Need

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Bai Chen looked so solemn.

He thought for a while; he seemed to be thinking about the entire thing, and how to explain it all. At the end, he thought of a question that had completely nothing to do with Ling Wuxie’s question. "You met Feng Zhiling today. What do you think of him?"

Ling Wuxie frowned. He looked at Bai Chen and thought, [So he realized it too?]

He started to think carefully.

If Bai Chen didn’t ask so seriously, Ling Wuxie might not think about it so carefully.

Since he asked, Ling Wuxie could feel that this was an important question! Especially… at this moment.

He thought for a long time before saying, "He is not ordinary!"

He heavily spoke, "What I think of this man is that he is not ordinary at all!"

"Oh? Lord Ling barely praise somebody. I guess this man is really outstanding then?" Master Bai smiled. "Tell me more about why you think so? You got to have some proof?"

"First, I cannot see through him with my Universal Eyes!" Ling Wuxie solemnly spoke, "Before that, there are only a few people that I cannot see through. You know what it means."

Master Bai was talking with a smile. Ling Wuxie knew Master Bai for years. He knew the drill. That was why he tried to answer with a solemn tone to express the feeling inside his heart.

"Universal Eyes cannot see through…" Master Bai slowly nodded.

He took a long breath out. He murmured, repeating the phrase. His voice was deep and heavy, and his pretty eyebrows started to frown slowly.

He spoke in a light voice, "Cannot see through…"

Universal Eyes was a gifted special martial art Ling Wuxie had. When he operated this martial art, he could see the entire life of one person in his sight.

Even those who were with great cultivation, he might not be able to see that much, but he could still mostly see how their life would go!

That was Ling Wuxie’s biggest secret.

Only Ling Wuxie and Bai Chen knew this martial art. Even Ling Wuxie’s parents didn’t know such thing!

Even in Human Realm Upon Heavens, Ling Wuxie’s Universal Eyes helped him a great deal. He could see through most of the people there.

However, in this low realm, he couldn’t see through a man who was weak like an ant!

That was weird!

How could such a man an ordinary person?

"Second…" Ling Wuxie said, "He knows a lot. He knows so much that it was unexpected. During the negotiation, he asked for treasures from me using lightning divine punishment as an excuse… I had to give him the Golden Soul Tower. I was trying to figure out his background and identity, but I got nothing…"

"What? Golden Soul Tower!" Master Bai was moved. "You actually gave away your precious Golden Soul Tower? You got that thing through a huge danger! When I asked you to let me hold it for a few days, you turned me down…"

Ling Wuxie bitterly smiled. "Look what fate makes me do. My life is water attributed, and yours wood attributed. Golden Soul Tower fits none of us. Otherwise, I should have been tightly bonded to it already… You know what. Today, when Monarch Feng tried to bond with it, the entire process went so smoothly. He just did it so easily. That was simply a piece of cake for him! Do you know what that means?"

Master Bai’s face looked dark. He didn’t reply.

He knew why Ling Wuxie would give up the Golden Soul Tower to test Feng Zhiling!

"It looks like I got extorted," Ling Wuxie said, "however, me and Monarch Feng, we both know that I did not. I gave it to him. I didn’t really want to, and he knew it. He didn’t really want to accept it. That is it. It just ended this way."

Bai Chen slowly nodded.

"Besides, I have a feeling… This man, he has some kind of…" Ling Wuxie frowned. He thought for a while how to say it, yet he couldn’t think of a proper word. He just shrugged.

"A destined opponent?" Master Bai blandly asked. He sounded casual, yet in his eyes, there was sharpness.

"Something like that. Yes." Ling Wuxie clapped his hands. "But not exactly it. After all, he is too weak at the moment. If you really see him as your destined opponent, the entire Human Realm Upon Heavens will laugh at you."

Bai Chen looked up.

HIs dark hair flew in the air. He moved the lips and said, "Yes. He is too weak. He is even too weak to defend one hit from me. It is impossible for he and I to be opponents… Is that why you gave him the Golden Soul Tower? So that he may become powerful enough?"

"Not really. I was pushed so hard and… Yes. I do want you to have… a proper opponent."

Ling Wuxie looked at Master Bai so seriously. He had never been so serious before. "Old Bai! Do you know what you need?"

Master Bai didn’t talk. His face looked dark.

Ling Wuxie said, "The entire Human Realm Upon Heavens, nobody sees the way out of that height. Only a few have the hope to do it. You are definitely one of them."

"If no one keeps forcing you, you won’t be able to reach that height!"

"You need someone who can push you hard enough. He has to be good enough to activate your potential and push you ahead. You need an opponent!"

Ling Wuxie looked at Master Bai and said, "If there is anybody who can break out of the realm, I hope it is you!"

Bai Chen looked aside, then he looked at the sky. He didn’t want his brother to see how he was touched. He just said, "If I can break through it, I hope that you are the one who do it with me."

He spoke clear and loud.

Ling Wuxie merrily laughed.

"But no matter how, it will take too long to wait for him to grow strong enough." Master Bai sighed. He was quiet for a while before he said again, "Too long."

"Maybe it will take long." Ling Wuxie said, "Or maybe not that long. It may even be faster than you believe."

He said, "That is a topic in the future anyway. Now, explain it."

Master Bai was quiet. He then felt confused and said, "Wuxie, I came here to make chaos. It does harm to the nature, but I just want that Heavenly Mystery."

"Now it is ended."

"That Heavenly Mystery has gone to the upper realm. It may be in other’s hand sooner or later."

Master Bai spoke a few words. Apparently, he was so excited today, but he kept holding back his true emotions. "That means… No matter how long I have worked so hard in this mortal world, everything I have done meant nothing!"