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Chapter 503: Nature’s Secret!

Chapter 503: Nature’s Secret!

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"There is always a trace for the heaven’s plan. Especially for a person like me, who has… something." Master Bai paused. He skipped a few words in the middle and said, "Do you think do I have or should I have such a meaningless time in my life? It is also full of blood and violence!"

"It shouldn’t have happened, yet it did!"

"Everything keeps telling me now… that all those years are for nothing. There has to be something. Since I am destined to leave now, it means I have finished what I should have finished already here."

Bai Chen smiled. "Isn’t it so?"

Ling Wuxie frowned and thought for a while before he spoke in a deep voice, "That’s right."

What he said was mysterious, but both of them knew what it all meant.

Things always had reasons. Reasons always pointed to certain results.

The divine nature would never let things just randomly happen. Even on normal people, things were planned. Things without reasons would never happen!

"My destiny is locked on somebody." Master Bai took a breath in.

"Feng Zhiling?" Ling Wuxie realized it.

"What makes him deserve my nine thousand years of hard work?" Master Bai frowned and said, "I have to ask for the divine nature’s secret!"

"Why is it!"

Master Bai spoke word by word, "I won’t be reconciled otherwise!"

Ling Wuxie kept silent for a while and said, "I see! Let’s do it then. I will be with you!"

He then asked, "Do we start now?"

"Yes! Now!" Master Bai seriously nodded.

"To reveal the secret of the divine nature, I can never do it with my own power. Only when we work together, with sincerity, may we get to the way to the nature’s secret."

Master Bai said, "If I have other solutions, I will never pull you in this mess. I have thought so hard that among billions of cultivators, you are the only one who can truly work perfectly side by side with me. I trust you with my life, you trust me with yours."

"If not, even two Heaven Kings can never be able to reach the nature’s secret."

Master Bai said, "Since destiny sent you to me at this moment, it must be an opportunity to me."

Ling Wuxie complained, "So it is. You know if we do this back in Human Realm Upon Heavens, no matter how perfectly we work together, we will die for nothing. In fact, in this low realm…"

"Hahaha…" Master Bai loudly laughed. He felt good about his brilliant plan.

"Fine. I am getting used to it now. What are we waiting for then? Let’s do it quick!"

Ling Wuxie was urging, but he still kept that bitter smile on the face. He didn’t dare to delay, so he sat cross-legged on the floor. He operated the martial art to adjust his physical condition into a perfect point.

Bai Chen was still a powerful man, but his real power had been restrained. If anything went wrong, even though Bai Chen said it was okay, Ling Wuxie would have to deal with it on his own! He had to be cautious!

Bai Chen flew up from the wheelchair and sat opposite to Ling Wuxie. He kept his eyes closed, focusing on operating the martial art.

After a while, a stream of white light glowed on Bai Chen’s head. It was floating.

Almost at the same time, a stream of cyan light appeared on Ling Wuxie’s head.

The two different colored lights got closer and closer. When they touched, they became as one.

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie reached their hands together and pointed at the heart. Their faces both turned red and hot.

The next moment, Master Bai pointed at Ling Wuxie’s forehead in between his eyebrows.

Ling Wuxie did it to Master Bai too!

When the two fingers touched the head, they both stopped.

A light golden blood drop appeared on Master Bai’s forehead. It was getting out slowly.

A dark cyan blood drop appeared on Ling Wuxie’s forehead. It was also getting out slowly.

The two blood drops were getting closer and closer. When they were about to touch, they suddenly started spinning.

Between the two men, the two blood drops were spinning in an extreme speed, producing a small whirlwind. It was weak but it created a fantastic scene.

Master Bai opened his eyes. He used one hand to make gestures one by one. After a second, he had made ninety-nine hand gestures. He then shouted in a low voice, "Souls to be offered as sacrifice, we are here to ask for the nature’s secret! Among thousands of possibilities, what is it for today?"

He pushed two hands forward at the same time.

The spiritual power kept pouring out as if it met a black hole from their bodies.

They both moaned and their bodies shook for a while. Their faces immediately turned pale!

The two drops of blood were still spinning in the air! It span faster and faster!

Their faces turned paler and paler.

At the end, they looked terrible. Even their lips turned cyan and dark. There seemed to be no blood!

Apparently, they had been driving up all the energy they had for this. They were completely running out of energy!

They were reaching the limitat!

After a while, beyond Master Bai’s head, there appeared a small scaled man. He was only the size of a thumb, but it had the exact same appearance as Mater Bai. Beyond Ling Wuxie’s head, there was also a small man.

Two small men looked at each other. Suddenly, they both spat out blood arrows.

As the blood arrows crossed in the air, the whirlwind stopped!

After that, a stream of white light and a stream of cyan light rushed up to the sky!

The lights stayed for a long time!

Master Bai moaned and spat out purple golden blood in the mouth. He fell down. Ling Wuxie was no better than him. He spat out some cyan blood and then fell down too. He was in coma.

They both passed out.

The two streams of lights kept rushing to the deepest part of the firmament.

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie knew nothing about what was happening now.

However, they were lucky. After all, they didn’t draw back any lightning strike punishment this time. If there was any lightning strike on them, they would only die without knowing a damn thing!

After a long time, the lights were both gone.

It seemed shaking in the air somehow.

There were a few words that appeared on the floor between Ling Wuxie and Bai Chen.

Things returned to normal.

After a while, when Ling Wuxie woke up from coma, he saw Bai Chen staring at some words on the floor.

How did those words show up on the floor, he wondered. The writing was old style. The word marks were fading away. They had just looked at if for a moment, yet the words were fifty percent faded away.

Master Bai murmured, "Two hosts of the universe? Thirteen spirits in chaos? What… What does it mean?"