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Chapter 504: Unsolved Puzzle!

Chapter 504: Unsolved Puzzle!

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Behind these words, there were some other words. Those words were blurred, so it was difficult to tell.

Master Bai tried so hard and recognized a few of them. "… World… For? Bet…? Shh…" Master Bai took in a cold breath and murmured, "Two hosts of the universe; thirteen spirits in chaos; a bet of the world…"

He couldn’t get more information after that.

"What does it mean? Do you have any idea?" Ling Wuxie got over and asked with curiosity.

Master Bai didn’t answer; he was lost in thoughts. There was blood on his mouth, and it just kept bleeding. He just ignored it though. He didn’t even blink.

Ling Wuxie could feel that Master Bai was like a star in the sky, profound and splendid. It looked like he was discovering the mysteries of the universe.

After a while, Master Bai spat out blood again. He said, "Literally, it means… there are two persons in the universe. Two hosts. Besides, there are thirteen supreme spiritual animals… I wonder who these two persons are and what the thirteen animals are…"

Ling Wuxie giggled. "So you have thought for such a long time, spitting out blood, and this is what you get? Even I can understand it this far. Do you really need to act like it is some unsolvable puzzle? Are you trying to create some mysterious atmosphere?"

Master Bai humphed. "Why don’t you think deeper. There cannot be two suns in the sky, like there cannot be two kings in a country. It is the same in the universe. There should be only one host of the universe. However, there are two, according to this. Isn’t it such a weird thing? Isn’t it against the nature?"

"The third phrase is blurred. I can only see ‘a bet of the world’. It is ambiguous. Maybe the two hosts make a bet on the world, or maybe there was a bet to urge the two hosts to fight till there is one left!"

"Come on Bai Chen! What are you talking about? I don’t see any difference between the two possibilities. Is it really necessary to be stated as two? Are you fooling me?" Ling Wuxie was annoyed!

Bai Chen was surprised. He then smiled. "I told you, you are not smart enough. You didn’t agree. Are they really the same to you? They may sound the same, but there is actually a huge difference. The former one is saying that two hosts are betting on the world. They could have betted for anything, small or big! The latter one means the two hosts should fight till one of them falls down. The winner will own the world. There is a huge difference!"

"Oh… I see. You mean maybe there are two great figures who will make a bet on one realm, or maybe somewhere in the universe, in some realm, two great figures will fight for that realm? The winner gets the realm?"

"That’s right. But the word ‘world’ may be beyond the limit of realms. There are two possibilities, but I think the latter one is more possible… Two hosts in the universe, they fight for the only throne of the universe!"

Master Bai took a long breath out. He suddenly staggered. Ling Wuxie hurriedly walked over to hold him.

Ling Wuxie reckoned that if Bai Chen fell down and hit the floor with his current condition, he might die. Even if he wouldn’t die, he would get seriously injured. Ling Wuxie didn’t quite like holding a man in his arms, but Bai Chen was like his brother. He wouldn’t mind making a small sacrifice on that.

At the moment, two bright streams of lights shined in the sky!

One went from north to south, while the other from east to west!

They shined in the endless hollow sky and then disappeared completely, like they never had showed up.

Master Bai was having a bad time. He leaned on Ling Wuxie while staring at the two bright lights. He was thinking of something.

Maybe somebody didn’t know that, at that moment, when the two streams of lights shined up in the firmament, from north to south, from east to west…

All the top cultivators in every realm were awaked!

If somebody weren’t woken, they were not powerful enough!

The two bright lights disappeared already!

Nobody knew where they went.

"I was right." Master Bai sighed. "The blurred fourth phrase… More words that are blurred… That must be the unreachable secret of nature. Only those destined ones can get to know it. You and me, we can only see the first three phrases…"

Ling Wuxie listened to him, rubbed his head and said, "Brother, can you make it simpler for humans to understand? I don’t think I understand any of the words you said."

Master Bai smiled. He was exhausted. He felt weak and fell in Ling Wuxie’s arms. He was apparently too weak to speak, yet he still murmured.

"Two hosts in the universe; thirteen spirits in chaos; a bet of the world… What doesn’t it mean? If there are two hosts, who are they? Where are they?"

Ye Xiao saw the three of House of the Chaotic Storms off, and then he walked to the silent room of Ling-Bao Hall that was specially designed for him. He put an order forbidding anybody from disturbing him. First of all, he needed rest. Second, he needed time to sort out the thoughts in mind. There had been too many chaos recently.

There was a mess inside his brain.

It was getting more and more difficult to sort out.

When he was sitting there quietly, he suddenly felt shocked.

He opened his eyes only to see two streams of strong lights flashing in the distant sky. He was stunned. "What is it?"

The next moment, he heard a sound. - Boom! - He then felt only chaos in his head.

He felt extreme pain and then he lost his sight. He nearly passed out, but luckily, he managed to open his eyes. He then saw a few words in his sight.

He read, "Two hosts of the universe… Thirteen spirits in chaos? Oh? What… What is it?"

He tried everything he could to concentrate himself. At the same time, he felt terrified with no reason! It rose up from deep the bones to the skins!

Master Bai was so confused, but Ye Xiao wasn’t quite. He remembered that the first phrase he read in the Boundless Space about the East-rising Purple Qi was ‘Peerless lord in the world; foremost spirit in chaos’!

But now another saying showed up to him.

Two hosts of the universe; thirteen spirits in chaos!

[What is it?]