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Chapter 505: Raging Egg!

Chapter 505: Raging Egg!

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Two similar sayings had two different meanings. What was going on? What did it mean?

Ye Xiao didn’t know. He didn’t know what it meant, and he didn’t know why those words would show up. Master Bai didn’t know that the words he spent so much to have the chance to read was being read by Ye Xiao without any effort.

There were only three men in the firmament who read it.

Ling Wuxie, Bai Chen, Ye Xiao.

The others, even the almighty lords, couldn’t.

Ye Xiao wanted to figure out what it meant. He tried to recall the words he just saw, but he realized that he couldn’t remember the scene anymore. It was like the words just showed up in his heart and disappeared like nothing happened.

Hmm. He still had a blurred image of it though. There was a few other words under that line.

"Is it… World… Bet?"

Ye Xiao rubbed his head. "What is going on? What does it mean here?"

He couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly, he felt the world was spinning.

The shock in the room became more serious!

It was shocking more heavily.

Ye Xiao didn’t dare to be reckless. He stopped thinking about the words, then he moved his spiritual mind to the Space. He was shocked by what he saw.

The spiritual qi in all the Spaces were raging. All spiritual qi was running to one direction like it would never end!

When Ye Xiao looked at it close enough, he was speechless. Something made this happen. And it was exactly…

"Oh my god! Brother Egg! What are you doing?" Ye Xiao’s eyes nearly popped out.

The egg should be almost the size of a watermelon, but now it had grown bigger. The small watermelon had become a huge watermelon. It was like an eight kilograms watermelon.

It kept growing. The spiritual qi was still running towards the egg. It was like rivers all running into sea.

The egg was absorbing the spiritual qi like he never did before. The spiritual qi he absorbed this time was crazily more than all that he had done in total!

"Brother Egg! Don’t be crazy, okay?" Ye Xiao was stunned. "What the hell is going on? Are you trying to kill me? Destroying the Space?"

Ye Xiao had no idea why the steady and calm egg would rage up like this? He didn’t know what motivated it.

Apparently, if the egg kept swallowing like this, the spiritual qi would run out. The Space might collapse!

The egg was slightly shaking, like it was trying to say something. It just ignored Ye Xiao and kept absorbing the enormous spiritual qi!

The spiritual qi kept rushing into the egg. Brother Egg didn’t look overburdened at all!

Ye Xiao had entered the Space for just a short time. As Ye Xiao had seen, the spiritual qi the Egg absorbed during this short time was hundreds times enough to make him explode. The Egg was perfectly fine and it still kept swallowing!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He then entered the Wood Space. The Egg was crazy. He reckoned the Wood Space must be in a bad condition right now!

He just got in the Wood Space, and what he saw cause a huge pain in his heart. The Wood Space was not only in a bad condition, it was nearly ruined.

The green life spiritual qi that had been floating in the air inside Wood Space was now all gone. Spiritual qi was still drawn out from those medical plants. That was the soul energy of those plants.

The medical plants that had been planted densely in the Space were now all falling down.

If the energy continued to be drawn out, those plants were very likely going to be ruined!

Ye Xiao was terrified. He looked around and saw the Water Space. The blue glowing water drops that he collected for such a long time had half disappeared. There were less than half left. There were still water spiritual qi coming out, running into the stream that moved to the Egg.

The Gold Space, Earth Space, Sky Space…

They were all drained up.

It even started to drain the energy from the Cosmic Hades and the Heavenly Crystal Marrow.

The Egg was being overbearing this time! What he did was simply excessive!

"What the fxck!" Ye Xiao shouted, "You bastard! Stop it! Stop it now! You are ruining my Space… You piece of sh*t!"

Ye Xiao shouted, but Brother Egg didn’t seem to even slow down. Ye Xiao rushed over and pushed the Egg back to the plated. The spiritual qi kept rushing over. After a while, Ye Xiao’s Jing and Mai had been abluted hundred of times by the strong stream of spiritual qi.

Just within seconds, his dantian was filled. He might die by exploding after a while longer. Ye Xiao exclaimed and left that place. When he looked back at it, the Egg was still swallowing! It wouldn’t slow don at all!

In the plate in front of Brother Egg, there were densely many dan beads. There wer at least thousands of dan beads!

Every bead was supreme level.

However, Ye Xiao didn’t have time to care about the dan beads. He just kept shouting with anger, "Stop it! STOOOOOP! You piece of sh*t! Do you know what you are doing? You are draining the pond to get the fish! You bastard! You…"

No matter how Ye Xiao cursed, the Egg didn’t move. It just kept absorbing the spiritual qi.

Finally, when one third of the energy of all spiritual items in the Spaces were drained… Ye Xiao was astonished and didn’t know what to say…

Those items in great quality were drained one third. As for those in lower quality, they were thoroughly drained up and turned into ashes!

Ye Xiao looked at the Egg fiercely. The Egg was dangling in the air. It seemed to know what would happen to the Space if it kept swallowing the qi, but it just had to do it. It was an important moment now…

The next moment, Brother Egg flew up to Ye Xiao, who was raging in fury already. It kept spinning, like it was trying to fawn. It seemed urging Ye Xiao.

It was saying, "Give me more… Give me more… Quick, quick…"

It was like a starving pet, fawning on his master for food.