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Chapter 506: Draining the Pond to Get the Fish!

Chapter 506: Draining the Pond to Get the Fish!

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Anger had filled Ye Xiao’s chest. He was speechless.

[What the hell do you think you are doing?]

[I watched you drain the spiritual qi from all my treasures. I watched it running into you. My god. Those are all great stuffs…]

[You actually are not satisfied yet. You are even urging me!]

Ye Xiao realized that no matter what the reason was, something must have gone wrong on Brother Egg’s side. It must be a big problem.

Brother Egg would never ruin the Space. It should cherish the Space much more than Ye Xiao!

The only reason was that… it couldn’t control itself.

Was it about to hatch?

If it was, and if there was not enough spiritual qi for it, terrible things would happen.

It was not just failing to hatch. It would bring huge mess in the Space!

"Damn it! Hope I did owe you this much!"

Ye Xiao made a quick decision. He gritted his teeth and hurriedly took out the ninety-nine medical materials. He put them into the Wood Space right away. He just showed the materials, and the spiritual qi became dense right away. When he put them into the Space, the spiritual qi suddenly filled up the Space.

The Egg was so happy. It rushed back to the plate immediately. - Poof! - All the spiritual qi was drawn over to it. It was running even faster than earlier…

[Oh my god. That was not its peak speed? So it was trying to restrain it?]

Ye Xiao didn’t dare to hesitate. He was so busy getting everything out from his space ring and putting them all into the Space. First, he put all the treasures he got from Ling-Bao Hall. The Spaces would sort them out automatically.

Now, even the Cosmic Hades was drained in a terrible rate. It looked weak and couldn’t emit any cold qi anymore.

To be honest, Ye Xiao would really like to see the Cosmic Hades hang on for more rounds. [Please burst your energy out for a few more rounds and let Brother Egg get fed up. Why don’t you burst now?]

[I guess you are the prick who bullies the weak and fears the strong. You burst your cold qi as you wish when you face me. Now when you face Brother Egg, you act just like a coward!]

Ye Xiao put a great amount of treasures into the Space to support the Egg. These were all great treasures with top quality. However, most of them were drained up and turned into ashes right after they got into the Space. The Egg really needed spiritual qi in an extreme level!

After all, the items Ye Xiao put into the Space were much better. The Egg was so happy after absorbing the spiritual qi this time. Ye Xiao could clearly feel the joy from the Egg.

He could also feel another feeling from the Egg.

Ye Xiao was terrified.

"Not… Not enough… More… I want more…"

Ye Xiao gritted his teeth. He then put all the resources he got from Ling Wuxie into the space at once!

That was an enormous amount of treasures. When he threw them into the Space, the Space was immediately filled up!

As the Egg kept crazily swallowing it, the Space was drained up again soon. The materials were piled up like a huge mountain, but the mountain was falling down so fast.

Ye Xiao had put in whatever he had now. There was nothing more he could do. He could only wait and see what would happen next.

Only heavens knew whether it was enough or not.

As Ye Xiao estimated, the enormous amount of spiritual qi that burst in the Space within such a short time could burst him into explosion at once for over a hundred times, even when he was in his perfect status in the previous life!

That was conservative estimation!

Now that the enormous spiritual qi was all swallowed by the Egg.

With those it had already swallowed earlier…

Ye Xiao couldn’t even imagine how much energy it needed to get the Egg hatch!

He couldn’t imagine what a horrible powerful thing it would become after hatching!

Would it be something hundred times stronger than Xiao Monarch?

After a long time…

The Egg finally returned to peace.

The spiritual qi stopped moving anymore. The Egg must have had enough now.

It stayed on the plate silently again.

Ye Xiao saw it become stable, so he hurriedly entered those Spaces to check on the conditions. He felt terribly painful in heart when he saw what was in his sight.

First, the medical plants in the Wood Space were all down. Some of them even became ashes.

Some plant of high quality were seriously injured.

The leaves of the Tree of the Cultivating Tea were all hanging down.

The other Spaces also suffered great losses. The Heavenly Crystal Marrow was reduced one third. The Cosmic Hades looked dispirited. It didn’t even have a big cold qi, not to mention a raging wave of cold qi.

It seemed it would take a long time for the Spaces to recover.

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He came over to the Egg again; looking at the egg, which was like a big fat huge watermelon, he said, "I mean, how long do you need to hatch?"

The Egg shook proudly.

It seemed very arrogant at the moment.

Ye Xiao was helpless facing such a proud Egg. All the anger in his chest vented out and became a helpless sigh.

He came to the plate and looked at the pile-up supreme dan beads. He felt like in a dream.

Every single dan bead in that pile was powerful enough to stir a huge wave outside. However, they just piled up there like a pile of trash! They were in all different levels!

He didn’t plan to get so, yet truth forcibly gave him so!

[Wait! Is that…] When Ye Xiao noticed there were three dan beads shining with special glows, the expression on his face changed…

"No way!"

Ye Xiao slapped his leg!

[Isn’t it… Isn’t it Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan?]