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Chapter 507: Puzzle; Awakened!

Chapter 507: Puzzle; Awakened!

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It was exactly what Master Bai needed. He was quite in a hurry earlier when Brother Egg was urgently in need of great amount of spiritual qi, so Ye Xiao put in all the things he could but it still was not enough. So he added in the materials Master Bai gave him to make the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads.

In fact, no matter how splendid the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan was, it required only ordinary materials. The reason why it could ‘seize heaven’ was that the materials it needed were in variety. All the materials work harmoniously with each other, being against each other. Those complex relations between each two materials were the reason why it was so powerful. In other words, it was to put all conflicting materials to work together, to make the impossible possible.

In fact, the materials were not so powerful.

Compared to what the Egg needed, those were normal and cheap materials for real!

In fact, when those medical materials entered the Space, they immediately became ashes because the Egg absorbed so hard! They didn’t really offer much spiritual qi for the Egg!

It was an urgent situation, so Ye Xiao didn’t have time to care about other things. If he didn’t notice the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan accidentally, he wouldn’t realize that he had put in all those materials from Master Bai.

However, it worked out so well.

There were three Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads after all.

It was less than predicted, but it was much more than he had promised Master Bai.

However, Ye Xiao wouldn’t be satisfied with only so.

Now that he had three Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads, he had perfect stunts now. He was planning to use the stunt to get more materials. Ninety-nine percent of the materials would come to his personal collection.

In fact, he would only need one percent of the materials he asked from Master Bai to make enough Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads.

To collect more materials was to do more preparation for himself and also for people around him.

It was better to take more advantages like this!

Although Ye Xiao wasn’t the kind who would try everything to take advantage and he was not a selfish person, he would do whatever he could to get more supports for himself and for the people he cared for!

It was much more important to survive than to sacrifice for honor!

That was what he was doing to Master Bai and Ling Wuxie.

No matter whether Master Bai was a good guy or a bad guy, he was Ye Xiao’s enemy after all. He had caused lots of murders and aroused lots of fights. Ye Xiao would never feel guilty in taking advantage of people like that!

Ling Wuxie seemed stupid, but he was definitely a man with loyalty. He was truly a nice man.

Ye Xiao honestly wanted to be friends with such a man, rather than enemies.

However, he had no choice on this.

First of all, Ling Wuxie was too powerful. He was in such a high position. Even if Ye Xiao wanted to make him a friend, Ling Wuxie might not be willing to accept it. Secondly, Ye Xiao had his own responsibility. He had something he had to insist. He still couldn’t just let go of it and do whatever he wanted.

Under such circumstances, Ye Xiao could only choose to… protect the ones he cared for.

He had no time to consider other things.

However, there was still a long road ahead. He would wait and see what would happen in the future. Nobody knew what would things be like in the future anyway!

What he was doing now, for Ling Wuxie, was not fair or honest. However, it was kind and great for the people around Ye Xiao.

"We need such a friend. He is horrible for people in opposite position, but or friends and families, he is solid!"

"In enemy’s eyes, he is devil, he is ghost, he is vile, he is disaster. But in our eyes, he is always the one we can trust and the one we can rely on forever. When we see him, we will smile sincerely!"

"In the martial world, he is the friend I want the most. He is never that kind of hero who cares too much about fame."

Every time when Ye Xiao thought of these words, he thought of one man.

That man was wearing white clothes like snow. He was proud like ice. His eyes were cold and profound like a deep pond. He stood straight like a sword!

[He is my brother!]

[When he said those words, I want to tell him that I am exactly such a friend like that to you!]

[After you died, brother, I fight against the world for you. I splashed blood to the entire Qing-Yun Realm! I fell down under the clouds for you!]

[I never regret it!]

"Master Bai has a royal friend, Ling Wuxie. I don’t envy him. Because I have a brother too. Although you are dead… Death or life, brotherhood lives forever!"

"As long as I am still alive, you never died in my heart! Brotherhood never dies!"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. He looked to the distance with profound eyes.

He took a few supreme dan beads and got out of the Space.

He didn’t take the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads though.

When he was about to leave, the Egg shook. It flew up and got close to Ye Xiao.

It stopped in the air, struggling, like it was trying to say something.

Ye Xiao frowned. He said with anger, "What more do you want now? You nearly wipe out all the spiritual qi in the Space this time. You put all my Spaces into a dead end this time! Do you understand? What pisses me off the most is that… You are still an egg after swallowing tons of great treasures! What the fxck… That is so annoying!"

Ye Xiao kept pushing Brother Egg with a finger. The Egg was shaking in the air; it was surely powerful enough to handle that. It had smashed a Dao Origin Stage cultivator into death once after all, so it wouldn’t care about the weak power of Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao was just angry. He didn’t know other ways to vent his anger, and he realized that he could do no harm to the Egg, so he freaked out and said, "What do you want? How on earth can I make you hatch? You may not feel anything, but I feel quite upset!"

The Egg shook. It seemed wronged.

[Please. Of course I want to hatch too. Who on earth wants me to hatch more than I do? None!]

[I just cannot hatch without enough conditions… What do you want me to do?]

It just wanted to tell Ye Xiao so. It didn’t say it, because it couldn’t. No matter how powerful it was, it was still an egg.

However, it transmitted the meaning quite well to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao could feel that he was not only understanding it, he was hearing it.

"What the… You crazy egg… You can speak?" Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes and looked at the huge egg which was as big as a watermelon.

[Of course not. Why?] The Egg used mind transmission.

This time, Ye Xiao clearly felt what it wanted to say. He felt surprised and happy about it.

"Oh my god! I can communicate with an egg! That is going to bring me more pain!" Ye Xiao laughed. The anger in his chest was all gone.

If the Egg had a face, there must be some dark lines on it. [Come on dude. I am trying so hard to communicate with you ok? What do you think you did? Pain? I truly feel the pain!]

"I mean… Egg… What do you need to hatch?" Ye Xiao asked.

He acted like he didn’t know what the egg was complaining about earlier.

[Not anything special really. I just need more energy. I need much more energy…]

"Much more energy? Oh my god. How much? Fine. I get it. Hmm. What happened today? Did you know you are draining the Space for the energy? That is not good. Do you know how many great stuffs are ruined?"

Finally, he was able to talk to the Egg. He couldn’t wait to complain, "Do you know how many great treasures those things could be exchanged for? Don’t you think you should make it sustainable? You felt good swallowing all, but do you know how much trouble you brought to me?"

"Now the Spaces all stop working. There will be nothing produced in the Space for days. Supreme Dan beads wouldn’t help. The sects love supreme dan beads indeed, but they have no more resources to trade them. You are… You are… You really…" Ye Xiao couldn’t wait to scold the Egg.

[It was an accident. It truly was. A huge accident.] Brother Egg tried to explain, [Do you think I wanted that to happen? Of course I know it is bad to drain the pond to get the fish. Of course I want it to be sustainable… But…"

The Egg explained, [Today somebody has operated a special martial art to reach the nature’s secret to solve the puzzle in universe. That secret should remain unsealed. Unluckily, I am part of that puzzle. I am helpless. I have to maintain the balance when I was awakened…]

"Puzzle? Awakened? Balance? What the hell are you talking about? Do you know what you are talking about?" Ye Xiao was stunned.