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Chapter 508: Wild Dragon Wind!

Chapter 508: Wild Dragon Wind!

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What kind of puzzle could awaken an egg that wasn’t hatched?

[Aren’t you an egg? You are maintaining a balance? Can you stop being so shameless?]

[And… you, an egg, talk so much… That is… unbelievable?]

[Is there anything more unbelievable than this?]

Brother Egg kept shaking. After a long talk with its mind transmission, it became weaker and weaker. [Peerless lord in the world… Foremost spirit in chaos… Two hosts in the universe; Thirteen spirits in chaos…]

"Come on chief, what are you talking about. You are making it disorderly…" Ye Xiao frowned, "That is such contradiction…"

At the moment, Brother Egg was losing its consciousness.

Apparently, it was running out of mind power.

Ye Xiao was freaking out. After all the efforts he did to communicate with the Egg, it was now going to end. How depressing!

"I mean, you have taken in so much spiritual qi. You ruined so many good stuffs. And you are telling me you are going to quit after just a few words? Can you stop being such a prick? I haven’t gotten the answer I want yet. Do you know how depressed I am now?"

The Egg was flying in the air. It had no reaction anymore.

While Ye Xiao was so disappointed and preparing to leave, the Egg suddenly shook. From the egg, a drop of milky liquid fell down.

After that, the Egg became so weak that it could be told with sight. The eggshell seemed turning pale. - Poof! - It flew back to the plate.

It steadfastly stood there!

The spiritual qi gathered again and started to rush to the Egg again.

Ye Xiao knew that the milky liquid was not anything ordinary. He reached out his hand to catch the liquid.

After a cool feeling in the hand, that liquid disappeared.

The next moment, Ye Xiao felt so good on his entire body.

He felt spirited up.

Even his soul power was enhanced a lot. There were waves in his dantian too. Some changes started to take place in his dantian.

"What is that?" Ye Xiao was confused. "Is this how you make up for me? Is it a gift?"

The Egg just stayed in the center of the plate in silence. It didn’t talk or move.

Ye Xiao waited for a while. The Egg was still motionless. Ye Xiao didn’t notice any changes on his own body too. He didn’t hesitate anymore; he just went out the Space immediately.

He had just returned to the outside world. In the silent room, cold wind blew over to him. He heard a sound in his mind.

- Boom! -

A sudden sound of bell ringing resounded in his brain!

"Peerless lord in the world; foremost spirit in chaos!"

"Two hosts in the universe; thirteen spirits in chaos; a bet of the world…"

The sound stopped right there. It was still resounding in his head. It was still the same content.

Ye Xiao felt that he got to learn something from it. He thought deeper of it, but only realized he didn’t feel anything…

He murmured, "A bet of the world? What to bet? How?…"

The sound was gone. It became silent.

Everything came down to peace.

Ye Xiao shook his head. He thought so hard with frowned eyes, murmuring, "Bet? Am I one of the person who will bet? Who do I bet with?"

He laughed and murmured, "I never bet!"

He finally walked out.

At the same time, in the forest, Master Bai was partly recovered. He left Ling Wuxie’s arms and looked at Ling Wuxie. He frowned, looking sad and depressed. He said, "If I am the one who bet, who would join me?"

Ling Wuxie was confused. "What? You are the one? Are you insane? Are you seriously so depressed and you want to play casino? You don’t look like a man who is too weak to handle the strikes!"

Master Bai helplessly sighed.

"If I make a bet, who in the world dare to join?"

And then he sighed to the sky.

In the sunny sky, wind was blowing casually. Everything seemed peaceful.

However, a huge change was taking place in such peace. An unbelievable change!

The dark clouds gathered together in a wild speed. The comfortable breeze suddenly became wild wind, howling in the sky! - Hoooh! - All the flags on the walls around Chen-Xing City were flying.

After a while, all the trees inside and outside the city were bent down!

They were all bent by the wild wind!

That wasn’t ordinary wind though. The trees on the west bent to the west; trees on the east bent to the east; trees on the north bent to the north; and trees on the south bent to the south…

All in all, the wind got to them from the center of the city. All the trees were bent!

That was impossible to happen. It was simply against the nature’s rule. However, it did happen!

Nobody noticed this, because all the people, strong or weak, here or there, all closed their eyes because the wind was too strong.

They saw nothing.

Sand and rocks were flying along the wild wind. It was difficult to see in the distance.

A huge cyclone was formed!

At the moment when it was formed…

It rushed up to the sky!

The sky was covered by sand and smoke. - Boom! - A cyclone appeared like a long dragon! What a cyclone!

The dragon was so vivid. It had all the flakes on its body. Its eyes were dark and profound. It was nearly thousands of meters long, rolling up in the sky!

Behind the dragon, the undependable and overwhelming wild wind was running after it too.

When the wind started to howl, Ling Wuxie noticed something wrong. He jumped up high and tried to figure out what was happening. However, before he jumped high enough, the dragon swayed the tail and hit Ling Wuxie to the floor.

He fell down in front of Master Bai.

It hit him so hard that his bones were injured. He lied on the ground, unable to move even a little. Well, he could move his eyes though. He was still alive!

Master Bai was shocked!

Ling Wuxie was a completely invincible figure in this world… It was even insulting him to call him No. 1 cultivator or anything in this world! As long as he wanted, he could destroy the entire Land of Han-Yang by waving his hand!

For the Land of Han-Yang, Ling Wuxie was stronger than gods, higher than the sky!

However, right now, this super power was instantly knocked down by a wind!

He didn’t even have a chance to defend it. That was fast and hard. A clear knock out!

How powerful was that wind?

If this wind could knock out Ling Wuxie with one hit, it must be quite easy for the wind to destroy the entire Land of Han-Yang. However, it had been blowing for a long time, but such invincible wind didn’t do any harm to normal people, buildings, and plants!


Master Bai sat there while looking Ling Wuxie lying on the ground. Master Bai, the calm and steady one, or Ling Wuxie, the vivacious one, they both stared at the wild wind. Their faces were turning darker and darker.

"The power of the universe! The true power of the universe!"

Master Bai murmured. As he just spoke, the sound was blown away.

In the sky.

The wind turned into a giant dragon. It was swaying, rolling up thousands meters long… It kept rolling up, blowing, howling… Under the dragon, dark clouds covered the entire sky.

The dragon head was above the dark clouds, and the dragon tail was still below.

After a while, the giant dragon turned down and reached its head down. It nodded three times to the Chen-Xing City.

That seemed to be… salute? Showing respect?

It rushed up from the earth and then disappeared in the void sky.

At the moment, heavy rain storm started in the world! It could almost drown the entire land!

Within seconds, the entire Land of Han-Yang became a world of waters!

Countless lightnings were striking between sky and earth like crazy!

- Boom! -

- Boom! -

- Crack! -

- Crack! -

At the same time, while endless lightnings were in the sky, it formed some words upon the dark clouds!

The words kept falling down!

They became lightnings too.

‘Two hosts in the sky!’

’Two hosts make a bet!’

‘Equal shares of power!’

‘Who is the winner!’

‘Great worlds for each!’

‘Dragon and tigers for each!’

‘Equal shares in one year!’

‘Of twelve months of the tree!’

‘Two seasons after!’

‘Universe gets sealed!’

One after another, the words formed and fell down from the sky. It kept falling, falling and falling…