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Chapter 509: Universe Sealed!

Chapter 509: Universe Sealed!

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The entire land was shaking under the awe of the lightnings…

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie were really powerful in cultivation; after all, they were both beyond the limitation of this world. They stared at the lightnings, dauntless, but still, they were splashed thoroughly wet.

They just stood there, without saying anything.

Words of the Nature’s Secret came down from the heavens.

There was no sound for it, but they both knew what was happening.

"The universe gets sealed after half a year?"

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie were both shocked.

That meant they only had half a year left!

If they didn’t go back to Human Realm Upon Heavens in half a year, they would have to stay here forever!

[… If we can’t return up there, it means our lives are wasted!]

When the universe gets sealed, it wasn’t just simply blocking the tunnels between realms. In fact, all different ways to go and come between two realms would be cut. Tunnels that were already there for two realms transportation, or the temporary tunnel that could be created by huge energy burst were all blocked!

More than that, if somebody who was from a higher realm or those whose power was beyond the limitation of the realm stayed in a low realm, he would be killed right away by the heaven’s nature!

Master Bai, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were all these people. Moreover, if Gu Jinlong was alive, if Purple Lotus Saint was hiding in this world, Bing Xinyue who was staying in this world for her disciple or for Feng Zhiling, Ye Nantian, Wenren Chuchu, natives who had been living here for a long time, even Song Jue, who wasn’t that strong but should be beyond the limitation, were all bound to be sealed!

All in all, when the universe was sealed, nobody could escape the punishment.

Master Bai, Ling Wuxie, Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens, they only had half a year in this world.

Half a year!

The last period of time!

Was it long enough for them?

Bai Chen and Ling Wuxie looked at each other. They could only find solemnity in each other’s face.

Even if Bai Chen was usually calm and steady, even if Ling Wuxie had always shown a wicked attitude, they were both solemn now!

They could only depend on Feng Monarch now.

Only when Feng Monarch could make enough Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads could they talk about future, hope and plans.

But could he make it in time?

He might be able to make one or two beads, but could he make enough for all these people before it was too late?

Could he do it?

Nobody could be sure!

Time was a sharp knife!

When nothing serious was happening, thousands of years of life was like clicking the fingers. When a serious event befalls one’s life, it felt so hard to live for even one more second!

There was surprise and there was happiness. Ye Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Out there in the main hall.

There were three guys sitting there casually drinking tea.

Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, Liu Changjun.

The three famous assassins casually sat in the room.

If anybody who knew the assassin ranking list saw this scene, he wouldn’t believe his own eyes!

There must be something serious happening if these three fellas were sitting together waiting for the same guy!

After all, if they were waiting for Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, that was a different story!

After a long night of killings, the three assassins had been through a special experience!

When they were fighting back in Ling-Bao Hall, they truly felt suppressed. They felt like being surrounded by wolves in the wild, they felt like dangling on the edge of a cliff, and they felt like they would fall down and turned into pieces at any second!

That was a short fight, but it felt so long. It was an unforgettable battle in their hearts!

When they went to the Royal House to help, they kept killing for the remainder of the night. That felt easier though.

First, things were mostly settled. Second, it was in the Kingdom of Chen, so they had many more people. Third, they wouldn’t need to fight that hard. Fourth, when people in the enemies’ group knew who they really were, they panicked. The three of them didn’t want to kill too many, so most of the enemies just ran away!

The reason was simple—they were famous for their horrible titles. The enemies knew that they could never defeat them. Furthermore, they knew these three were people of Ling-Bao Hall. Now that they knew what Ling-Bao Hall would do to whoever hurt their people, they didn’t even want to try messing with Ling-Bao Hall’s people.

As long as the three assassins didn’t make a killing strike, nobody dared to make the killing strike either. Whoever accidentally killed Ling-Bao Hall’s man, he would die very soon. The only way to survive this was to run away!

In fact, not only the three leaders, but also all the other assassins remained unharmed. They met some resistance when they first arrived, but when their identities were revealed, the enemies just kept running away.

That was totally an easy fight…

Ye Xiao came out, then the three of them stood up.

"Mission completed luckily!"

"Great job." Ye Xiao smiled. "You three stay here for the next few days. Do not hang out around too much. Focus on your own martial art. You can discuss with each other on how to improve yourselves. Get on with the new martial art as soon as possible and make good use of it."

When Ye Xiao said so, he was looking at Ning Biluo.

Only Ning Biluo was always missing among the three guys. He didn’t stay in Ling-Bao Hall all the time. Liu Changjun was staying; one couldn’t even punch him away.

Zhao Pingtian was putting all his hope on Ye Xiao. Five days later, it was the fifteenth July—spirits and living people reunion. If possible, he wouldn’t even want to leave Ye Xiao for one second.

However, it was so disturbing for Ye Xiao after all. It was so hard for a man to be followed all the time by another man. It felt terrible even just imagining it. Zhao Pingtian understood, so he just stayed in Ling-Bao Hall like Liu Changjun!

Ning Biluo smiled unnaturally. He embarrassedly said, "Don’t worry, Monarch. I will seize the opportunity to study hard on my new martial art. I will never leave this place. Not even if I have to die."

The others started to laugh when they heard it.

They could never imagine that the world’s No. 1 Assassin could actually be so shy!