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Chapter 510: Tooth for Tooth!

Chapter 510: Tooth for Tooth!

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Zhao Pingtian was in high spirits. To practice with Ning Biluo was his dream in life, and now he finally got a chance to fulfill it. He just wanted to jubilate!

Liu Changjun was even more excited; practicing with his two idols, just how much could his strength be improved? Even though he wouldn’t be as strong as them, he thought he could at least try to get beyond Boundless Saint!

"About the five clans. We have solved the most powerful enemy for them already. Just let Wan Zhenghao deal with the issues afterwards. We can’t let them freely take the advantage."

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed with cold light. He said, "Let them think about how to return the favor to us. If I am not satisfied with what they offer… I think they know the consequence. I don’t think we need to emphasize it."

The three assassins said yes at the same time.

While they were talking, Wan Zhenghao came in with with heavy steps. "Monarch."

"Hmm. Here you are." Ye Xiao nodded. "I was just about to look for you. I won’t repeat the words I said. There is something else I want to say now."

"Monarch, are you going to talk about the bounty?" Wan Zhenghao’s eyes lit up.

"That’s right. The bounty." Cold lights shined in Ye Xiao’s eyes as he said, "This time, I want the entire world to know about the power of our wealth! Money can be much stronger than any powerful cultivators in the world. It can drive ghost and also gods. That is not just some old saying."

Wan Zhenghao laughed. "I really like it. To be honest, I always want to do this. I just couldn’t make up my mind."

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "I want to do it this way for the bounty issue."

He slowly paced while saying, "This time, we are going to aim at those who have hurt Ling-Bao Hall with whatever we can afford! Wan Zhenghao, what price do you think we should make?"

Wan Zhenghao hesitated.

He was just a businessman—in fact, the biggest businessman in the world—but the resistance for giving away money was always sticking in his heart. That was his instinct.

"This time, we will only do it to terrify everyone. If we do it right, for the coming thousands of years, there will be no one who would dare to look down upon you! Not to mention… assassinate or put a bounty on you." Ye Xiao tried to persuade him.

Wan Zhenghao feared death the most. A fever hit his heart as he said, "Right. So be it. Let’s make it huge."

Ye Xiao said, "Hmm? How much do you want to make it?"

Wan Zhenghao was being excited. "I am not good at anything else, but I am quite good at using money. How much do you want me to put on it, Monarch?"

Ye Xiao half closed the eyes and smiled. "How about a trillion?"

Wan Zhenghao was stunned. He then sat on the floor all of a sudden, causing the entire room to shake. That was out of expectation. Boss Wan’s fat face turned pale, his eyes were like two huge balls. The price Feng Monarch gave really frightened Boss Wan.

"That… That… Isn’t that too much? I don’t have that much money…" Wan Zhenghao was scared his face turned pale.

"You have run the business for so many years. How come you don’t even have such a small amount of money?" Ye Xiao was surprised.

[Small amount of… money?]


Wan Zhenghao’s face was twitching and twitching.

He really couldn’t understand how Feng Monarch could describe that amount "small" while not feeling embarrassed at all.

[Oh my god. Why don’t you strike down a thunder to hit this big-mouth shameless guy!]

Not only Wan Zhenghao, this time, even Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun kept their mouths opened widely!

One trillion silver!

Such amount of silver could be piled up to make a castle already.

In Feng Monarch’s words, it was just a small amount of money!

He was sneering. That made it even worse! It could easily drive them crazy!

"Monarch… That is unbelievably a terribly huge amount… Monarch!" Wan Zhenghao wanted to cry. "I am not you. I can’t make supreme dan beads… I can’t make poison beads…"

Ye Xiao frowned. "Cut that sh*t. I just told you. No matter what, we have to let the entire martial world boil! I will give the world a lesson of blood and make them stay humble in front of us from now on! To reach this goal, we have to do it this way!"

Wan Zhenghao sighed. "But I… I don’t have that much money."

When he said so, he didn’t sound unwilling. Instead, he sounded ashamed.

[Gosh. I have been working so hard for so many years, I have been famous in this world for so many years, but now I don’t even have one trillion… How poor…]

"Even if I take out all I have, it will be no more than half that number. I really just have this much."

That was five hundred billion!

In this world, only Wan Zhenghao had such a number. There was no one else. When he said he had this much money, he sounded ashamed.

Surely, what he got from Feng Monarch was a supercilious look. "Useless."

Wan Zhenghao was ashamed.

Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun were stunned.

"Well then, since you don’t have enough money, we can only lower the standard…" Ye Xiao said. He didn’t notice the other four guys were stunned.

[Not enough money… Lower the standard!]

[That was some pretentious saying really!]

"So be it then. At least thirty million for one head! I want this news to get spread in the martial world tonight!"

"This time, we are going to get ten thousand heads!"

"Go get on to it now!"

Thirty million for one head! Three hundred million for ten; three billion for a hundred; thirty billion for a thousand; and three hundred billion for ten thousand!

That was the lowest price!

There were some over thirty million bounty guys… Apparently, Feng Monarch planned to use up all the five hundred billion of Wan Zhenghao at one time!

"They use money to get our heads. Fine. We use money to smash them to death!"

Ye Xiao fiercely spoke.

Wan Zhenghao was trembling.

He could clearly feel that from now on, he would become the poorest man in the world from being the richest…

Five hundred billion was all used for lives!

All Wan Zhenghao had gotten within three thousand years was used to set the bounty!

"So much money… all gone…" Wan Zhenghao spoke.

"Don’t feel pain in it. No need." Ye Xiao humphed and said, "I promise you. Less than one year after today, you will get every penny back. You will get more than you have now. From now on, nobody dares to mess with you anymore!"