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Chapter 511: Now I Will Leave!

Chapter 511: Now I Will Leave!

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Wan Zhenghao cheered up when he heard Feng Monarch. "Really?"

"Have I ever lied to you?" Ye Xiao looked at him.

"No… Okay! Let’s do it!"

Wan Zhenghao’s fat face was shaking as his eyes turned fierce. He had had enough of those who always treated him as a big fat meat on the plate…

This time, since the Monarch had made the decision, he would love to get on with it and give a real fight!

"Of course, we need strategy on this. You four should discuss more about it… Those that would take a huge bounty… Just let Ning, Zhao or Liu to kill them. It will save us some money and it will be safer. Those that are less important, we can let our assassins go hunt them down. That would save us a certain amount… It is always better to let our own man get our money…"

Ye Xiao gave a lesson to them. "Do not be too honest in this cruel world… When you need to scheme, do it… It can bring better advertising and get more people to join our bounty hunt. However, we have to keep it carefully done. Don’t leave any trace."

Wan Zhenghao’s eyes lit up brighter. "Right. That is right. Right, right, right…"

"You four go on and discuss about the details. Remember, make it safe, make it work. I have other things to do now. I will leave you."

"Remember, we must get this done before tonight. Within one night, I want the entire martial world to know about it!"

Ye Xiao finished talking and nodded. He casually walked out of Ling-Bao Hall.

The four that were left behind immediately began their discussion.

Wan Zhenghao became a legendary businessman right away. He talked and talked…

The three assassins were solemn. They listened so carefully and gave advices from time to time…

Apparently, about this horrible, huge and crazy plan, the three assassins were happy to join in…

Ye Xiao had just walked out Ling-Bao Hall when he saw a lady standing there quietly with white clothes. She was in perfect shape, and her hair was pretty like clouds. She was standing on the ground, but she looked like standing in the sky, as if she would be blown away by the wind at any second.

She was full of mysterious beauty.

Her clear eyes had locked on Ye Xiao when he just showed up.

Bing Xinyue!

Bing Xinyue’e eyes were filled with some complex emotions at this moment…

She looked calm and peaceful, like an ancient well with quiet water. When Ye Xiao walked out, she finally showed a smile.

"Feng Monarch." Bing Xinyue slightly bowed. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind as she smiled sweetly. "I am embarrassed. I didn’t help you, instead you saved my life again. It is useless to say thank you, but I still have to express my gratitude."

Ye Xiao didn’t know what to respond all of a sudden.

The lady had nearly sacrificed everything she had to stop Xiu of the Heavens for him. She was willing to give up her life, her family, and her people for him. Besides, she didn’t even want him to know, success or not.

Normally, the House of the Chaotic Storms would definitely wipe out all the force Bing Xinyue was relevant to!

Before she met Feng Zhiling, she cherished her sect the most.

What made her do such a reckless thing? Was it really… just to return the favor to Feng Monarch?

She knew she had given too much, yet now she was still here to say thank you to Feng Monarch.

Ye Xiao really didn’t know what to respond with!

He could only feel the complexity in his heart.

"I should thank you for what you did this time." Ye Xiao sighed and said, "But, why bother?"

A simple question made her eyes moistened. There seemed to be fog in the eyes.

[Why bother?]

[How do I know? I knew I wouldn’t be able to bear the result, but I still did it for you.]

[I did it without regrets!]

[Even till now, I still have no idea how to express my feeling. The only word I am sure to say is thank you!]

[Is it strange?]

[Is it ought to be like this?]

[Is god fooling me? No!]

"I was trying to return the favor to you, Feng Monarch, for what you have done to save my life. But I never expected that I would owe you once more. Heaven’s will is unpredictable indeed."

Bing Xinyue was casual, peaceful and soft. "I owe you more and more. I really don’t know if I can return it all to you."

Ye Xiao said with a deep voice, "No need. We are friends. Friends help each other. Never mention returning anymore!"

"Friends…" Bing Xinyue thought for a while and smiled. "Yes. We are friends. Well then, I shall be shameless to accept your kind heart. Haha."

Ye Xiao nodded. "That is right. We are friends. I hope you can live a happy, healthy and easy life. I don’t wish for more as return."

Bing Xinyue lowered her eyelids and softly spoke, "It is such a comfort that I can have a friend like Feng Monarch in my life. Feng Monarch, I am here to say good bye."

"Say goodbye? Why?" Ye Xiao asked.

"I am going back to the Qing-Yun Realm." Bing Xinyue said, "Land of Han-Yang, this mortal realm, I don’t fit in anymore. I need to go back. I need to protect my sect. I should stay there where I belong. That is where my fate assigned me to."

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and then he said, "Can you stay for two more days? There is still some impurities in your body. I only need two days to get it done thoroughly. You will get much improved and will never be bothered by it."

"No need." Bing Xinyue smiled. "I am satisfied with my current condition. At least, I can live for another hundreds of years. The rest of the wounds, I guess I will just keep them. It won’t affect me further anyway. To be improved or not, it means the same to me…"

Ye Xiao was silent again.

To stay the same or to improve would surely make a huge difference. If the rest of the wounds could be removed, she would have a bright and smooth future. If not, she would only have hundreds more years to live. However, if she got any progress in martial art, that impurity would get back and arouse a huge explosion power. It would either hurt her slightly or kill her with explosion! That was a huge difference!

Ye Xiao understood that Bing Xinyue didn’t want to owe him more. She didn’t want to be touched by Ye Xiao anymore. That was why she gave up the opportunity!

Ye Xiao didn’t know that behind the smile on Bing Xinyue’s face, there was massive pain.


[If it gets all wiped out, I may forget you, forget the story between you and me.]

[If I let it stay in me, when it brings me pain again, even though it hurts, it will remind me the days with you!]

[I don’t want to forget. I won’t forget. That beautiful memory!]