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Chapter 512: Long Story!

Chapter 512: Long Story!

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"Feng Monarch, if I am lucky, maybe we can meet in the Qing-Yun Realm someday." Bing Xinyue turned around, then she walked further and further with her clothes flying. "When you rush up to the Qing-Yun Realm, let’s talk about the promise… If destiny doesn’t allow it, never mind."

She didn’t wait for Ye Xiao’s answer. She just left. Within seconds, she had long vanished into the sky.

[To know that you have gotten through this crisis, I feel happy about it.]

[I feel especially relieved.]

[I have nothing to worry about in here.]

[There will never be anybody in this world who can threaten you after this crisis, I think.]

[Me and Chuchu, we never can see your true face. I won’t wait though.]

[So be it.]

[Since destiny gave us the chance to meet, why don’t we leave the future to destiny and see if it will bring us together again. If we will never meet, that means it is not our destiny!]

As her clothes fluttered in the wind, the lady got further and further away. She didn’t look back.

Ye Xiao looked at her. When she was about to disappear, he couldn’t help murmuring, "Take care. We will meet in the Qing-Yun Realm."

Bing Xinyue heard it.

She shook and then suddenly moved faster. - Shoot! - She disappeared from his sight.

Seeing her off, Ye Xiao felt a bit depressed. There was also some strange feeling growing in his heart. He seemed to sense the sorrow and the unwillingness.

He shook his head and sighed in his heart. Should he give such a promise to her now? Was it right? Should he do it?

He then moved fast and disappeared too.

In the House of Ye.

Ye Xiao had removed his disguise. He just got home and felt some sword breaths rushing to the sky. Song Jue was shouting with a weird voice.

"That’s weird! That’s impossible! How can it be!"

"What is going on?"

"This is impossible, unbelievable, incredible… absurd…"

"Ah… How did I… Damn it…"

"Incredibly unbelievable…"

[What happened to Uncle Song? Did I remove all the wounds in him? Why is he exclaiming like this?]

Ye Xiao was confused. He walked faster over to see what was going on.

When he saw what was happening, he was truly stunned.

He was so shocked that his jaw nearly fell to the floor when he saw what he saw.

Bing-Er was holding a sword while fighting against Song Jue. That wasn’t so surprising. The weird thing was that they were equal in the match!

Bing-Er was even slightly occupying the higher position!

After just a few days, Song Jue was greatly improved. Hmmm… In fact, he had recovered a lot; he was almost as powerful as he used to be. Originally, he was beyond the cultivation limitation of this realm. He was now in Spirit Origin Stage, very close to Dream Origin Stage. It would only take him a period of time in order for him to recover to Dream Origin Stage.

When he was fighting against Bing-Er, he tried to suppress his true power.

However, it wasn’t a clever move. In fact, it was a foolish move.

He was wrong about Bing-Er’s capability. He adjusted the power he used time after time, but he kept making wrong decisions.

"Wrong again. Impossible! What is going on!"

"Monster! She is a little monster! The longer she fights, the stronger she gets…"

"Ohhh… Wrong again…"

Song Jue moved here and there while trying so hard to dodge. Bing-Er swayed her sword, relentlessly attacking her opponent. Song Jue moved round and round to get away from her strikes; with the current situation, he was obviously losing the battle.

Ye Xiao’s mouth was widely opened like a huge ball.

[What… What is going on here? Bing-Er is suppressing Song Jue in a fight?]

Song Jue was a good fighter, not to mention he had almost recovered the peak of his strength. He had been through lots of battles and fights, with insurmountable experience and numerous skills. Bing-Er, on the other hand, had only practiced fighting for just a few days. She was simply blank in fighting experience, so he should have never fallen to the lower position in a fight against her! That was unbelievable!

That was against the rule of science, if we talked in modern language!

Bing-Er’s sword moved, with some of them moving like ghosts. Ye Xiao had taught her some sword moves, but definitely not like these…

Bing-Er actually improved the sword moves herself!

Ye Xiao was stunned!

[What the hell is going on?]

"Master!" Bing-Er cheered and quit the fight as soon as she saw Ye Xiao. She left the fighting area and got over to Ye Xiao. Apparently, she wanted to rush into Ye Xiao’s arms right away.

When she was close enough and Ye Xiao opened his arms in preparation to hold her, the little girl stopped with a blushed face. She looked at Ye Xiao with a pair of sentimental eyes. "You are back…"

Ye Xiao’s arms were opened, and he didn’t know how to react all of a sudden. He answered, "Yes, I am… Girl, why did you stop? Why don’t you just come and hug me?"

[You ran over to me, so I prepared to hug you. Now I am opening my arms, yet you stopped…]

[What is it?]

[Fooling me around?]

"Humph…" Bing-Er blushed as she said, "Body contact should be avoided between man and woman… Master, you should know it. I thought you did."

At this moment, Ye Xiao’s usually shameless face blushed; he felt like weeping.

[Oh my god. I guess I have taught her too well. What a fast learner.]

[One will always suffer in one’s own sin!]

[One month ago, she would run to my bed naked, but now, she wouldn’t even hug me…]

Song Jue was gasping. He walked over, looking at Bing-Er like he was looking at a ghost. "Xiaoxiao, this girl… Is she a monster?"

Bing-Er twitched her lips. "Uncle Song, what are you talking about! You are the monster!"

Song Jue was upset. "Well I would love to be the monster! I can’t! I am not good enough to be."

"Uncle Song, wait a second. Tell me what is going on?" Ye Xiao asked, "Why did you two get in a fight? Such a drastic fight!"

Song Jue sighed before talking. He looked so upset. "That is a long story…"