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Chapter 513: Totally Freaked Out!

Chapter 513: Totally Freaked Out!

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In the morning, the little girl was practicing sword moves in the yard like usual. Song Jue’s wounds were all removed, so he wanted to have a fight. He thought the girl was just normal, so he decided to test her and see how the girl was getting along.

He thought he could teach her something.

Bing-Er was happy to do it.

She had been practicing alone all the time, and now that she had a person to practice with, not to mention she could fight as she wished because she thought Song Jue was that strong, she immediately agreed!

However, Song Jue didn’t teach Bing-Er anything. He was pushed and kicked from beginning to end.

At the beginning, Song Jue limited himself in level four of Human Origin Stage. He thought that the girl must be so weak as she had only learned for a couple of days. She looked well, and she seemed to be making progress, but he should be much stronger than her anyway. Besides, he was so experienced in fights. The girl didn’t have a chance to win!

Well, the first strike from the girl nearly cut his hairs off…

Song Jue raised the limit to level five of Human Origin Stage…

And he was beaten down by one hit again…

His sleeve was cut off. That was worse than the first.

He couldn’t believe it, so he just raised it to level six…

"I would never think that this lady would make such a horribly huge progress after only a few days of practice… Most annoyingly…" Song Jue gritted his teeth as he continued, "This girl… Damn it! When I told her I would limit my cultivation to level four of Human Origin Stage, she was happy to agree. That is why I didn’t notice that she would limit her cultivation too. She intentionally made it one level higher than me…"

"When I raised it to level five, I thought it should be okay. It turns out she had raised it up to level six… I thought she was making a desperate strike… So if I raised it up one more level, I would be able to suppress her in all aspects. I never expected that she would raise her level too. Every time I raised it, she raised it! I thought so hard trying to figure out the reason, it turns out the reason was simple. She has never shown her true power during the fight at all…"

Song Jue looked so screwed. "I am obviously much more powerful than her, but I have been suppressed all along!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. "How is that possible? So you were being punched all along? Till when? That… That is… unbelievable…"

Song Jue sighed. "Why do you think I called her a monster? A girl who had only cultivated martial art for one month… She would already be a genius if she can reach level one of Human Origin Stage… I never knew that she is actually a monster… I kept raising my level to level nine of Human Origin Stage, but I was still beaten up…"

Ye Xiao was stunned, "Then what?"

Song Jue said, "Then you came back. I truly have no idea how much this girl has been hiding…"

Ye Xiao coughed. "I see. So Uncle Song, you have been suppressed for the entire morning, and you weren’t even able to touch her?"

Song Jue was embarrassed. Truth was truth. He didn’t want to lie about it. He heavily sighed and said, "If you come back later, I can definitely defeat her."

Bing-Er raised up her head and humphed. She seemed disdainful. That was it. Disdainful.

Ye Xiao sighed with sympathy. "Uncle Song, if you want to test her true power, start with level two of Earth Origin Stage. It will be better for both you and her."

"Earth Origin Stage? Level two?" Song Jue was shocked.

Ye Xiao was actually telling Song Jue something. The girl was dissatisfied. She muttered, "Who allowed you to say it. Who gives you the permission…" And then she spoke quietly beside Ye Xiao’s ear proudly, "Even if he fights in level two, he will be defeated again. I am already level four now…"

Ye Xiao was shocked again.

[What the hell? Isn’t it too fast?!]

[Maybe Song Jue is right. This girl is a monster!]

"How did she manage to do so…" Song Jue couldn’t believe it. He said, "How can it be so fast? Is she sick?"

"You are sick!"

Ye Xiao and Bing-Er responded together. They both rolled up their eyes on Song Jue.

"Is there actually such a talented person in the world? Am I being ignorant?"

Song Jue was upset as he murmured.

Back in the Qing-Yun Realm, there were many talented men who continued to shock the world. There were countless of stories about those men, however, none of them had improved in cultivation as fast like this. They were also much stronger than Bing-Er when they were in the same age…

However, their ablution started when they were just babies!

When they were the same age with Bing-Er, they had already cultivated for sixteen years!

They had lots of superior cultivators as their guides, not to mention endless dan beads to support their cultivation. Bing-Er never had such things; in fact, she might never see such things in her life!

Bing-Er had just cultivated herself in the yard for less than two months!

And she was now… in Earth Origin Stage!

All those in the martial world would be shocked by such progress!

Song Jue was stunned. His recognition had been changed completely…

"Bing-Er, what is it with your sword moves?" Ye Xiao frowned. He was confused, "I think this is not what I taught you…"

Bing-Er looked worried. "Master, did I make mistakes?"

"No, you didn’t. It is just… It has a different power…" Ye Xiao was confused. "Did anyone teach you so?"

"No…" The girl was terrified. "After you taught me, I was trying to follow your lessons. But when I was doing it, I felt it might be better to do it this way… So I tried to change it. While I was practicing, Uncle Song came to me…"

[Change it?]

Ye Xiao totally lost it.

What Ye Xiao taught Bing-Er was a sword art that was nearly invincible in Qing-Yun Realm. It was so powerful, but it was always used by men…

After Bing-Er made some changes, it became more yin attributed, feminine in fact. Besides, it became sharper and fiercer… more unlikely to be defended…

This sword art had been passed down for millions of years. There had been so many great people who had made good changes to it. It was almost perfect after all flaws were basically removed.

Any reckless small change would make it much less powerful in practice! It was close to impossible to make it stronger by changing something in it.

However… Bing-Er just did it.

It was a success.

I seemed… the girl herself didn’t even know what she had done—she didn’t know how she casually made a great thing in history. She was terrified, like she had done something wrong…

Ye Xiao was freaking out.

Song Jue immediately exclaimed, "What kind of monster are you…"

Uncle Song totally lost it. He murmured with confusion in his eyes, "That… Is this still the world I know? Oh my god…"