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Chapter 514: Flunky!

Chapter 514: Flunky!

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"My lord, Second Prince came for a visit." A guard came in to report.

"Second Prince?" Ye Xiao frowned. He didn’t get it.

[What does he want in this particular time?]

[The superior cultivators of the eight noble clans should have all been killed right now, yet he didn’t even moan for them and get credit for his kindness. Why? Why did he come here?]

[The entire capital is in holes… Yet he comes to me?]

[That is unreasonable!]

Ye Xiao was confused. While he was lost in thoughts, it was too late to send Bing-Er back into the room.

That was a prince after all. In a house which belonged to a foppish useless young lord, Ye Xiao, without General Ye in it, the Second Prince just broke in.

The guards might not fear him, but they couldn’t stop him.

"Lord Ye, heh, heh, heh. It has been a long time." Second Prince’s voice sounded. There seemed to be no sadness in his voice, but instead, he seemed relieved for those men who died.

Ye Xiao frowned as his face turned dark.

Since Brother Egg gave Ye Xiao that milky liquid, Ye Xiao always felt that there was another special stream of energy running in his body.

It kept running and pumping. He could feel the anxiety in it.

Once it burst out, Ye Xiao was not sure if he could control it. When he finished giving orders in Ling-Bao Hall, he headed back home right away. He wanted to stay calm and cultivate martial art at home to digest that liquid. He believed the East-rising Purple Qi could, in some way, digest this special power, or at least suppress the negative effects from it.

At this special moment, Second Prince broke in without his permission. He acted like this yard was one of his gardens that he could come and go as he wished. Ye Xiao felt much more anxious when this happened in front of him. He felt it harder to control himself.

Suddenly, his head was filled with intent to kill somebody.

He forcibly suppressed it down though.

To kill somebody because he got in the house without permission was too violent. It must be the anxiety in his heart driving him…

"Second Prince, your honor. You brighten my house. We are flattered." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "What is it bothers you to come today?"

However, no response was given to him.

Ye Xiao looked at the Second Prince and the two men with him. The three of them all looked beside Ye Xiao like fools.

Hmm. They were looking over to Ye Xiao’s side, but not at Ye Xiao… at the person beside Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao looked aside and found Bing-Er hiding behind him with a blushed face.

Bing-Er had an unbelievably pretty face; all men in the mortal world would certainly fall down under her feet once they saw her face.

Apparently, this prince was exactly one of them.

Song Jue knew that there was something big going to happen. He looked at Ye Xiao’s face—it looked exactly like a face before losing control…

Song Jue sighed.

[Why on earth so many people wants to die in this world?]

"Second Prince!" Ye Xiao emphasized it. Apparently, he was trying to drag the prince back to the conversation.

It worked. The prince returned to himself. He felt awkward somehow, so he laughed before saying, "It has been a while. Lord Ye, you are still handsome and elegant. You look well, and you seem taller… And you are beaming… Hahaha…"

Ye Xiao’s face was dark. He was on the edge of losing control. [What the hell is that? I don’t think that is proper compliment. What beaming?] Apparently, the prince was trying not to be so awkward, so he casually said something he could think of.

"Hmm. I wonder what you are here for? Please do tell me, your honor!" Ye Xiao asked with a solemn face.

The prince became normal again. He frowned when he heard Ye XIao’s question.

People beside him had followed him for a long time. They knew exactly what the prince wanted now.

They had done this so many times.

When Second Prince liked a girl, he wouldn’t need to say it. The flunkies beside him would do the dirty work for him!

Behind the prince, one man stepped forward. He pointed at Ye Xiao fiercely spoke, "How dare you, Ye Xiao! Is this how you talk to the prince?"

The man was called Wang Zhong. He was the most trusted man around Second Prince.

All those dirty things Second Prince wanted to do were done by this man. Now he stepped out and shouted, and pparently, he was trying to make new contributions.

Ye Xiao’s eyes turned cold. He stared at that man and blandly said, "What? Second Prince, are you here only to make some trouble for me? To show off in my place?"

The prince wasn’t here to make troubles.

He was here for an important purpose.

The three clans that supported the three princes were all broken down by the two great sects. Many of their men died, so the princes were back to an equal situation now.

That was a perfect opportunity.

The Second Prince came to House of Ye to show his kindness. That was with obvious purpose.

When he saw Bing-Er’s extremely beautiful face, he was lost in it. When Ye Xiao asked him this question, he finally woke up. He shouted with a dark face, "Get off, you! How dare you talk to Lord Ye like that?"

He fiercely scolded the man!

He faced Ye Xiao and said with a smile, "Brother Ye, please don’t get mad. These flunkies have followed me a long time. They barely check on themselves and always think they are strong enough. Heh, heh."

Ye Xiao smiled. It looked scary though. He slowly spoke, "Never mind. Flunkies are all like this. Dogs play tough when their master stands behind them. I can understand that."

Behind the prince, the man, Wang Zhong, who talked first suddenly became a fool. His face turned blue at once.

He felt insulted.

[Flunky? Dog?]

He had served the prince so well, and he had been loyal to him all along. He had done so many dirty works for the prince; in fact, he had made tons of crime for him. What he got after all was just that?

The Second Prince said it himself.

In fact, when Second Prince said it out, he immediately felt regret. He was just about to say something to comfort Wang Zhong, but Ye Xiao immediately emphasized it.

What Ye Xiao said immediately gave a certain meaning to the word "flunky". Second Prince did think that those men were like his dogs, but he also knew that he shouldn’t say it out.

Sometimes, it was better to keep the facts in heart and not to reveal it to public!