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Chapter 515: Say It; Do It!

Chapter 515: Say It; Do It!

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"In fact…" Second Prince spoke again.

Although Ye Xiao had put a conclusion to the word, the prince still thought that he could turn it around and make his men feel better.

"I understand. I really do." Ye Xiao sincerely said, "In fact, between you and me, there has never been any discomfort. It is always these flunkies, who are ignorant fools and cannot understand their master’s mind. They always shout like mad dogs. They are the ones who break the harmonious relationship. They ruin everything."

Ye Xiao fiercely looked aside. "The master feels most helpless when he has such stupid flunkies! For me, I always hope that they can learn fast. Even if they are like dogs, they should be good dogs. Mad dogs are going to get killed sooner or later! They keep ruining our plans, but we still have to feed them everyday. We do have enough food for them, but…"

Second Prince’s face was like pig liver at the moment.

Every word Ye Xiao said was messing with that Wang Zhong directly. However, he did make a mistake first, so he couldn’t say any words to defend himself. He could only endure.

"Flunky is flunky!" Ye Xiao stared at Wang Zhong coldly and fiercely spoke, "Pah! Such lowly dog. Why show him mercy! Just beat him to death already! Disgusting! How useless!"

He couldn’t stop insulting him. As he talked more, he talked more vicious.

Second Prince’s face was dark and gloomy.

Wang Zhong’s eyes were like full of fire. He looked at Ye Xiao, gritted his teeth, then said, "Lord Ye, do not go too far on this! Even a dog has pride! Don’t you have dogs in your house?"

Don’t you have dogs in your house?

As he said so, he looked to the guards around the yard as a vicious smile showed up on his mouth.

It seemed to be a weak defense, but it was dragging Ye Xiao into a trap.

If Ye Xiao said yes, that meant the guards in his house were lowly dogs too. That would break their hearts. If Ye Xiao denied it, then he was slapping his own mouth.

He wanted Ye Xiao to make mistakes in either way!

When he said so, the guards all turned gloomy.

"Good question! In my house, there is no lowly dog!" Ye Xiao laughed. "This is our steward. He used to be a soldier under my father’s lead. He is also my father’s sworn brother. He is my uncle! Those brothers out there are all my father’s men. They are brothers who have fought side by side in the battle! They live and they die all for my father. My father will go to the sea of fire and mountain of blades for them!"

"The entire kingdom, the entire military force, they all know about it!"

"Besides, they are warriors who protect the kingdom! For Kingdom of Chen, they went through countless battles and got lots of injuries. There are wounds in everyone’s body. Those are marks that showed the stories of how they fight for their country!"

Ye Xiao looked to the people behind Second Prince with cold eyes. He coldly spoke, "Who dares to call these brave men lowly dogs? Do not feel offended. May I ask, do you have those marks on you too?"

He glanced at those men.

The three of them all lowered their heads.

Who dared to call them lowly dogs?

Even the king wouldn’t dare!

The wounds on them were the medals they got from countless battles!

General Ye could swear brotherhood to his steward. He could fight side by side facing death with his soldiers. Could the prince do that? Would the prince’s father swear brotherhood to those men? Would they fight side by side in the battle facing death?

Ye Xiao just stopped talking. His voice resounded in the air, and all the guards in the House of Ye stood straight up with fever in their eyes.

[Since the young lord said so about us, we would like to die for him!]

[We knew the General never treats us as useless men. He has always treated us like his real brothers. Now I know, the young lord never sees us as servants too!]

[We are soldiers in the battle!]

[We are meritorious men in the House of Ye!]

[We are never flunkies! We are never lowly dogs!]

"We are not lowly dogs either!" Wang Zhong’s scheme failed. He felt so upset to the point his face turned red and he just wanted to say something to defend himself.

Ye Xiao looked at him disdainfully. He didn’t talk anymore, but just taunted him on the face.

"Brother Ye, you are really like a tiger’s son. How heroic!" Second Prince praised him, trying to act sincere. He glanced at the guards of the House of Ye and thought, [These are exactly lowly dogs, Ye Xiao just forcibly raised their positions… Soldiers… Soldiers are lowly dogs too! In our eyes, even you, the House of Ye… are just lowly dogs!]

However, he would never say it out. He didn’t dare to.

Even his father, the king, wouldn’t dare to say so!

"Second Prince, just get straight to the point." Ye Xiao was impatient. Second Prince spoke like a noble man but kept sneakily looking at Bing-Er. Ye Xiao said, "Bing-Er, go to my room and tidy up my bed. I am going to bed soon. Serve me to sleep."

"Yes." Bing-Er blushed as she left with a lowered head.

‘Tidy up my bed. I am going to bed soon. Serve me to sleep.’ That explained too much. It was such brazen saying.

It totally confirmed that this beauty belonged to the young lord of the House of Ye.

He was simply declaring his ownership!

Other men could quit thinking about it.

Second Prince’s face turned even gloomy. He watched Bing-Er trotting in as the fever in his eyes disappeared.

"Is this lady your concubine, Brother Ye?" He asked with a smile.

Apparently, he didn’t want to give up yet.

Ye Xiao disdainfully humphed. [You piece of sh*t, how dare you have any thoughts on my Bing-Er? What a good dream to you!]

He humphed and said, "Hmm. She is my sixth wife. She is new here. She barely knows the rules here yet. That is impolite that she remained embarrassmed when you arrived."

Second Prince’s face was full of disappointment this time. He couldn’t cover it anymore.

What Ye Xiao said totally killed his last hope.

Wang Zhong was smiling viciously. He said, "Lord Ye, you may be wrong. I see this pretty lady. Her eyebrows are tight and skin is exquisite. Her eyes are clear and naive. She must be a virgin. You said it too soon, Lord Ye."

Second Prince’s eyes lit up again when he heard Wang Zhong.

"Pah! That is none of your fxcking business, you dog!" Ye Xiao completely lost his patience. He reached out one hand and slapped Wang Zhong on the face, hard. "You fxcking disgusting dog! How dare you make comments on my woman! Where is your manners! Somebody come and beat this fxcking dog out of here! House of Ye doesn’t welcome lousy animals!"