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Chapter 516: Super Cheeky!

Chapter 516: Super Cheeky!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Ye Xiao gave him a slap on the face hard, without any noticing! Nobody knew he would do so, especially Wang Zhong. He was hit right firmly on the face. He was hit up in the air and a few teeth were hit off his mouth.

Ye Xiao did it with anger. He didn’t do it in full power, but it was still heavy.

Wang Zhong only felt like there was a huge bell ringing in his head. He was dizzy and blood came out from his mouth. He nearly passed out.

Guards of House of Ye had been enduring this disgusting prick for a long time. Now they got the order from Ye Xiao. They just rushed over to Wang Zhong, over a dozen of the guards. Second Prince didn’t even have time to say anything, Wang Zhong had already been hit dozens of punches. He was hit away flying in the air like a sandbag.

He passed out!

"Ye Xiao… You!" Second Prince was furious.

"I am teaching your unruly dog for you! When a dog behaves wrong, you better hit it. You hit it a lot, then it become obedient!"

Ye Xiao rubbed the hand which he used to slap Wang Zhong. He said coldly, "Otherwise, if this fxcking stupid dog makes any serious problem later, things will get real nasty for you, I am afraid!"

When he said it, his eyes flashed crazily with intent of killing.

It was no doubt a word of warning!

He didn’t even want to cover it!

Second Prince showed a dark face. He looked gloomy in eyes. He looked at the guards coldly, who were punching his man crazily. He finally burst in anger, "Ye Xiao, stop them!"

Ye Xiao heard it, but he acted like he didn’t. He gave the order, "Beat him hard! Throw him out! Do it quick! I really don’t like it when that dog barking around me!"

Second Prince looked even angrier. He knew what Ye Xiao said was funny. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. If he did, he would be barking too. It wasn’t a clever move to say more at the moment.

Eventually, Wang Zhong was beaten up so hard. He was seriously injured and didn’t even have energy to ‘bark’ anymore. He was dragged by the guards and thrown out the gate.

He didn’t move a bit. He might just pass out, or actually die already.

Second Prince could only watch it. His eyes were full of anger. Fire of anger filled his chest. After a while, he gasped pointing at ye Xiao and said, "Ye Xiao, nice job! You got balls!"

Ye Xiao stared at this prince and spoke blandly, "Your honor, I surely know about myself. I just don’t like it when people points at me. Even when he is praising me!"

Second Prince was furious. He totally forgot about why he came today. He spoke with anger, "I just pointed. So what?"

Behind him, two of his men hurriedly got over and said, "Your honor… You honor… Focus on what is important first… Please…"

They were angry about Ye Xiao too, but they also sighed for the prince.

[Things just happened. What matters now?]

[It is done. There it is the hostility! There is no turnaround!]

[It has been difficult for us to have this opportunity. How come we just missed it?]

[What… What is going on?]

[Why are they both so easy to get angry today?]

[Lord Ye acted like we owed him the entire world from the beginning…]

[Second Prince was like going crazy. We are here for some real important task. He hasn’t said anything about it yet, but we are already being against each other now. Are we going to begin a fight now?…]

Second Prince was enlightened. He gasped, looking at Ye Xiao, who was also furious. Second Prince laughed all of a sudden.

"Hahahahaha…" He laughed. It shocked everybody.

[What? How can you still laugh now?]

"See? I was right! I am good at evaluating people, right?" Second Prince looked at his men and said loudly, "Lord Ye is such a heroic man. He loves and hates, has bursting temper; He does what he wants without hesitation. He won’t change his mind for anybody or anything. What a heroic man! You didn’t believe me. What now? You believe it now?"

The men behind him were stunned, but they still nodded. "Smart and wise, your honor. You truly have sharp eyes. We are never going to catch up with you."

They were flattering, but complaining in their minds, [When on earth did you say those words?]

[You weren’t wrong? Of course you weren’t… You didn’t say anything, how wrong could it be…]

[I think… Lord Ye may be a heroic man… But our beloved prince must be cheeky and full of lies.]

Ye Xiao was going to burst with anger earlier.

He didn’t care whether it was the prince he was dealing with or not. He was strong enough to ignore these people. When he wanted to play tough, he would do it. He wouldn’t scruple. He never did.

He was no more that young foolish man when he had just reborn to this world.

However, when he was just about to burst, Second Prince actually completely changed sides! Ye Xiao felt so impressive when he heard the prince said.

[Universe is full of possibilities indeed. I thought I am very cheeky, but never thought that one can be so unbelievably cheeky like him…]


[I have nearly slaughtered his man with punches… He actually turned it over and acted like he was testing me. Unbelievable…]

Ye Xiao answered, "Oh. So you are trying to figure out whether you have sharp eyes or not?"

Second Prince had calmed down. He acted like he was so close to Ye Xiao, spoke with sincerity, "Xiaoxiao, come on, I am your guest today. Don’t you think you should at least offer tea for me?"

Such a powerful man. Just within seconds, he started to call Ye Xiao ‘Xiaoxiao’. A moment earlier he just wanted to tear Ye Xiao apart. He sounded like he was such a close friend to Ye Xiao when he said the last words.

However, Ye Xiao wouldn’t care if he was being honest or not. He said, "Your honor, what do you want today. Just be frank. Didn’t you hear what I said to my woman. I told her to serve me bed. I am quite in a hurry. So please let’s make it done quick."

Facing this prince, who was emotional, randy, shameless and cheeky, Ye Xiao truly had no patience to talk to him more. Especially at the moment, he was quite bothered.

"What a straight talk from an honest man! I will be frank then. This time, I am here to ask for your help, Brother Ye. Please, do me a favor." Second Prince spoke with sincerity.