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Chapter 517: I Want To Kill Him!

Chapter 517: I Want To Kill Him!

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Ye Xiao was stunned.

[Holly motherfxcker. I told you to be frank. And you are so frank? How overbearing!]

[Besides, what happened there, I am not a fool. You were not testing any shit!]

[That was real conflict!]

[A tough one!]

[After that, you actually asked me to help you so frankly? So cheeky!]

[What a weirdo!]

Song Jue stood beside him. He seemed quite unhappy too.

Steward Song understood one thing, [No wonder Chen can rule the entire kingdom. Look how cheeky they can be. That is incomparable. In my life, even the lives after this life, I will never be able to be so shameless!]

"What kind of favor exactly? We are being frank like this now. Why not just make it more clear!" Ye Xiao felt that his face turned numb because of surprises.

"Last night, something happened in Chen-Xing City… I think you should have heard about it." Second Prince acted like he was so honest and sincere at the moment, "Let alone the huge disturbance in the capital, our palaces were broken into big issues. We lost many men, and…"

Ye Xiao understood before he finished.

[I see!]

[He asked me for help even though I have insulted him like that. That is the reason.]

The night when the cultivators from the two great sects rushed in the palaces of the three princes, people of the three noble clans were slaughtered out in their places…

That meant all three princes’ supports from the noble clans were cut off.

Within the next few years, the tree princes had no outside supports anymore. The three of them all lost their supports. That meant they were back to the same line now.

In the competition among them, they would mostly depend on the forces inside Kingdom of Chen. Ye Nantian was the strongest one. No matter who got the support from Ye Nantian, he got the biggest chance to take the throne.

Even though Second Prince had been insulted like that here, he accepted it. He wanted the support form Ye so much.

Comparing to the throne, pride meant nothing to him.

As long as he could get on the throne, he would get his pride back in any way!

Of course he wouldn’t ruin the opportunity just to vent the temporary anger!

"Don’t you know, your honor. We Ye Clan never participate in such issue." Ye Xiao didn’t even want to hear details from the prince. He just declined directly.

Second Prince stared at him. He was shocked and he couldn’t say anything.

He never had thought that Lord Ye would say no to him so quickly and decisively. He hadn’t even told him the offers.

He tried to persuade Ye Xiao. However, Ye Xiao talked softer, but wouldn’t agree to it.

[We don’t participate in the fight for the throne. We don’t want the honor of supporting the crown!]

In fact, Second Prince felt released.

[Ye wouldn’t help me, but they wouldn’t help my brothers either. That means a lot to me.]

Second Prince felt good about it.

He was happy and then thought of other enjoyable things.

He lowered his voice, "Lord Ye, I won’t push you, since you want to be nonaligned. However, may I ask for another thing?"

Ye Xiao looked at him with confusion. He didn’t even want to talk anymore. He just gave him a hint with eyes.

[What is it. Speak. And get off now…]

"Ahem… That lady… Is she really your woman?" Second Prince was being so obvious now.

[Even if she really is your concubine, it is normal for people in noble houses to exchange women. That is normal.]

[As long as I pay enough to you, I will get that girl as I wish! You don’t get involved to the fight among princes. Fine. You won’t offend me for just a woman, will you?]

Ye Xiao’s face cooled down. He spoke with a terrifying voice, "She is mine!"

He sounded obviously disagreeable.

He didn’t try to cover the coldness in his voice.

Second Prince gritted with the teeth and spoke in a deep voice, "Congratulations then."

He stopped this topic. After a few meaningless words, he took leave.

Before he left, he couldn’t help looking back to the yard for a few times. Apparently he didn’t completely give up on her. However, he was disappointed, because her pretty face never showed up for him again.

He left with dissatisfaction.

He came with joy but left with disappointment!

Ye Xiao stared at the back of Second Prince. He was fierce. The intent of killing was rolling in his heart, never stopped!

Song Jue stood beside him. He couldn’t totally understand Ye Xiao.

"Kid, do you want to kill him?" Song Jue asked.

"It isn’t a tough job! Is it?" Ye Xiao spoke coldly.

Song Jue nodded to agree.

Song Jue was recovered almost ninety percent. If he was to deal with Second Prince, he could wipe out his entire palace within one night by himself. He would do it quiet and clean!

Steward Song feared nothing at all.

However, Ye Xiao was even more fearless than him.

If he wanted to get Second Prince killed, Song Jue wouldn’t be his primary choice!

"I think even if we stay still, this prince will come to us tonight." Song Jue spoke in a deep voice, "The girl is too beautiful. She is one of the most beautiful ladies even in the Qing-Yun Realm. That prince’s thought is clear. He couldn’t hide it from us. He thinks because he is a prince, so he can do whatever he wants. He thinks we will respect him no matter how wrong he will be. He thinks we wouldn’t dare to turn hostile to him. That gives him crankiness…"

Ye Xiao said blandly, "That is why I will kill him tonight!"

"I won’t stop it." Song Jue spoke blandly, "But the girl is too pure."

"Too pure?" Ye Xiao frowned. He was confused by Song Jue’s comment.

"Silly kid. You tried so hard to cultivate Bing-Er. You want her to company you in the martial world, don’t you? You want to be with her side by side in the long life of yours, right?" Song Jue asked blandly.

"That’s right." Ye Xiao didn’t deny it. "She is so talented. It will be a huge loss for the universe if she cannot get into the Qing-Yun Realm and become one of the strongest figures!"

"That’s true. That’s why Bing-Er needs to change. A thorough change." Song Jue spoke blandly, "She needs to see more and experience more of the hideousness of the reality. A flower in greenhouse would never be able to see the splendidness of the rainbow if it doesn’t come through the rainstorm… I think you know what I mean."