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Chapter 518: Beauty Brings Misfortune!

Chapter 518: Beauty Brings Misfortune!

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"Not to mention making her live in the martial world, even to live as a normal person in the normal world could be a problem for her. For an ordinary person, a pretty face like hers is definitely misfortune."

Ye Xiao was silent.

Song Jue was right. He knew it.

The girl was too pure and naive. She was smart enough, but was too kind. She was bound to suffer losses in the world. One tiny mistake would bring her to unrepairable trauma.

"Even though you can keep her safe now, you cannot be close to her every second in your life." Song Jue said.

Ye Xiao was silent and then he said, "What do you think we should do?"

"If anything is going to happen tonight, let the girl participate in it. She needs to meet something bad, evil and bloody now." Song Jue said, "Especially… to face the evil that is particularly against women…"

"Do not be weak. She has to know about such thing. Otherwise she may be swallowed completely in the future." Song Jue said, "In this world, we are still able to protect her. If we are in the Qing-Yun Realm… If we happened to be trapped by some other issues, tragedy may just get on her!"

Ye Xiao’s face was dark. He spoke blandly, "Uncle Song, you are right. I shall let that ignorant prince be a knife grinder for her tonight! But I have to make sure Bing-Er will be safe. I won’t let her get hurt!"

"Not even a bit!"

"The evil in this world, we need to let her see it. It doesn’t mean she has to pay for it!" Ye Xiao spoke with a gloomy face.

Song Jue was annoyed. "What are you talking about, kid? Am I such an unreliable man to you? How would I let her get hurt? Just relax. Nothing could go wrong tonight!"

Ye Xiao looked up. The sun was in the west already. He half closed the eyes and said, "Uncle Song, I have a strange feeling."

Song Jue said, "Feeling? What feeling? What do you feel?"

Ye Xiao closed the eyes and opened his pale hand. He spoke in a low voice, "I can feel that when I leave this world someday, I will make lots of slaughters in this world. Blood will flow into rivers in the world!"

Song Jue was a bold man, but he was shocked and a bit terrified.

When Second Prince left House of Ye, he was extremely gloomy.

"Stupid prick! You fail to appreciate my kindness!" He cursed.

He said, "Take Wang Zhong. Let’s go home."

He was utterly disgraced this time.

Under all those people’s watch, his most trusted man Wang Zhong was beaten up half to death and thrown out from the house like a garbage. He lied on the ground like a broken bag, with blood flowing on the floor.

What truly annoyed Second Prince was not that Wang Zhong got punched, or his recruitment failed, it was… He was most annoyed that there was such a beautiful lady on Ye Xiao’s side who was like a faery. [How do a prick like you deserve such beauty in the world!]

[And you dared to decline me before I finished my talk!]

[You truly don’t know how to appreciate kind heart!]

[Such pretty girl. Only people like us, royal born, can have such beauty! You are merely a foppish stupid young lad. How can you deserve such a lady?]

"This Ye Xiao… He really is ignorant piece of shit!" Second Prince spoke to his men. "Does he think he can be like Monarch Feng of Ling-Bao Hall? How dare him looking down upon royal blood! Bold fxcking dog! Humph!"

His men all knew what he was thinking at the moment!

He wanted to… snatch that beauty!

They might not understand him if they hadn’t seen Bing-Er’s face. It wasn’t a good idea to mess with the son of a Great General, the pillar of the kingdom, at this important time!

However, they all saw Bing-Er. They fully understood Second Prince.

Such a beautiful girl… Maybe every dozens of thousand years could there be one beauty like her! For such a beauty, it was reasonable to do anything!

[To rage up with anger for a woman like her is so… worth it! If it was me, I would do it too! I will go snatch her too!]

[So willing to do that…]

[A man who wouldn’t do it for her… is not a real man!]

[At least normal men all want to get her!]

"You all know what I want tonight. Don’t you?" Second Prince was a bit excited. "All the forces in the palace are under your command. Besides, I will send the two grand masters to help you. We have to make it. Do not leak anything out."

"Keep it a secret!"

Second Prince emphasize it.

"Your honor, if we are found…" One of the guards asked.

Second Prince looked fierce and vicious. "So what? This kingdom belongs to the royal house. Don’t you know what you can do?"

"Yes. I do. Royal power is the primary power. Nobody can challenge it."

Ye Xiao had been studying the strange power from Brother Egg for a whole afternoon.

He found that the power inside him wouldn’t react to anything.

He could feel it slowly changing his body. It was making his body, including the Jing and Mai, bones, muscles, even soul and mind, stronger and stronger.

However, it was too passive for him. Ye Xiao always liked to get the initiative. He didn’t like this passive way to improve. However, even though he had operated East-rising Purple Qi to try to digest the power, he failed. Even East-ring Purple Qi, such powerful martial art didn’t work on that power.

Ye Xiao sat there cultivated for a long time. He could feel his capability was improving fast. He was improving twice faster than he used to be. It was boosting. That was a good thing to know. Gradually, he was reaching the top of level five of Sky Origin Stage.

He just needed a break, a spurt, to get through level five of Sky Origin Stage.

However, Ye Xiao didn’t feel much joy in making progress in cultivation.

He couldn’t figure out what that special power from Brother Egg could bring to him other than boosting his cultivation. He had stood in front of Brother Egg when it was absorbing the enormous spiritual qi trying to stop it.

It was just a few seconds, but it was a huge amount of spiritual qi that got through Ye Xiao’s body. It was almost the limitation that Ye Xiao could hold in his body.

He had been working on it for an entire afternoon. He just poured the spiritual qi gradually into his dantian. It still needed more time to digest it all.

He was so close to figure out all about the special power. He surely needed to digest the spiritual qi in his body soon enough, but it wasn’t that urgent!

The most important thing was to figure out what exactly this mass of power was!