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Chapter 519: Bad Man! Humph

Chapter 519: Bad Man! Humph

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"This power. I can feel it. It definitely gives me great help. But I cannot know what it can help me on. What is it useful for? It can’t be just modifying my body, can it?"

Ye Xiao couldn’t understand it.

Normally, as he had been cultivating East-rising Purple Qi, his body should have been perfectly modified. He shouldn’t need to do any modification to his body.

However, Brother Egg would never do useless thing. He just couldn’t’ figure out why.

One more thing. Ye Xiao felt that there was some ancient aura inside that power.

It felt like something from the source of the universe, from deep behind sky and earth!

He decided to put it away as he couldn’t have a clue. He ended cultivating and took some rests. After dinner, he sat in his room thinking about the possibilities in the future. He didn’t even care about what Second Prince would do in the night.

It would be overestimating that stupid prince if he cared about it too much.

He was powerful in capability, cultivation, power range in this world. If he couldn’t keep Bing-Er safe, it would be a big joke!

The only think he needed to consider was how to get Bing-Er involved and how to guide her to accept the reality!

Ye Xiao sincerely wanted Bing-Er to stay pure!

But Song Jue was right. It was impossible.

Bing-Er’s future would never be always under his protection. She would have to face the dirty world someday!

It was like… the two maids beside Bai Chen, Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens. Bing-Er should fight for her own fame in this mortal world too!

The filthy, bloody, evil, disgusting facts were something she had to learn about sooner or later. Otherwise, when she got into the martial world, without his protection, she would definitely get hurt!

When she got hurt in that situation, it might be some life trauma!

Ye Xiao knew that Bing-Er should be much more powerful than Wan and Xiu.

"I will dance in the chaos and shock the universe in the future. Bing-Er is talented. She is boosting in cultivation. She can surely catch up with me! I don’t want her to be a maid like Wan-Er and Xiu-Er. I want her to be the unique and outstanding figure in the world!"

"What I need is not to be scary in the Land of Han-Yang, or outshining in Qing-Yun Realm!"

"Even when it is in Human Realm Upon Heavens… I can stay behind everything. As long as Bing-Er shows up, she can shock the universe too! She can despite the firmament! She can command the world!"

"That is the Bing-Er I want! She definitely has the potential!"

"She needs practice! She has to!"

"It is fine if that stupid prince won’t come. But if he comes…" Ye Xiao’s face turned fierce, "I don’t care whose son he is! If he dares to do anything here tonight, I will let him and his entire house die in darkness!"

In the night.

Lights were put on in the city.

Ye Xiao sat quietly in the house, waiting for something to happen.

In fact, he was sure Second Prince would do something in the night according to what he had done earlier. A prince would never do that reckless thing like that at the important time.

Bing-Er’s beauty was like the most powerful weapon in the world already!

Song Jue had said something helpless in the afternoon.

"In Land of Han-Yang or in Qing-Yun Realm, I am an experienced man. However, I have never seen any girl who is more beautiful than Bing-Er."

"She is particularly beautiful. She is the unique beauty in history!"

"No matter in which realm she stays, her pretty face would cause disasters!"

"In the world where strength is most valued, beauty is a sin!"

"Her beauty will let people around him lose life, hope and future because of her unique beauty."

"Xiao Xiao, if you want Bing-Er to stay with you all the time, you cannot just keep protecting her. You are way too weak for that. Bing-Er is also too weak yet!"

"In fact, you should thank the good luck. This is just a low realm. There is law restraining people’s behaviors. That is much better. Even when some prince wants to get Bing-Er, we can handle it. It won’t lead to any tragedy yet… However, when you go to Qing-Yun Realm, you will know that Second Prince is not so unreasonable at all… People in Qing-Yun Realm can be ten thousand times more vicious than this prince. Besides, they are always more than ten thousand times stronger than him too!"

"With your current strength, if you go to Qing-Yun Realm now with Bing-Er, she will become other’s toy within three days! You don’t even have a chance to defend those strong figures!"

"So work harder, kid!"

He finished talking and then sighed and left.

Ye Xiao didn’t say anything. He just looked at Song Jue’s back. He knew Song Jue was telling the truth.

[Uncle Song, you have no idea. I am exactly from Qing-Yun Realm. I surely know you are telling the truth.]

[However, no matter how dangerous it is up there, I will go back someday! No matter who dares to do any thing to hurt us, I will kill his entire family!]

[There is no law in Qing-Yun Realm? I will be the law in Qing-Yun Realm!]

Ye Xiao thought. He made himself a goal.

[Maybe it is wrong be be so protective, but who wouldn’t want to protect a girl like Bing-Er? I can let her learn something, but I will never let anybody hurt her!]

[In the chaos in the future, there must be a beauty beside me when I look down upon the world!]

[Because I am Ye Xiao!]

[Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao!]

Ye Xiao sat there, half closed his eyes. He looked so indifferent, thinking about all that would happen.

After a long time, he finally sorted out everything. He looked much better now.

He didn’t feel anxiety anymore!

At this moment, Bing-Er was hanging around him. She looked at Ye Xiao’s face from time to time with her pretty big eyes.

When Ye Xiao looked cold and indifferent, Bing-Er didn’t dare to make a sound. She just stayed around waiting for him…

Her heart was full of worry.

When she saw Ye Xiao’s face turn better, she felt relieved. She took a breath out and started to walked around in front of Ye Xiao.

She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to. So she just held it there.

Ye Xiao had noticed it already, but he pretended that he didn’t know. He wanted to see what the girl was up to, and how long the girl could hold it for.

Finally, when Ye Xiao made a stretch and about to stand up, Bing-Er rushed over to him.

She stared at him with a pair of big eyes, blinking.

She couldn’t hold it anymore.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Girl, what’s wrong?"

Bing-Er giggled and spoke in a low voice, "Master, is it good that I changed the sword art? Not bad, isn’t it?"

Ye Xiao nodded, "Sure. It should be ok."

"It is just ok?…" Bing-Er lowered her head, speaking with disappointment.

Apparently she realized that the sword art that was after her change was actually so powerful. She felt so proud and satisfied when she got to know it.

She had never felt so good about herself before.

She hanged around Ye Xiao because she wanted to hear compliment from Ye Xiao…

She encouraged herself and asked for Ye Xiao’s opinion, but only to get such a disappointing comment. She felt so embarrassed…

"Is it just ok?" Bing-Er asked with hope.

"Hmm. Not bad." Ye Xiao tried not to laugh out and acted like he was trying to comfort her, "Just ok."

Bing-Er’s face turned gloomy right away. She was so looking forward to the compliment, but ended up to be thrown a damp over. She almost cried. Tears were in her eyes, almost falling out. She twitched the lips and prepared to walk out the room.

Ye Xiao looked at her sad face. He couldn’t hold it anymore. He burst into laughters and grabbed Bing-Er to his arms. He kissed on her cheek and said, "I was wrong. It is not just ok. It is marvelous… Hahaha…"

Bing-Er widely opened the eyes looked at him, "You… Didn’t you say it was just ok?"

Ye Xiao laughed and touched her pretty face. He said, "I lied to you. Alright? Hahaha…"

Bing-Er finally realized it. She said angrily, "You are a bad man!"

She tried to struggle and get rid of his arms.

Ye Xiao held her so tight and kept laughing.

Bing-Er struggled at the beginning and then stopped. She stayed in Ye Xiao’s arms like a little cat. She felt so warm and happy in her heart. She just wanted to stay in this warm hug forever. Wouldn’t it be great?