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Chapter 520: Spellbound

Chapter 520: Spellbound

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Little girl raised up her head looking at Ye Xiao. And then she lowered her head again. Her heart was beating fast. She felt Ye Xiao’s big hand moving around her waist. Her skin where his hand was touching was getting hot.

She blushed.

She just lied in Ye Xiao’s arms quietly, feeling her heart beats getting faster and faster. Her body was feeling hotter and hotter. Her face was burning hot.

Ye Xiao felt it too. When he looked at Bing-Er, he found she lying in his arms with blushed pretty face. Her long eyelids were blinking. Apparently she was not calm at all. She just tried to be quiet being held in his arms.

The pretty face of her was so unbelievably cute.

Ye Xiao was drown in it.

He was moved. He held her up and made it face to face. Bing-Er’s body shook. She felt like something was going to happen, so she kept her eyes closed tight. Her eyelids were shaking.

Ye Xiao was a virgin too. He couldn’t hold the impulse from deep down his heart. He moved his head to Bing-Er instinctually. His two lips gently touched Bing-Er’s lips.

Bing-Er was blank and her body became rigid.

She kept her eyes closed. She couldn’t move her arms. They just hanged beside her, like the arms of a puppet. She held her breaths, trying to feel the soft lips kissing on her lips, asking for more.

Gradually, the flame of thirst was fired up in her heart.

She could feel there was a soft and moistened thing sticking in between her lips. She couldn’t hold the breath anymore. She was gasping. The thing suddenly got into her mouth, touching, taking, giving…

Their tongues kept touching. Bing-Er was shaking like she was shocked by electricity. Finally, her hands raised up and held around Ye Xiao’s neck.

She hesitated for just a moment and then held him so tight.

She felt his tongue in her mouth searching her small wonderful tongue. She was trying to get away his tongue, but when it was touched, she would start shaking…

The two warm hands of his kept moving on her body. They slowly… got inside her clothes. They were touching her skin directly. She breathed heavier, like she was almost choking.

Wherever the two hands touched, she felt like it was burning.

She felt like her body was plasticine, being played in his hands under his will…

After a while, their lips separated. She still kept her eyes closed. She didn’t dare to open her eyes. She still felt his lips kissing her face, nose, eyebrows, ears… He was kissing her so carefully…

Bing-Er felt like she was melting…

When his hands moved up from her waist, it moved with hesitation. At the end it finally held on her soft and warm breast. Bing-Er finally couldn’t help moaning. - Ahh… - Her body turned soft and fell on him. She was weak now.

She murmured, "Master… Master…"

And thens she moved her lips to kiss him. It stopped him from kissing wildly on her face. She sticked out her small tongue into his mouth. This time, it was her tongue chasing his…

Ye Xiao was first shocked, but then made a even drastic reaction on it…


After a while…

Ye Xiao couldn’t wait anymore. As he kept kissing the beauty in his arms, he held up the most beautiful body in the world. He stood up, holding her, walking into his room.

At the moment, although he was a virgin, driven by the animal instinct, he did whatever any man would do.

Bing-Er gasped heavily.

She kept her burning face touching his chest. She just kept gasping, saying nothing. [No matter what Master want to do on me… I will say yes…]

That was a silent permission. She was supporting him.

Ye Xiao got into the room in three strides. He put Bing-Er on the bed. Bing-Er kept her eyes closed tight. She felt a strong body fell on her body…

She couldn’t help and made a moan. She pushed the Ice Soul Sword on the bed off the bed a bit… [Hmm. This is too hard and cold…]

The sword was definitely important for Bing-Er. She would never put it away. However, she had to put it away today, because she got something she loved more!

It was just a small move. She felt so burning hot on her entire body now…

She hoped he didn’t see it, because she thought it was embarrassing…

However, things always went against one’s wish. Bing-Er was surprised, because the heavy and warm body lying on her stopped moving.

After a long while, it wasn’t moving.

Bing-Er was surprised. She was so shy, but she opened her eyes to see Ye Xiao. His face had returned to normal.

He was staring at something.

That was exactly the Ice Soul Sword.

Ye Xiao stared at it, gritted with his teeth.

He didn’t know whether he should thank this sword or hate it!

He was nearly burned in fire of impetuosity, but was cooled down by the sword.

The impulse in his heart was gone.

His eyes returned to clear and sane.

He sighed and got up from Bing-Er’s body. He spoke softly, "Bing-Er, I am so sorry. I was making a mistake. Take a good rest. Have a sweet dream."

Bing-Er was shocked. She looked at Ye Xiao. She wasn’t bashful anymore. She asked, "Master, did I do anything wrong? Why do you…"

Ye Xiao sighed, "No. You didn’t. It was me. I nearly made a mistake. A huge mistake."

When he glanced at the sword, there was a slim figure appearing in his head.

Jun Yinglian.

That beautiful women just showed up inside his eyes so surprisingly.

Her clothes was white like snow. She was standing on top of a snow mountain. Her eyes were controlling his emotions. She stared at him, clean and lear like ice.

Ye Xiao could feel the sorrow in the eyes.

It seemed her voice resounding in his ear, questioning him.

"Ye Xiao! ‘I regret, that I let you be solitary; if there is a next life, I promise I will accompany you to travel the world.’ Ye Xiao, do you remember what you said?"

"‘To escape from the tear of the beauty; to prevent hurting her heart. When the death comes one day, to turn into an unrestrained cloud!’ Ye Xiao, you escape from the tear of the beauty. Do you know how much tear I have had for you? You don’t want to hurt my heart. But you already have hurt me so bad!"

"Ye Xiao, I hate you!"

"I hate you!"

Ye Xiao felt like a bucket of ice cold water pouring down on his head!

At this moment, there was no impulse at all! There was no impetuosity anymore!