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Chapter 521: To Not Let Down!

Chapter 521: To Not Let Down!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Bing-Er was apparently scared. She looked at Ye Xiao, like a panicking deer. In her pretty eyes, there were tears of helplessness and desperation.

Her pale little hands grabbed her disordered clothes while staring at Ye Xiao with tears in her eyes. Her lips were twitching. She was trying not to cry out.

The girl was exactly like an abandoned child, whose heart was filled with sorrow and helplessness.

Ye Xiao sat on the bed with a face of regret. He reached out his hands and held Bing-Er’s shaking body in arms. He spoke softly, "Bing-Er, I am sorry. I just thought of some unhappy past. It was not on you."

Bing-Er was still shaking even though Ye Xiao had explained. As she kept feeling the warmth from his body, she calmed down. Gradually, she stopped shaking, but at the end, she was weeping in his arms.

Ye Xiao clapped on her back and sighed with helplessness. He said, "Bing-Er, I really like you. I really want to have you now. It was all I want to do just now. I wasn’t pretending."

Bing-Er stopped crying. She just stayed in his arms listening carefully.

"Even at this moment, I am still sure that you are my woman. There will be one day, you will be known as mine." Ye Xiao spoke decisively, "However, not now. Deep inside my heart, there is something that I feel extremely regretful… There is someone that I will feel guilty for all my life… It sticks right in my heart. I can never let it go."

Bing-Er spoke in a low voice in his arms, "Is she… your wife?"

Ye Xiao shook his head, and then smiled bitterly.

It turned out Bing-Er knew the other girl, Su Yeyue. However, it wasn’t Su Yeyue. It was Jun Yinglian, who was so proud like she was beyond clouds, so clean like the moon.

"… Once there was a lady. She is like…" Ye Xiao told her the story patiently. He had never told anyone else before. He used to have a most trusted and closest friend, but he didn’t tell him either. He told that friend everything except Jun Yinglian. However, he needed to confide it.

He slightly changed some facts about it and told Bing-Er all about the story.

Ninety percent of it remained the truth. He just changed some times and locations.

"… At the end, I have to let her down… And then I realized I was wrong. I was so wrong… But it was… too late now." Ye Xiao sighed.

Bing-Er was apparently immersed in this sad story. She twitched her lips and said, "Master, you are not just so wrong. You are unbelievably wrong! This sister treated you with so much true love, yet you actually let her down like that. You are really… Humph!"

She actually empathized Jun Yinglian?!

"I know. I need time, okay? I, I cannot fail her!" Ye Xiao held Bing-Er in arms and kissed on her eyes softly.

"Hmm!" Bing-Er nodded. She raised up her hands to hold Ye Xiao’s neck. At the moment, she didn’t feel sad anymore. She was touched by the story. She murmured, "I will wait. No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you!"

"As long as you are alive, I will follow you for the rest of my life," Bing-Er spoke in a low voice, "Master, please, put me in your heart somewhere… Anywhere…"

Ye Xiao was touched, and he held her so tight. He could feel the impulse rising up in the heart again.

He tried to suppressed the emotion and spoke gently, "Girl, don’t worry. It won’t take long. I promise…"

And then he held her head up and smiled to her. "What a pretty girl. I won’t give up on you. I will definitely have you by myself! It is such a pain to lose a girl once. How would I do it again?"

"Bad! You are bad man!" Bing-Er was so bashful. She moaned and tried to bite him gently.

Ye Xiao smiled and then got over to her with his mouth to hers.

Bing-Er exclaimed and moved her head aside.

The next moment, they were smiling to each other.

After a long time, Bing-Er asked with confusion, "Master, I… Am I really that beautiful?"

She apparently wasn’t quite confident about herself.

After all, since she was cured, she had been staying inside the House of Ye. She had never walked out. In the House of Ye, there were only men. There were even no maids in the house.

Bing-Er hadn’t seen any other women ever.

She couldn’t compare herself to others.

It was reasonable that she wouldn't feel confident about her appearance.

"Girl, never say it again. Don’t be silly!" Ye Xiao spoke decisively, "My Bing-Er, you are the No. 1, the most beautiful girl in the world! The prettiest one out of ten thousand! Pah. That is actually underestimating your beauty! It should be out of one million! In fact, it is still difficult to find out one woman who can be equally beautiful as you among one million!"

Bing-Er was so happy. She was trying to stay cool while holding the smile on her face. She couldn’t hold it. She smiled like a flower as she said, "That’s good. That’s good. Hahaha…"

And suddenly, she thought she couldn’t be that arrogant. She was a bit too happy now, so she blushed again and got in Ye Xiao’s arms.

When she was in his arms, she was still giggling…

Apparently, she was so happy that she couldn’t stop giggling.

She might be silly, might be not. Ye Xiao’s heart was full of warmth and softness.

The girl was still pure and honest, but if she stayed in the martial world for some time…

She might change. Maybe she wouldn’t change much, but if she became not so honest and pure anymore, it would be a huge regret!

Ye Xiao suddenly didn’t want to let her get in the martial world so soon.

As time passed, they kept cuddling with each other, whispering sweet nothings.

They were half dressed on the bed. It looked like something happened, but in their hearts, there was purely happiness and joy. There was no ardor for sex like they had earlier.

It was late at night.

Ye Xiao said, "Get some sleep."

And then he put on clothes on Bing-Er as he said, "Don’t take it off again."

Bing-Er blushed. She seemed annoyed, but she still said, "Humphed. With you, a bad man, I definitely won’t take off my clothes. That would be putting myself into a tiger’s mouth!"

And then she tidied up her clothes and made herself well covered.