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Chapter 522: Bad Guests in the Dark Night

Chapter 522: Bad Guests in the Dark Night

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When she was fixing her clothes, she took a breath out of relief. It seemed to be her instinct.

She had a strange feeling. [I can’t say it, when I want Master to have me, That is a certain thing… I actually even want to get onto him myself…]

[But as he stops now, why would I feel relieved? I should feel disappointed, shouldn’t I?]

[There is a feeling in my heart, resisting him, fighting him, declining him…]

She had no idea why and what it meant!

[I like him. I just do!] She twitched her lips and said to herself in her mind.

It seemed she was fighting against her own subconsciousness!

[I like him. I want to be his woman. Isn’t it a reasonable thing? Is it natural?]

[Humph! Don’t interfere! Get off me!]

She was warning somebody in her heart. In fact, she didn’t know who she was warning.

It was something existing in her heart anyway!

She turned quiet. Ye Xiao got up carefully. His bed was in the inner part of the room.

It was at the middle of the night already.

Song Jue was sitting in the highest watchtower of the House of Ye silently. He was sensing the spiritual qi in his body that he hadn’t operated for a long time. It started to form a spiritual net slowly.

He knew he couldn’t fail tonight.

Song Jue was someone who had gotten along with Bing-Er the longest time except Ye Xiao. He watched Bing-Er grow. He had realized that as long as the girl could grow up in safety, she would become the most powerful support for Ye Xiao!

She would become the most important partner in Ye Xiao’s life.

Song Jue believed that the girl would be the most powerful woman in Qing-Yun Realm in history!

She could reach the real peak of cultivation levels.

She would go far beyond the top of Dao Origin Stage in Qing-Yun Realm.

Song Jue was sure about it.

Because of that, he gave Ye Xiao this proposal and offered this plan. That was why he told Ye Xiao so much.

No matter how talented she was, if she grew up under protection all her life, she would never become powerful. Without experiencing storms, one would never succeed.

In the martial world, even a thief would have to survive countless of difficulties before he could live on.

And Bing-Er was going to be one of the top cultivators in the world!

[Brother Ye and me, we cannot be with Xiao Xiao for his entire life. Bing-Er can.] Song Jue thought in the breeze of the night.

[Bing-Er has to know the cruelty of the world… She has to know the truth! That’s the only way!]

[Otherwise, she will only become a curse, bringing trouble to him, not help.]

[Bing-Er will step on her path tonight.]

[I want to see Xiao Xiao holding Bing-Er’s hand running in the Qing-Yun Realm, traveling the universe. I want to see them invincible, with nobody daring to give them a impolite look!]

[I may not have that chance anymore, but I am willing to give up my life for them. Even if I will be misunderstood, I have to… make them a flat path! I will do whatever I can to build them a better path.]

[To live in the world, to travel in the martial world, sometimes, regretful thing happens only because one lacks of that tiny little experience.]

[Tonight, even if all manpower of Second Prince come, they won’t be able to hurt us.]

[But I cannot be reckless! I have to be patient and cautious!]

At the moment, it was so quiet in the house.

All the blood guards disappeared.

Song Jue arranged it on purpose.

If Second Prince came, he would definitely strike for an instant kill. He would definitely send all the superior cultivators to hell. When the blood guards dealt with normal soldiers, each of them could fight hundreds of soldiers. However, they were not strong enough to fight those superior cultivators so easily.

Second Prince would definitely give the order to kill everyone, as he needed to keep the whole thing a secret.

He was shameless and ignoble. He would do anything to achieve his goal. However, Ye Xiao’s side only wanted a practice to let Bing-Er learn the evil of men, the evil of humans, the evil in the world…

They didn’t need to put on so many brothers’ lives.

That was why Song Jue told the blood guards to stay down.

He wanted to face the enemy with silence!

The clock sounded. It was midnight.

It smelled choked in the air all of a sudden.

There seemed to be figures flashing from the distance.

Song Jue could feel eight strong breaths moving fast, closer and closer.

Well, they were strong in this world. Sky Origin Stage was strong in the Land of Han-Yang, however, for Song Jue, they were like chickens and dogs that he could kill within one hit.

"Here they are." Song Jue smiled coldly. He tried to hold the killing intent in his chest as he murmured, "It turns out this Second Prince does have many good men… There are lots of Sky Origin Stage cultivators under his lead… However, he sent them all over for just one woman. What a loser… I wonder if he will cry after what will happen tonight."

"Tonight, all his good men are going to die."

"He is simply sending these men to get killed in my hands…"

"Here they come!" Almost at the same time, Ye Xiao smiled coldly in his room.

[Beauty fools wise men! Second Prince, you are asking for death yourself. Do not blame me!]

In the breeze of the night, eight men in black were like eight devils riding dark clouds. They came to the House of Ye like wild wind. - Shoot! - They had jumped over the wall and got spots to hide themselves.

They moved weightlessly and skillful. They were good at sneaky moves.

"Hmm… How come no one is here? It shouldn’t be!" One of them murmured with confusion, "Such a great General’s House, why is the defense force so lame?"

Another voice answered, "Nothing special. They must have lived a peaceful life for too long… What happened last night was a big one, and the House of Ye was still fine after that. The guards must be proud and relaxed. They wouldn’t have any strong and careful minds."

"That’s true."

"I don’t care. Let’s just get the job done. Just get the girl back to the prince and we are done here."

"Right. Sooner it finishes, the better."

In the dark, eight shadows sneakily moved towards Ye Xiao’s yard…