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Chapter 523: Invasion

Chapter 523: Invasion

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For no apparent reason, they seemed to be familiar with everything in the General’s House. They knew every path in the house, not to mention nobody stood in their way, so they directly got to Ye Xiao’s yard. They took the shortest path to the yard. They seemed to know this place better than the owner, Ye Xiao. They got to the yard and they just made some hand gestures to each other. And then they jumped up to the air silently at the same time.

It looked like in the night sky of the House of Ye, eight ghosts flew up in the air.

And then they all waved their sleeves. Eight masses of dark smoke came out and spread in the yard. After a while, the yard was covered by dark smoke.

The next moment, the windows of Ye Xiao and Bing-Er’s room were stabbed in every direction. Small holes were made on the window and the dark smoke was getting into the room slowly.

Whoever in the room was, would never be able to escape the smoke as it got in from all directions!

The eight men in black were apparently very skillful in such a thing. They did it so fluently. They must have practiced a lot.

On the roof, Song Jue’s eyes emitted with two cold lights. He murmured, "Never thought they can be so skillful. They must have done many dirty works for Second Prince. Pricks… Animals…"

The eight men took further moves. Two of them stayed outside the room and another two jumped up to the roof. Two more stayed around the wall, preparing to help the others leave. The rest of the two got to the door like two ghosts. They slid close to the door as they listened to the inside. They would rush in and take the girl at any second.

Apparently, two of them were about to take the girl. After they got her, they left. If anybody stopped them, the two on the roof would get down and fight. That was the first wave. The two on the wall would help others leave. The two staying outside the room would be the vanguards!

Such thorough plan and perfect cooperation.

At the moment, the two on the door were listening to the inside. They were trying to make sure what was going on in the room.

Suddenly, their eyes lit up. One of them stayed still, while the other reached out one hand and pushed on the door.

The next moment, the bolt on the door was silently broken into pieces.

They slightly pushed the door and it was opened.

[That went so well!] The eight of them all thought so.

Ye Nantian was the No. 1 of the military in Kingdom of Chen. As the information stated, there was no Sky Origin Stage cultivator in his house, but there were some retired soldiers. Those were strong forces. Those soldiers had survived hundreds of battles in the war, and they were much more sensitive to dangers than many top cultivators.

The eight men had done so many things like this, but they didn’t dare to be reckless dealing with the House of Ye. They had done lots of preparations before they came. The reason why they could find the path to Ye Xiao’s room was that they had done perfect preparation, and there was no guards trying to stop them.

They were, after all, strong cultivators. The House of Ye wasn’t on guard, but even if there were guards around, they wouldn’t be able to fight the eight Sky Origin Stage cultivators! They were just a bunch of retired soldiers after all!

However, for the eight men, it was always better to get the job done smoothly!

At this moment, in the darkness, a weak and exquisite voice sounded, "Who… Who is that?"

The voice was shaking.

Apparently, the girl who spoke was most terrified.

She was trembling.

At the same time, something sounded. - Clang! - A flashing white light with a stream of cold qi lit up in the dark. The shiny white light revealed a most beautiful shaped shadow of a girl.


"Hmm? Why didn’t this girl fainted? That…" The man who seemed to be the leader humphed.

The girl’s voice was the only thing they could hear.

There seemed no other people moving in the room anymore!

One of the other men in black quickly got in the room and checked around. He then felt relieved and said, "This girl is spirited. She is a gifted one. She doesn’t get infected by our smoke! That foppish prick has fainted out. Not a problem now. Everything will go smoothly!"

The man thought that he knew everything, however, he didn’t know that the girl had a huge mass of energy inside her body. Not to mention the small tricks here, even the most powerful poisonous smoke couldn’t affect her.

The man beside the door felt relieved. He then spoke in a low voice, "Little girl. Shhh. Be quiet. Don’t panic. Be good. Just come with uncles. We will take you to a fantastic place."

He was exactly like a pedophile!

Bing-Er was terrified. Her pretty eyes were blinking with fear, "I… No… I don’t want to…"

And then she shouted, "Brother Xiao… Master… Master… Where are you… Answer me…"

However, no matter how she exclaimed, nobody responded to her.

The House of Ye was so big, yet she seemed to be the only person here alone.

"Quiet!" the man in black shouted in a deep voice. Apparently, he was a bit pissed. He was angry that the girl didn’t accept his kind words. He was afraid the girl would draw over the guards and put them into a unnecessary fight. They didn’t fear the guards in the House of Ye, but they also didn’t want to get in a fight.

When they realized nobody in the House of Ye would answer her, the man by the door smiled vilely. "This is the famous General’s House, huh? Those are the soldiers of the No. 1 Military God Ye Nantian? Heh, heh. Such a man, he actually never lost a battle ever. What a miracle in Kingdom of Chen!"

Before he finished talking, he had reached out his hand to grab Bing-Er.

Bing-Er exclaimed, and then she swayed her sword with instinct. A beautiful stream of cold qi burst with splendid lights.

The man in black exclaimed and hurriedly took back his hand. However, because it was so beyond his expectation, he couldn’t move quickly enough. His figure was cut, and blood came out from his finger.

This man was in the Sky Origin Stage, and he should be much stronger than Bing-Er. He thought that since Bing-Er was just a concubine of a foppish stupid young lord, so she must be so weak. Even though she was talented and didn’t faint out in the smoke, she was just a woman.

When Bing-Er showed her sword, he didn’t pay attention. When he reached out his hand to Bing-Er, he didn’t use any martial art.

However, unexpectedly, this weak and soft lady knew how to fight and she was a superior cultivator!

While the man in black was reckless, the girl was being cautious. Even though the man was much stronger, he was cut by Bing-Er.

He nearly died!