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Chapter 524: Exquisite Beauty!

Chapter 524: Exquisite Beauty!

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The man in black was cut in his finger, causing blood to ooze out from the wound. He was surprised and didn’t even think about defending. The sword in Bing-Er’s hand was a rare divine weapon. Even though Bing-Er was weak, the sword had broken down the man in black’s spiritual shield!

He felt pain in his hand, and he raged in anger, "Bixch! You asked for this!"

He then moved his both hands with light blue glows. Apparently, he decided to use his true power now; he didn’t want to restrain any of it.

However, when the light blue glow showed up, his eyes blinked. And then his face was full of astonishment.

In the light of the blue glow, what showed up in his sight was a pretty girl with a perfect shape. She was wearing white clothes like snow. Her hair was long, reaching down on her shoulders, and her face was so beautiful like she was a faery.

At the moment, her exquisite face was full of fear.


However, the terrified face was so delicate and charming. She looked so pure, elegant and exquisite!

He couldn’t stop wanting to protect her and love her.

He couldn’t think of bullying her anymore.

In her pretty small hand, there was a snow-white divine sword.

He couldn’t feel the threat from her at all!

She was standing there with fear in her eyes. Her beautiful lips were shut, and her entire body was was trembling. However, her beauty was still without a doubt!

"Now I understand why the Second Prince would have that stupid idea in this important time. Such a woman is a unique beauty in the universe. How can he not be touched! How can he not want to have her!"

The two men in black who had seen the beauty of Bing-Er were both shocked. They were all having the same thought.

While they were blank for a second, Bing-Er asked with worry, "What did you do… What did you do to my Brother Xiao?"

When she exclaimed just now, Ye Xiao didn’t respond, although he was so close to her. Bing-Er was afraid there was something wrong with him, so she was worried like hell. She didn’t care about what would happen to her, instead, she was just worried about Ye Xiao.

"Your little brother is fine. But you are not going to be fine. Of course, it is not a bad thing though. It is a great thing." The man in black laughed. With no reason, he talked more gently. He even talked like he had a bright future for the girl.

In front of this gorgeous woman, he seemed to be touched too…

Bing-Er wasn’t experienced, but she wasn’t stupid. She wouldn’t believe it. She thought for a while and then rushed into the inner room for Ye Xiao.

The two men in black flashed and got in her way.

That was so fast.

Bing-Er was shocked. And then she realized, [They are too strong. I cannot defeat them.]

And then she thought of something else, [They are here for me. If I leave this place, Master will be fine.]

She made up her mind!

Under the light of the blue glow, Bing-Er’s face was extremely beautiful—she looked so pure and smart. The two men in black were shocked again as they stopped there for a few seconds, dazed.

While they were blank, Bing-Er shouted and then moved aside. - Shoot! - She actually jumped to the yard all of a sudden.

It was so smooth and fast in such a beautiful way.

The two men were shocked by the beauty of Bing-Er. They saw Bing-Er get away, but because she was so beautiful while jumping, they failed to stop her in time. They just wanted to watch her longer.

Superior cultivators fight within seconds. If Bing-Er was in equal capability with the two men, they would have been killed dozens of times already because of the seconds they were blank. Even now, as Bing-Er had the Ice Soul Sword, as long as she could get a perfect position to strike, she could very likely kill them. However, Bing-Er wasn’t experienced enough. She couldn’t seize the opportunity!

"Master… Uncle Song…" Bing-Er started to shout as soon as she got off the room. She sounded worried, "You… Please come…"

She had just shouted, and the two men in black on the roof had jumped down off the roof.

One of them laughed and said, "Our chief and our third brother actually failed this time. They couldn’t even catch a little girl. I wonder what they will have to say…"

At the same time, the other men from other spots also came over.

They were all laughing in a deep voice.

The wind blew the clouds in the sky. Dark clouds flew away and the moon splashed the moon light to the ground.

It splashed on Bing-Er.

Under the moonlight, the eight men all saw Bing-Er’s face.

White clothes, exquisite face... every part of her was perfect. Even though she was panicking, she looked gorgeous!

Her eyes were like paintings. Language was poor to describe her beauty!

She was exactly like a faery!

She was a unique beauty in the universe!

At the moment, the eight of them all stared at Bing-Er’s face. They suddenly forgot what they were here for.

They all had the same thought inside their hearts, [If I take this beautiful girl away and give her to people like Second Prince, it will be ruining her… What a waste!]

However, the thought only lasted for seconds. They were Second Prince’s lowly dogs after all. They had gone so far in this mission now, so they had to finish it.

They could only sigh and think, [What a waste of such unique and exquisite beauty! What a waste!]

They had done many things like this before, but they had never regretted like this ever.

"You… Stay away! I… I am so powerful!" Bing-Er’s sword was shaking, and her face was pale. She kept stepping back. Although she was determined, she still felt scared. After all, she was facing eight enemies at one time, not to mention each of them was stronger than her. How could she not be terrified?

"Little girl, let’s go. No matter what, you won’t get away from us tonight! Don’t waste your energy to fight. If your pretty face is hurt, it will be the most pitiful thing in history. Please think more about it, lady!"

The leader of the men spoke from a higher position to Bing-Er. However, in the other seven’s ears, their chief sounded so soft and gentle at the moment.

Most unbelievably, the other seven men in black all agreed with the chief. None of them thought he was talking nonsense. What he just said seemed to be normal and necessary.

It was right to be soft and gentle while talking to a beautiful girl like Bing-Er.