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Chapter 525: Bing-Er’s First Fight!

Chapter 525: Bing-Er’s First Fight!

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"No way!" Bing-Er shook her head. "You! Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

"Girl, you don’t need to know who we are. It won’t make any difference." The leading guy sighed. "We are following orders. That is all. We have no choice. Lady, if you want to blame somebody, blame your beauty!"

"My beauty?" Bing-Er showed them a pale face and she spoke furiously, "Do you mean… being beautiful is a sin?"

"It is even more than that. In this world, if you don’t have a strong power but only a beautiful face, it will not only be your sin, but also lead to the collapse of your clan!"

The man sighed.

Bing-Er was confused and terrified. "So… Beauty is a sin?"

"Beauty is sin. When you are seen by a powerful man, you have sinned!" The man in black didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t help saying more.

"The reason for all this… is that somebody wants me?" Bing-Er suddenly forgot the fear in her heart. She was raging with flames of anger. "Do you think men can forcibly occupy a lady and her heart?"

The man in black sighed. "Girl, in some people’s eyes, women have no feelings. They don’t need feelings. Women are items that can be robbed… This is the world! It is sad and it is helpless!"

Bing-Er started to tremble.

However, she was not terrified. She was furious.

In her beautiful eyes, there was anger!

[There actually are such shameless and vile people in the world?]

She was holding the sword tighter and tighter.

"Why do you talk that much to her? Chief, let’s just bring her back. The night is long and anything could happen!" another man said.

The leader sighed and said, "Get her!"

He gave the order.

The man who was closest to Bing-Er moved and tried to grab her with his big hands.

Sky Origin Stage cultivators weren’t some ordinary men. The blue glow shined up and he fiercely got to Bing-Er.

Bing-Er raged up and shouted angrily, "So you are telling me… when you do such a filthy and disgusting thing, you still have conscience? Don’t you feel guilty?"

"The world belongs to strong! Strength means everything! Wealth or beauty, they all belong to the strongest!" The man in black humphed. "Girl, this is the world! This is the martial world! Get used to it!"

The man in black had rushed over to her.

Bing-Er was so angry that she forgot about fear in her heart. She moved aside and dodged. She was light weighted. The man grabbed empty air, but the man in black didn’t stop. He kept grabbing to her.

The fight was short. The man in black finally realized that the girl was talented. She was young but powerful. However, she was no higher than Earth Origin Stage, far beneath his level. He thought that even though she could escape a few strikes, she wouldn’t last long. As such, he kept rushing to her to grab her.

The other men in black all had the same opinion. They didn’t go help him. They thought it would become a joke to get more than one of the men to deal with the little girl who was no higher than Earth Origin Stage.

Bing-Er saw the man in black was getting closer. She didn’t move away this time; instead, she shouted and then swayed her sword, which caused a mass of silver light to splash over!

When she made this strike, she was fearless. Her chest was filled with hatred as she gritted with her teeth. Her face looked so cold.

She only felt that a feeling of violence had filled up her heart! It was going to vent out!

Splendor Covers the World!

That was the name of this strike.

Under the moonlight, Bing-Er was wearing white clothes. She danced like an faery as her long sword turned into a stream of splendor that shined like the moon. Bing-Er was like a faery of ice, descending from the moon!

The sword strike was fierce and fatal, but it looked so beautiful! It obsessed people and shook people’s souls! The men couldn’t feel the danger in it at all. They were immersed in the beauty of it and couldn’t get out.

All of a sudden, the silver light covered the man in black. He was totally under the splendor.

The sword light was cold; the sword breath howled. It was such a splendid scene! Beautiful! Wondeful!

It was actually such a powerful strike!

It had never shown up in this world ever!

When the man saw this attack, he was shocked and terrified. He exclaimed and tried to step back, however, it was too late. Several strides of sword wounds appeared on his body.

His clothes was cut into pieces, which made him look like a beggar!

Everyone was stunned.

They could never imagine that such a weak and soft girl was actually so vicious in a fight. She showed no mercy! She just wanted to kill!

The man who got cut was the fifth brother among the eight men. That sword strike could totally chop him into eighty pieces if she was a bit stronger!

Bing-Er was just level 4 of the Earth Origin Stage, while her opponent was in the Sky Origin Stage. That was a huge difference. Even though her sword art was splendid, it shouldn’t end like this. Bing-Er’s Ice Soul Sword was specially designed by Ye Xiao, not to mention it was a divine weapon. It was never some ordinary thing. The sword art was surely powerful, so was the sword, but it couldn’t completely break the defensive shield of that man. However, the man was seriously injured!

"The chick is unbelievable! Her sword art is marvelous!" the fifth man who was attacked exclaimed.

"You are beaten by a little girl, and you still shouted like that! Stop being so shameless! Stop shouting!" The leader was not so happy about it. "Long night! No more martial world morality anymore now! Go get her! All of you! Get it done quickly!"

As the order was given, three other men moved over to her at the same time.

They all started to attack Bing-Er.

The men in black all knew that Bing-Er didn’t have a high cultivation—she was no higher than Earth Origin Stage. Her sword art was brilliant, but it was difficult to turn over the fight. It was only a matter of time for them to capture her. If her sword wasn’t that incredibly sharp, the fifth man wouldn’t get hurt.

Bing-Er was determined to keep fighting. She kept her mouth shut and swayed the sword like crazy. - Clang… -

Sounds of rain storms resounded in the air.

Bing-Er was driven by the anger in her heart. Even though three Sky Origin Stage cultivator were attacking her at the same time, she defended three, five, eight, over a dozen strikes!

[I belong to Master! You are not going to take me!]

[Whoever forces me to leave Master is destroying my life.]

[I would even sacrifice my life to kill him!]