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Chapter 526: Murderous Sword Strike!

Chapter 526: Murderous Sword Strike!

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When she thought about ‘I would even sacrifice my life to kill him’, the murderous thought that rose from the bottom of her heart was raging.

All of a sudden.

Bing-Er found that… she had a weird thought in her head.

It was an image—a clear image.

In the image, there was a girl in black who had the same face as Bing-Er. She jumped up high and reached out one hand. The hand was so fast that it seemed to break the physical distance. It grabbed on a man’s head and smashed it into pieces!

When that image showed up in her head, the murderous qi was raging inside her. It filled her chest fast!

She was stepping back under the attacks from the three enemies. At the moment, she was only forcibly defending herself. However, when that thought appeared in her head, a special qi came out inside her.

The three men who were attacking her suddenly felt something changed. They felt dangerous all of a sudden!

They were frightened. It was their instincts that warned them about the fatal danger.

While they were trying to make it fast and end it soon, the girl suddenly moved aside. The next moment, a sword was shot to them in high speed!

That was a simple sword strike!

Just a direct stab!

Nothing special!

But it was fast. It was extremely fast!

It was so fast that no one could catch it!

It was like lightning!

It came from nowhere and was shot to nowhere! It was vividly there but difficult to touch or to catch!

- Puff! -

It was so fast and it aimed at the middle of the three men. It flew so fast and hit on the chest of the man in the middle!

The man in the middle only felt it cold on the chest.

He couldn’t believe that he was hit by the sword.

He looked down to check the wound. The snow-white sword was dragged out of his chest already, and blood was running out from the wound. The sword was actually still clean and white, without even a single speck of blood on it.

The man couldn’t believe it. He moaned and it sounded inside his throat. He failed to say anything, and instead he only fell down to the floor slowly.

When his head touched the floor, he stopped breathing. In his eyes, there was surprise and shock. He still couldn’t believe it!

Not only him, all the other men in black couldn’t believe it. They were all stunned.

They would have never thought that one of them would die in this fight, while they were fighting someone who was a lot weaker than any of them!

Bing-Er nailed it by the first strike. Blood flowed on the floor, causing her to feel sick. She wanted to throw up, however, that feeling disappeared soon. Another feeling, which was full of violence, destruction and hatred, was raging in her chest!

In her head, the image of that woman in black showed up again. It was her in black suit. She jumped up to the sky and rushed down to the floor, hitting on the crowd from hundreds of meters high!

That moment, Bing-Er could see the disgusting faces of the people in the crowd!

That girl in black was falling to the crowd. Before she touched the earth, she became cold-blooded and she swayed her two hands. Countless splendid lights appeared and lit up the surroundings.

Hundreds of people in the crowd suddenly burst into dew. After a while, everything returned to silence!

What could be seen was all the enemies exploded when they were touched by the light. Fresh blood splashed everywhere, and the place was covered by blood and bones at once. None of the hundreds of men managed to escape!

They all died!

At that moment, the girl in black stood on the ground again. She shouted and then flew up again. - Shoot! - She disappeared.

The next moment, Bing-Er felt that she was moving on the clouds.

She was actually flying in the sky!


Bing-Er was frightened.

[Why would I feel that?

Is that… me?]

She didn’t have time to think about that anymore. The raging feeling of violence and destruction was getting more and more drastic! It almost filled up her chest. It seemed to be seeping through her entire body, and it was about to explode. She felt like it was going to rage upon herself.

She wasn’t sure if when it burst out, she could still be the same girl like she was now. Maybe she would become another person by then…

A strong feeling was rising up…

Nobody knew that Bing-Er’s eyes were turning to some strange dark color.

The crazy murderous thought was still growing.

She could feel that there was an enormous mass of energy that was coming out from her body!

It was a strong mass energy that could destroy the entire world when it burst!

If that energy burst, not only the men in black, but also the entire Land of Han-Yang could be destroyed by her within one hit!

That was her instinct!

It came from nowhere! She didn’t have a reason for it!

However, she trusted her instinct! She was sure that it was true!

The men in black all exclaimed, "Brother Six!"

They gathered over.

However, that six man couldn’t answer them anymore. He died.

The men in black saw their brother die. They were furious. They shouted, "Bxtch! We didn’t want to hurt you. We showed mercy in every move! How dare you! Merciless bxtch! "

Bing-Er was immersed in that weird and fantastic image.

She clearly saw that woman in black open her eyes. In her eyes, there was full of coldness and terror.

Killing intent surged out from her eyes, and it was so murderous that it could even wipe the world!

At the same time, a strong power was rushing into her body through her right hand, from which she held the sword. The sword suddenly started shaking. It was making some strange sound! It was like the sword had been thirsty for such a long time, and it was cheering for the blood it was going to drain!

"I will kill you all!"

Bing-Er gritted her teeth and spoke word by word in a deep voice.

The snow-white sword was raised up again!

Song Jue had been watching it all night. He was there to make sure Bing-Er’s safety. When he saw Bing-Er slaughter that man in black, he was astonished!


What is going on down there?]

Song Jue had fought with Bing-Er for an entire afternoon. He knew so well about Bing-Er’s power, especially her sword art!

[Why… That man in black looked so fierce and strong. He should be in Sky Origin Stage. Why would he get instant killed by Bing-Er?]