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Chapter 527: No One Leaves!

Chapter 527: No One Leaves!

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[That man in black died. It’s not a big deal. When Ye Xiao shows up or I show up, he will die anyway. It’s not a big issue that Bing-Er killed him. However, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable about killing somebody for the first time!

She calmed down immediately!

That is so weird!

More than that, she was getting even more violent!

She had only killed one man, yet it actually created the phenomenon of killings!]

Song Jue couldn’t believe it. He came up with a thought that he wouldn’t believe. [Is she born to be a figure in the martial world?]

[That’s enough!] Song Jue and Ye Xiao both had the same thought.

Bing-Er had done a great job tonight. It was beyond their expectation!

In Song Jue’s plan, Bing-Er should be captured and truly experience the evilness of those men. As long as he could kill those men before they really hurt Bing-Er, everything would be fine. Ye Xiao would show up and comfort the girl, and Song Jue didn’t need to do anything after that. However, now his great plan could never work!

Bing-Er would only need to be slightly guided, as she had such strong mental prowess.

In Ye Xiao’s plan, Bing-Er wouldn’t even need to be captured. If he knew Song Jue’s plan, they would burst into a fight for sure!

In Ye Xiao’s mind, Bing-Er belonged to himself!

He wouldn’t allow anybody to touch her, not to mention bully her!

Captured? That must be joking!

The seven men in black got over together. In their eyes, there was no more hesitation; there was only hatred! In the sky, black clothes flew as endless killing intent rushed over to Bing-Er fiercely!

Bing-Er kept thinking about the situation; she knew she couldn’t defend this directly. She moved aside to escape the attack. The long sword in her hand was shaking even drastically. That mass of fierce power was so close to burst and sweep the enemies!

At this moment…

A bland voice sounded, "You pieces of sh*ts. How dare you make troubles in my place. You even want to take my woman. I guess you have lived too long and you are so desperately willing to die. Okay then. Go to hell you all!"

As the voice sounded, the three men in front of the seven moaned and fell straight down to the ground!

The other four was terrified and they started to move back.

They looked to where the voice sounded.

They only saw a young man in white clothes. He looked handsome while wearing a light robe. His face was cold, and he kept his hands on his back. He walked slowly out from the room. In his eyes, there was only cold killing intent.

On his face, there was a bland smile.

That smile didn’t seem caring at all. It was like he would kill the entire world without any hesitation.

They were frightened by that smile.

"Ye Xiao!" the man who led the group exclaimed.

"Master!" As Ye Xiao showed up, Bing-Er called him loudly. In her voice, there was relief. The concern, the worries, and her love for Ye Xiao were all shown in it.

The fierce mass of power that was about to burst out suddenly disappeared when she saw Ye Xiao.

After that, her entire body felt weak and sore. She staggered and nearly fell down; she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Ye Xiao moved over fast through two men in black. The two of them didn’t even have time to react, and Ye Xiao had passed them by. He held Bing-Er on the waist and held her in his arms.

Ye Xiao moved so fast like ghost. The seven men in black were all shocked. They felt cold in hearts. They were more terrified than earlier now.

They couldn’t believe there was a man in the Land of Han-Yang who could get pass between the two of them so casually. He treated the two men like nothing, and the two of them couldn’t do anything about it!

They were being highly cautious at that moment.

[What is that? What martial art is that?]

The three men who had been hit down by Ye Xiao’s needles were astonished. They nearly forgot about the pain on them, having their eyes wide opened.

"Don’t worry. I am here. Just take some rests," Ye Xiao spoke to Bing-Er gently.

"Master, it is great… that you are fine!" Bing-Er spoke in a low voice, "I was worried that they might have hurt you…" As she spoke, her eyes turned red. She was about to burst in tears.

She had been thinking that she might not be able to see her master. She knew she was worried about that, but she didn’t want to admit it. The desperation drove her so hard that the extreme power in her was pushed out. Now that she was relieved, she just felt like crying. She just wanted to vent the sad feelings in her heart.

She was such a weak little girl at the moment.

As she was relieved, she also got a powerful support beside her now. It seemed nothing in the world could threaten her now!

Thinking about that, Bing-Er was even weaker than she should be!

"I am surely fine. How can these d*ckheads hurt me. Bing-Er, you suffered too much." Ye Xiao tightly held her in his arms and comforted her gently like no one was around them. He then turned over and looked at those men in their eyes. He became fierce again. "Don’t worry. None of these bastards can leave! I will never let them go! Look how well they bonded to each other. Brothers, I will give you the honor to go to hell together! I surely will!"

"Ye Xiao! What dirty tricks did you use to hurt my brothers?" The leader didn’t know what truly happened to the three wounded men. He only heard Ye Xiao talk, and then three of his brothers fell off. It was quite weird for him really.

Things were going against the men in black. Another scary voice sounded, "Is it really so important how your brothers got hurt? No! Not really! The most important thing was that you are all going to die tonight. None of you can survive this. None of you could leave here! I am telling you!"

They looked up to where the voice sounded. A man stood in the sky. He put his hands on the back. While he was talking, he paced down from up in the sky.

It looked like it was not the air he was stepping on, but instead solid stairs!

He was exactly Song Jue.