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Chapter 528: The Super Master Song!

Chapter 528: The Super Master Song!

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Song Jue hadn’t shown his true power for many years. Not that he didn’t want to, he just wasn’t able to. Now that he had been cured by a secret powerful man, he was fully recovered. At the moment, a fight was ahead of him, and deep down his heart, he was full of agitation that only cultivators at his level had.

He couldn’t wait to show what he could do with such a great opportunity.

What he said was just the beginning. It was exactly what he wanted, and he was so happy about it. He acted casually, like he didn’t care about it at all. He just wanted to act like a super master.

No matter what, what he had done just now was fierce and full of power!

Whoever knew about martial art or martial world would thought that he must be a super powerful cultivator!

Only people that was strong like Ye Xiao would sigh speechlessly. [I never knew such an old man can still put on such a play… How pretentious… It is somehow so annoying to me… I am the most overwhelming figure in this place now!]

"Pacing the Void!"

The leader man in black exclaimed. His voice was shaking!

There is an old saying, ‘such a bliss to be ignorant’. The leader of them was apparently not that ignorant. For a man like him, what did Pacing the Void mean? That was some skill that even top Sky Origin Stage cultivators couldn’t handle.

What terrified him the most was that he knew that man pacing in the sky. He was the steward of the House of Ye, Song Jue!

Who could imagine that the steward of this house was actually a superior cultivator who was beyond the cultivation limit of this realm! With such a great master, the House of Ye was not only safe, but also invincible! It wouldn’t be difficult for the House of Ye to even conquer the world!

[What the hell is this?]

What he needed to know was that he and his brothers were truly in bad luck this time. They were actually trying to capture someone from a house like this, which was protected by such strong figures! They were actually trying to take away a woman!

The seven men felt ridiculous now.

[Sh*t. Are we out of our minds?]

[How could such thing happen on us? Unbelievable! What a bad luck!]

[I guess there is nothing much we can do now, isn’t it?]

[We are Second Prince’s men. Shall we telt them the truth and scare them by that? Maybe they will let it go?]

[Will they? No!]

[If Second Prince knows about this right now, he will abandon us immediately. If the king knows it, he will probably kill Second Prince to beg for forgiveness. Steward Song is a super powerful figure in our world right now!]

"You… You are the… steward? Steward Song?" One of the men in black couldn’t believe it. He asked, hoping that he would get a negative answer.

What if he was some super powerful master from somewhere else but looked exactly the same as Song Jue?

They knew it was barely possible, but they still wanted that hope!

Song Jue raised his head up and arrogantly spoke, "Who else could I be?"

The seven men looked at each other. The three lying on the floor felt even weaker now.

The other four who weren’t hurt yet all showed complex expressions in their eyes.

"How bold of you guys!" Song Jue stood there with his hands on the back. He acted exactly like a super master cultivator. He looked down upon them and spoke in a casual tone, "You guys really got guts! I haven’t made any strike for many years. Is the world ridiculous like this now? A few rats actually rushed over to my house and tried to capture one of us! I truly cannot understand how this world runs anymore! Not anymore!"

A terrifying powerful cultivator—Steward Song—was right in front of them. Besides, Ye Xiao was there too. Nobody knew how strong he could be. They felt there was barely any chance for them to survive.

"Fine. We are fxcked!" The leader sounded gloomy. He said, "Do what you want on us. Kill us or what."

While he was speaking, his fingers moved fast and made some strange sounds.

Before he finished talking, the four of them rushed up and fled to different directions!

[House of Ye is unbelievably powerful.

We have to inform Second Prince as soon as we can!

We only need one man return!

They can capture us, but there is no evidence showing that we work for the Second Prince. There is still room to negotiate on!]

What a good thought, but reality was cruel!

Ye Xiao humphed and waved his right hand. Two streams of cold lights struck over like lightnings!

Two men who just flew up in the air suddenly felt torpid somewhere on their bodies. They lost control of their bodies and then fell down to the ground at once. They fell on the floor so hard and couldn’t get up.

The two flying needles were stabbed into their dantian.

They weren’t able to use any energy to move anymore as their dantian was broken.

To capture them alive, Ye Xiao didn’t use his Demonic Needles, instead, he only used ordinary needles. However, even so, because of the cold qi on the needles, the two of them turned pale on the faces right away.

They looked at Ye Xiao like looking at ghost!

The famous foppish useless young lord had just waved his hand and two men actually fell down and couldn’t do anything now!

[How did he do it?]

[For so many years, this foppish young lord has been pretending all the time?]

The men in black saw Song Jue like they saw a god who was invincible in fights. When they saw Ye Xiao, they seemed to be looking at a ghost. He was unpredictable and also invincible!

Ye Xiao walked over to one of them and stepped on one man’s chest. He blandly spoke, "Do you really think you can come and go as you wish? Huh?"

He then pushed his foot. The man under his foot screamed and spat out lots of blood!

Ye Xiao was angry. It was a heavy stamp!

On the other side, Song Jue wasn’t so casual when he got on them. When two of those men ran, he didn’t hesitate. He pushed his hand fast and a cyan glowing hand appeared in the air. It then turned into a running tiger, rushing out to one of the two running men!

- Crack! -

Song Jue hadn’t use this power for many years, so he couldn’t hold back even for a bit. It turned out that his strike was a little too powerful. When that man was hit by that glowing figure, his body couldn’t take that energy—his body suddenly exploded into flesh and blood on the ground!