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Chapter 529: Captured at One Time!

Chapter 529: Captured at One Time!

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Almost at the same time, Song Jue flew up in the air. He rushed out over twenty meters ahead in an instant, and then he reached out one hand from his sleeve. He grabbed on the head of the leader and shouted, "Down you go!"

- Crack! -

The big head of that man was smashed in Song Jue’s hand!

It looked like a broken watermelon at the moment!

Song Jue looked at his own hand, speechless.

He looked at the flesh and blood on the ground and couldn’t say a word.

When he saw Bing-Er and Ye Xiao, who were about to throw up, he shrugged and laughed. "Careless! I was careless! I pushed it too hard. Look what I did… My bad…"

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He really didn’t know what to say to him! [Old bastard, putting on a heroical show for so long and then turning the entire place into a slaughter house full of flesh and blood. Who said the older one is always the wise one? That is so not right!]

"Orhhh…" Bing-Er wanted to throw up.

For a girl, such a bloody scene would definitely cause discomfort on her. Whoever could be indifferent to it was definitely sick. Bing-Er nearly threw up but she didn’t show any other negative conditions. She was good!

Ye Xiao looked at Bing-Er. He saw her disgusted but not so badly.

Her eyes were filled with coldness. There was no anxiety or fear in them.

It seemed she was not so repellant to the bloody scene.

In fact, she was even a bit cold and vicious.

Ye Xiao felt relaxed, but he sighed. He thought, [The girl can really fit in the martial world. She got used to this bloody scene so fast. However… It is too faster than I wish. When I first experienced things like this, it took me half a day to get over it. I even threw up badly!]

"Uncle Song, look what you did. It is a mess in the yard…" Ye Xiao pointed at the yard and said, "This… This is disgusting. It is fine if you do it outside. I don’t see it, I don’t get annoyed. But this is our place. How much work should we put on to clean all this up. Even after we clean it, it won’t feel good…"

Song Jue knew that he did something wrong. He looked regretful.

What he wanted to do was to act heroic and build a great image in Bing-Er and Ye Xiao’s hearts. However, it ended up in him screwed it up. He made the place full of blood and flesh. It was ugly. However, he said, "B*llshit… A few men died with blood splashed away… So what. We are going to kill them sooner or later… Better get them killed soon…"

He didn’t even know how to make it up himself…

Ye Xiao was speechless about it. It wasn’t a big deal anyway. He looked at the five that didn’t die yet, then he asked Bing-Er, "Girl, what will you do to the rest of them?"

"Master… You are asking me… What I want to do with these five?" Bing-Er looked at him with confusion in her eyes. She pointed at herself on the nose with her pretty little finger. She was so cute right now.

She was so adorable! Extremely adorable! Ye Xiao couldn’t think of a proper word to describe how adorable she was!

Bing-Er never thought that Ye Xiao would let her make the decision on how to deal with the five men.

She never thought that she could control people’s lives!

"Yes. There were eight men in black tonight. Three of them died." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "They are here to take you away and hurt you. As the victim, what do you want to do to them? You make the call."

Bing-Er understood what was going on now, however, she was hesitant; she didn’t know what to do.

The five men lit up their eyes.

[The girl is apparently naive and pure. She hasn’t experienced a lot. She may be tough. She would fight desperately for her master. That is reasonable. Girls like this always have one weak point. They are always soft-hearted.]

[If she let us go tonight, we can survive this.]

[We lost three brothers. We are angry and sad, but as long as the five of us live on, we will have the chance to take revenge someday!]

[Even though we know how powerful they are, and we may not have the chance to take revenge in this life, but we can still live! Who wants to die when there is a chance to live!]

Ye Xiao exactly knew what they were thinking. He blandly spoke, "Whoever dares to speak one word, you five die immediately."

The five men were just about to say something to beg for forgiveness, yet Ye Xiao stopped them. They had to keep their mouths shut.

None of them suspected Ye Xiao’s words. They might ruin the only chance they had to survive. They all looked at Bing-Er, hoping the beautiful and nice girl would give them a chance to live!

Bing-Er didn’t keep them waiting. She only hesitated for a few seconds before it reminded her what they had said earlier.

‘Beauty is a sin!’ ‘It will not only be your sin, but also lead to the collapse of your clan!’

She turned to them and asked, "I asked you. Don’t you feel ashamed and guilty when you do things like this? Can you be relieved? You told me that only the strongest owns the rules. Now that I am the stronger one, what do you have in your mind? Let me ask you something. How many times have you done things like this before?"

The five men looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say.

If they didn’t answer, they would die. If they answered it with honesty, they would also die, because it would piss her off!

Should they answer it with lies?

Song Jue’s face looked solemn, while Ye Xiao looked fierce.

They were both experienced men; they already knew the truth.

If they said it was their first time, even the girl wouldn’t believe it, not to mention the two powerful men. If they said they had done many such acts, they would die for it.

"There has been many times." The new leader looked gloomy. "We follow orders. There is nothing we can do."

"Many times huh…" Bing-Er’s eyes were filled with sorrow. That meant many good girls had been destroyed while they were in their most beautiful age!