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Chapter 531: Raging Killing Qi

Chapter 531: Raging Killing Qi

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Unlike now, there was never a moment in his two lives that he would be more covetous and impatient… to kill someone!

The Second Prince!

That currish animal covered by human skin!

He deserved to die!

He must die!

[I am going to give him a miserable and extremely painful death. If not, how does it comfort those girls that died because of him!]

"Bing-Er, do you have a decision now? Or do you need to consider it a few more minutes?" Ye Xiao asked blandly. In his voice, there was extreme coldness.

He had made up his mind that even if Bing-Er was too softhearted to kill these men, he wouldn’t let them live!

These men in black must die!

The darkness in Bing-Er’s eyes faded away. Her eyes became bright and clear again. Her pretty face was a bit green and she said, "Master, such lunatic murderers deserve only one thing. Death!"

"Not only these five though. I want… all those who participated in this thing to die! They all deserve to die!"

Bing-Er spoke furiously.

As she spoke those words, Song Jue and Ye Xiao turned around and looked at her in surprise.

To be honest, to hear the word ‘death’ from Bing-Er was more surprising than her sparing them. They had never thought that Bing-Er would be so fierce!

"Bing-Er, it is easy to kill the five men here. But you have to know that if we kill all the men involved, there will be a huge number of death!"

Ye Xiao spoke in peace, "It should be at least a hundred thousand!"

Bing-Er gritted her teeth and said, "So what? Whoever participated have long lost their humanity. They are simply animals in human skins walking in the world. One hundred thousand, one million, ten million, as long as I am capable, I will kill them all!"

"Spare no one!"

"Otherwise, how to comfort the souls of those who died in pain!"

She was decisive and resolute!

A special qi of killing that only belonged to Bing-Er was aroused at the moment!

No women wouldn’t want to kill all the men that bullied girls like that!

They should all get slaughtered! No mercy!

Ye Xiao slowly took a breath out and slowly spoke, "Since Bing-Er wishes so, I shall make my promise. I will never spare any of the men who participated in this evilness. No matter who they are, where they come, what stands behind them, from Second Prince to all the procuress and guards in the brothels in the kingdom… I will kill them all. No mercy!"

"Besides, all those are connected to Voluptuous Flower Building… I will kill them all too! No exception!"

Ye Xiao sounded rather solemn.

"The Voluptuous Flower Building has been running in the world for eight years… Every year, there are about twenty thousand girls that die in the capital. In the entire kingdom… It should be at least a hundred thousand! Eight years, that means at least eighty thousand girls died!"

Eighty thousand souls!

What a horrible number. Beside, those were all young girls in their perfect age!

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath. "If I don’t kill all those who are involved… How do I feel relieved?"

"Master…" Bing-Er turned her head and stared at him. "Bing-Er doesn’t like blood and killings. But… These people. They deserve to die. I will do it myself!"

Ye Xiao blandly said, "Good. Let’s start it tonight! The earlier we start it, the less girls will be murdered!"

On his face, there was sharp killing intent. He gently said, "Start it now!"

His hands suddenly lit up with sharp lights.

A stream of cold qi burst out. It swayed over and five heads fell to the floor at the same time!

The five men in black didn’t even have time to exclaim before their heads got chopped off by Ye Xiao!

He didn’t break his words. He didn’t torture them. He gave them a quick death. One sword, five heads off. Five died!

The eight Sky Origin Stage cultivators who were sent over by Second Prince all died!

However, it was just the beginning of a massacre!

"Let’s go!" Ye Xiao truly didn’t want to wait any longer.

He couldn’t endure that there was actually such an organization in the world that was run by a prince and did coldblooded harm to girls. Ye Xiao’s couldn’t tolerate it anymore!

Since he was capable to do something, he decided to do it directly!

Song Jue wanted to catch up with Ye Xiao, but he stopped and was stunned!

Something stunned such a master level cultivator. That must be something big. In fact, it wasn’t that magical though!

Song Jue saw the extreme cold qi flowing around Ye Xiao’s body!

That cold qi…

Song Jue felt so familiar with it…

Why so?

It reminded Song Jue the mysterious man who cured him!

That man saved his life but never showed himself! His savior!

"Xiao Xiao!" Song Jue came up with a ridiculous thought. At least, he believed it was ridiculous. He asked, "Could it be… The man who treated my wounds for me… is never some hidden super cultivator… Was it… you?"

Ye Xiao was stunned. He realized that he accidentally showed the extreme cold qi because he was too angry. He didn’t think it necessary to hid it from Song Jue anymore. He smiled. "Uncle Song, a big issue is in front of us. Why focus on such a small thing? Come on. Let’s get on it! Let’s go and pay a visit to this unique prince in the world. He must be a historic figure in the world, very likely the unique figure both in the past and the future."

As he spoke, he held Bing-Er’s hand and flew up to the sky.

In the night sky, Bing-Er’s white clothes was floating. Within seconds, they had gone far.

"What do you mean little thing? That concerns my life and my capability! What an important thing to me. Why do you take it as an inconsequential thing?" Song Jue was a bit upset. He rubbed his head and said, "Am I a small figure so my things are inconsequential…"

Song Jue was a bit upset, but he knew it wasn’t a good time to stick on such a thing now.

Ye Xiao had gone far with Bing-Er. Song Jue was afraid they would get in any troubles. He knew Ye Xiao was capable enough to save themselves, but as Bing-Er was there, there might be some accident.

He hid the gloom in his heart and jumped up, trying to catch up with them.