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Chapter 532: In Prince“s Palace

Chapter 532: In Prince's Palace

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[When we come back, I am so going to get it done with you! You want to cure me, fine! Why do you have to knock me out every time! Am I such a good target for you…]

Song Jue was thinking.

[Hmmm… Since when did the kid become so good in cultivation?] He couldn’t think it through, [He was just in Human Origin Stage a few months ago. He got a big progress a few days ago, but that boosted him to Earth Origin Stage only… But now he killed Sky Origin Stage cultivators so easily. What level is he right now… Isn’t he more like a monster than Bing-Er…]

[Could it be… monsters always stay together?]

He was full of confusion. His head was filled with muss. He couldn’t understand it, and he couldn’t believe it either.

In the sky, wild wind started.

Dark clouds were gathering. The moon was fully covered!

It seemed even the moon didn’t want to see the bloodshed that was about to happen.

[Do whatever you want.]

[I won’t see anything…]

As dark clouds covered its eyes, it wouldn’t judge the mortal world!

In Second Prince’s Place.

The prince was sitting in a chair, waiting for his men to take back the beauty.

In front of him, there was a big Chinese chessboard. An old man with white beard was playing the Chinese chess with him. That old man was wearing light colored clothes. Both his hair and beard were white, but he still looked strong and tough. He looked a little like a sage.

However, while his eyes rolled, there was an extremely dirty look in the eyes. That ruined his good image.

The dirtiness was difficult to cover no matter what he did. It was deep inside his bones.

"Master, money from south and north has arrived in the capital today." The prince put a chess piece on the board casually, which made a loud sound. "However… money from the east has been robbed. It is said that people of House of the Chaotic Storms did it."

The old man stared at the chessboard. He frowned and said, "Is it a solid information?"

The prince nodded. "Should be. They are at least involved."

The old man took in a deep breath and said, "If so, we may have to stop the business in the east for some time. Or maybe we can send somebody to do some destructions on ourselves… It will cover us up at some point. The House of the Chaotic Storms is not ordinary force. We must not mess with them. We wouldn’t, we don’t and we won’t."

The prince nodded. "I thought so too."

The old man put a chess piece on the board and said, "If you think so too, that will be great. You have to understand, your honor. In this world, even your father cannot threaten us. However, the House of the Chaotic Storm is somebody we can never afford messing with!"

Second Prince nodded. "For eight years, we went so smoothly in this business. The recent one year, the House of the Chaotic Storms stopped us many times. I guess we are going to get through a tough time financially."

The old man raised up his head slowly. His dirty eyes lit up. "That is something we cannot solve… the House of the Chaotic Storms is so powerful. It is riding upon the entire Land of Han-Yang in all history. The owner, Master Bai, never shows himself. It is the two ladies, Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens who take charge of it… Think about it… If these two ladies know what we do… What will happen?"

The prince’s face changed for a while. He then forcibly smiled. "What should I fear for? Nothing, as long as I have you on my side, Master!"

"B*llshit!" The old man didn’t like it. "In your eyes, I may be one of the top cultivators in the world. I won’t deny it, because I am. However, in some people’s eyes, I am no more valuable than a fart! If the House of the Chaotic Storms gets on to us, I will run the hell away as fast as I can! Do not have fluke mind!"

"Remember one thing, we stay as low profile as we can now. When the House of the Chaotic Storms stops making chaotic storms, we go on with it. If our business is revealed to the public, we are doomed." The old man humphed.

Second Prince said, "Yes. That is the only way."

The old man stopped and then he said, "Hmm. By the way, you can stop everything, but never stop giving me blood of virgins. That you must serve me!"

Second Prince smiled. "Certainly. I will never delay your cultivation progress."

In his mind, he was cursing. [Fxck you. I talked so much to tell you that it is so difficult to get that bloody thing for you! Now you understand every word I said, yet you still asked for blood of virgins?]

[Where the fxck do I find such a thing for you? It is a time of war now!]

Thinking about virgins, it reminded him the prettiest and purest girl that he met in his life, for whom he had sent his men to capture. He suddenly felt hot down his body. The private part of him rose up quickly.

He was looking forward to it. He shouted, "Is Zhou Da back with his men?"

Somebody answered him from outside the door, "Not yet. Don’t worry, your honor. The eight of them went on the job together. It never failed when they strike together. It is just a General’s House. It won’t be difficult."

Second Prince nodded.

The old man didn’t get the answer he wanted. He wouldn’t let it go. He asked again, "Are you sure that you can give me one hundred virgins by the middle of this month?"

Second Prince sighed in his mind.

[Chen-Xing City is in a mess right now. At this moment, the only thing you care is the one hundred fxcking virgins that you want. What the fxck…]

However, he knew so well that his life had been bonded to this devil long ago. He couldn’t leave it anymore. If he didn’t do as that old man said, or the old man got angry with him, he would lose everything he had now!

"Absolutely! No problem!" Second Prince sincerely spoke, "It will be delayed no more than two days! It won’t take the third day after the tenth this month. Before that, I will give you all the virgins you want."