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Chapter 533: Raging Over

Chapter 533: Raging Over

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The old man nodded with satisfaction, "Good, then it won’t stop my progress!"

The Second Prince held a chess piece in his hand, thinking. He watched the chessboard and hesitated on where to put it.

He met this old man eight years earlier. When the old man knew that he was a prince, he started to give the prince promises to allure him.

‘I can help you get on the throne.’

‘I can teach you mysterious martial art.

‘I can extend your life.’

‘I can…’

‘I can give you all you want, and you just need to help me back!’

Who wouldn’t want that throne? He was a prince.

Besides, he could get many other things other than the throne!

After Second Prince showed the old man his power, they made the deal. Even when they made the deal, he didn’t know what the old man wanted him to do!

What Second Prince did after that was the plan of Voluptuous Flower Building. He knew from the beginning how conscienceless and brutal the thing he was going to do.

However, when lots of money kept coming to him, and more and more people came to support him, not to mention he became capable to fight against his big brother…

He didn’t have the choice to retreat.

He was full of ambition.

[Successful man doesn’t stick at trifles.] He always comforted himself. [I will only need to sacrifice a few hundreds of thousand girls and I will get to my great achievement! The land belongs to the winner. All people belongs to the king. The kingdom will be mine in the future. The winner writes history. Who will care about such trifles!]

[There are people dying in the war!]

[People die for the new king!]

It was so difficult to snatch the crown from the Crown Price.

However, with the old man’s support, everything was going to a good path.

[As long as I can get on the throne, every sacrifice is worth it!]

He first felt guilty, but then felt happy, and then he felt satisfied and relieved, at last lunatic and shameless…

That was only in one and a half year!

When he was over it, he always plausibly talked, "There is no women in the world who can keep their virginity after all! Since it will be broken someday anyway, why does it matter who breaks it? Why not me? Absolutely me! I am a prince! I am noble!"

"I am the future king! I take their virginity, it is a blessing to them! Their sacrifice will support a king’s rise. They should smile even in hell!"

He never felt guilty anymore. He was enjoying it, with the lunatic theory he made up.

"They are my people after all. They are no more virgins, but they still can create values for their owner!"

Then the girls became prostitute. They were sold and killed after that…

They died and brought Second Prince money to buy horses and weapons.

Now he was sitting in front of the chessboard, yet his mind wasn’t here anymore.

The girl in House of Ye was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen!

[I am going to enjoy her so much. She is not the same as other women. Maybe I should keep her in my room?]

[I can keep her for a few years. When she becomes not that pretty, I can sell her… If she stays the same, and always listen to me, she will be a good choice for a concubine.]

[That must be a huge bliss for such a poor girl…]

He was having a wonderful plan on it.

The old man saw the prince holding the chess piece. He blandly said, "I guess the target, the girl tonight, you like her so much!"

The prince smiled. He nodded cautiously, "Yes. I like this girl very much."

The old man asked slowly, "Is she a virgin?"

Second Prince frowned.

[I told him I like her very much!]

[I showed my attitude. Why does he have to ask me this question? Isn’t he ruining my pleasure!]

"She should be!" He said, "I like her very much. This girl, master, why don’t you just leave her to me."

He decided to be frank on this.

The old man laughed. "Since you like her so much, I won’t take it. I am curious though, how beautiful should she be that makes you so attracted? You even took the risk of offending an important official for her!"

Second Prince smiled. It looked randy in his eyes. He said, "It is going to be a memorable night. The martial art you taught me that requires sexual intercourse, I finally found this girl that I can practice on."

The old man laughed. "Oh? Is she really that talented? If that’s true, you are such a lucky man. I am aroused too only by listening to you."

While the two shameless pricks were having the dirty talk, a voice blandly sounded, "I am not so sure about it, whether you are lucky or not. Tonight, it truly is a memorable night… However, it is also a night that you two are going to die. I am ten thousand percent sure about it!"

As the voice sounded, countless moans sounded around them.

The old man was frightened. He turned around and said, "Who is it?"

- Boom! -

A big sound.

The gate of the hall exploded into ashes!

A young man in cyan clothes and a girl in white showed up there!

The young man had his hands on the back. He looked casual and indifferent. The girl was holding a snow-white long sword. The sword was running with cold qi, glowing with cold colors. It looked vicious.

Second Prince stood up and surprisedly said, "Ye Xiao? How did you?"

The old man seemed not to hear the prince’s exclamation. He stared at Bing-Er’s face from the very beginning.

He was surprised and touched. He suddenly laughed. "There is actually such an exquisite beautiful woman! Good! A beauty comes to me herself! I will have to take her! Hahaha…"