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Chapter 534: Begin the Bloodshed

Chapter 534: Begin the Bloodshed

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"Old bastard! Still dreaming with your last breath, huh! Tonight, you die."

The eyes of the young man in cyan clothes were filled with killing intent. "No. I won’t let them die so fast. It is too good for them. Maybe the others can just die for their sins, but Bing-Er, I assure you though, that this old bastard and that prince are going to beg for death. For the rest of their lives, they will live in endless pain, and they will be confessing about whatever they have done in the extreme pain!"

It was Ye Xiao and Bing-Er, as expected.

Ye Xiao didn’t want to cover his true identity this time!

He wanted to do it under the light. He wanted everybody to know that he wiped out the palace of Second Prince. Only so could he vent the massive anger in his heart!

When Ye Xiao decided to do it without cover, the Second Prince’s Place was doomed to collapse!

Second Prince was like a mystery, but he was vividly a man with a mouth full of bad luck!

He said ‘it is going to be a memorable night’. And it was indeed!

Ye Xiao would never let anybody leak the information about his true identity tonight!

Everyone in Second Prince’s Palace would have to be slaughtered!

Moaning filled the entire palace.

A lot of assassins in black stood on the walls of Second Prince’s Palace.

They were watching every corner of the palace. Whoever tried to escape would get killed instantly!

Somebody tried to lit up a signal firework. There were many people of different forces in Chen-Xing City, as it was not long after the crisis in capital. As long as their men saw the signal, they would come to save the palace. However, when he just took out the firework, he was shot by an arrow to death before he could light it up.

There were some sparrow hawks trying to fly away. They were smashed by an invisible power into masses of meat, falling down from the sky.

At the gate, Song Jue stood there alone, holding a long sword that felt like a weapon of death. He didn’t stop swaying it. Wherever the sword went, it flashed in white light. Every strike of him made a wave of blade mountain.

From the gate, wherever Song Jue passed, there were departed dead bodies left behind. The body parts were all on the two sides. The martial art he was using was the sword art that he used when he was in Qing-Yun Realm!

It was not a strong and fierce sword art, and it wasn’t special either. However, it was the most vicious sword art!

Whoever was cut would never keep their body fully intact. No exceptions!

In other three different directions outside the palace.

Three men in black were like three murderous gods on three directions. Their swords rolled and rolled like an avalanche. After the splendid sword lights, blood waves came after. Wherever their sword light went, men fell and death bodies covered the place!

In the Second Prince’s Place, there had been a big loss during the big crisis of the Kingdom of Chen earlier. However, it most damaged the force of the noble clans. The origin force of the Second Prince wasn’t quite affected. Hundreds of guards were defending the palace at the moment, and there were even a certain amount of Royal Guards.

However, to these three murderous gods, they were like criminals awaiting for execution. Even though they were the strongest force in the Kingdom of Chen, they couldn’t defend themselves at all. As the sword lights got to them, the formation of those guards was destroyed.

East, south, north and west, four slaughter gods got over together from four directions. The force they exhibited was something the Second Prince’s Palace could never withstand!

The guards in the palace were destroyed as soon as they were seen. Some of them survived in the first round fight, only by then did they realize how dangerous it was!

Those men were apparently coming to wipe out the entire Second Prince’s Palace.

The two great sects had been to this palace fiercely before, but they were here for the people in the three noble clans. They killed many of the men of the clans, but not many men of the palace were wounded.

The great sects knew they needed to show some kindness to the royal house after all.

However, the powerful cultivators in the martial world had shocked the guards. At the moment, more cultivators got over to them. This time, they were much more powerful!

The guards were all frightened. They couldn’t hold on to the fight anymore. That was one of the reasons why the four assassins could kill the guards instantly. If the guards were all brave and fearless, even though Song Jue was in his prime status, he would have to spend quite a long time to deal with them!

However, because the guards had experienced the bloodshed of the superior cultivators in the martial world, they knew the side with more men never had any advantage. They realized that, this time, their enemies were determined to kill, so they started to find ways to flee.

Because of that, the four assassins were chasing after over two thousand guards to kill. What a weird picture. The guards were running out of their own place. Some of them even thought about breaking out there. What a joke!

Such a ridiculous joke!

However, such a joke was happening right there.

Many of them knew they didn’t have a chance. They rushed to the wall around the palace, trying to escape. However, they just jumped over the wall, and they fell back down, screaming. Each of them were injured with a big blood hole on the chest as their blood splashed.

When the guards fell down from the wall, some guys in black jumped down after them. They didn’t speak a word, but instead just swayed the long sword in their hands to chop the guards’ heads.

No matter the guards were wounded or already dead… they just kept chopping their heads off!

They didn’t give the guards pretending to be dead a chance at all!

"If you want to make sure somebody is dead, just chop off his head. That is the only way to guarantee it."

That was Ye Xiao’s words before the mission started. It was such an axiom for all assassins.

"No matter how strong they are, they are dead when their heads are off. If somebody can survive without a head on his shoulders. Guys, let’s spare his miserable life."

Ye Xiao’s words had made many assassins laugh out loud.